Welcome to tonight's coverage of TNA's latest pay per view offering, Hardcore Justice.  20 points are up for grabs in the Bound for Glory Series in three different extreme four-way matches, and Austin Aries defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Roode - with neither man being able to call for a rematch after tonight.

Check back for periodic updates throughout the evening.

Show Open:

We get a video package followed by pyro.  Taz and Tenay check in from the announce position and run down the card.  They also update the Bound for Glory Series leaderboard, with a dividing line separating the top four.  Those four positions will face off at No Surrender next month.

Match #1 - Chavo Guererro and Hernandez vs. Kid Kash and Gunner

Kash and Gunner jump the faces to get us underway.  Chavo takes control and runs through the traditional "Eddie" offense.  Gunner gets the tag, and the heel team takes over.  They control the match with a series of quick tags.

Hernandez finally gets the hot tag and hits shoulder blocks.  He hits his big dive on Gunner who is out on the floor.  Chavo made a tag during the dive.

The finish comes when Hernandez hits a slingshot shoulder block and Chavo hits the frog splash for the win.

Winner - Chavo Guererro and Hernandez

A nice, crowd pleasing opener worked in basic tag match style.  Nice finishing sequence.

They run a Bound for Glory Series video and the announcers talk about the leaderboard as we get another shot of the graphic.

Match #2 - Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. The Pope D'Angelo Dinero vs. Magnus; Four-Way Falls Count Anywhere for 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series

RVD comes out first, then Pope's music plays.  He doesn't come out, but the cameras cut backstage to show Aces and Eights having their way with him.  They targeted his shoulder with a fence door. Anderson acknowledges the attack on Pope and says it's one less dick he has to worry about.

RVD plays to the crowd, but gets attacked by Magnus from behind.  RVD gets knocked to ringside.  Anderson and Magnus go to work in the ring.  RVD eventually gets back in the match and catches Magnus with a kick. He pauses to showboat, and Anderson bounces RVD off the apron.

RVD's showboating bites him again as he gets clipped on the entrance ramp by Magnus.  RVD bounces back though and hits a frog splash on Anderson.  RVD tries a cover but Magnus pulls him away and roughs him up.

Magnus is heard asking for a "f***ing chair" through the camera mic.  RVD kicks the chair that Magnus was able to find, and RVD pins him on the stage for the win.

Winner - Rob Van Dam to collect the 20 bonus Bound for Glory Series points

RVD is working hard and performing well.  Just wish he'd evolve his character a little and stop the dumb thumb point that bites him in the backside.

The announcers recap the leaderboard and note that RVD's win put him in second place in the Series standings.


JB says that security ran through the building and there's no sign of Aces and Eights anywhere now.  He turns to interview Madison Rayne, who says Miss Tessmacher can't beat her when the title is on the line.  She blows a kiss intended for Earl Hebener into the camera.

Match #3 - Devon (c) vs. Kazarian; TNA Television Championship

Kaz stalls a bit before Devon slingshots him in.  They battle to ringisde where Devon throws water on Kaz and the camera.  Kaz tries a dive from the apron but slips.  Fortunately Devon catches him and slams him.

Kaz opens up a flurry of offense, hitting a springboard leg drop and later hits a nice drop kick.  Devon battles back to hit his spinebuster and pick up the victory.  The announcers sell it as revenge for losing on iMPACT last week in a tag match with Garrett Bischoff.

Winner - Devon to retain the TNA Television Championship

Taz really tried to put this over as something great but the live crowd was flat for it throughout most of the match until the finish.  Felt like, and pretty much was, filler material.

They recap the love story between Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner in a video package.

Match #4 - Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Madison Rayne; TNA Knockouts Championship

As expected, Earl Hebner is our official.

Madison works some good offense early on, using a fisherman's suplex then wrapping her knees around Brooke's head and driving her to the mat.

Tessmacher comes back with offense of her own and tries a cover, but Madison has her foot on the ropes.  Tessmacher questions, only to get rolled up by Madison, who uses the ropes for leverage to get the win.

Winner - Madison Rayne to become the new TNA Knockout Champion

Ugh, Ugh, UGH!!! Hate the title change, hate the way it went down.  That said, Tessmacher looked kind of dopey for questioning Madison's foot on the ropes.  I guess it's more important to have the Madison/Earl storyline pairing than make logical sense here.


JB is with Bully Ray, who is all kinds of paranoid.  He says he's keeping his back to the interview set so he cant be jumped.  Ray shows an ace and eight card that were on his truck earlier in the day.  He says he's the baddest mofo they could target.  He turns his attention to the four way match coming up.

They recap some of the attacks by Aces and Eights in a video package.

Match #5 - James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Robbie E. vs. Jeff Hardy; Four-Way Tables Match for 20 Bound for Glory Series points

Robbie T does not accompany Robbie E to the ring.  Storm and Hardy go after Ray early, trying to suplex him through a table set up in the ring.  Robbie E moves the table, but not enough.  Ray catches his arm on it.  The official is quick to rule that it's not enough to end the match as Ray writhes in pain.

Robbie T eventually comes out to ringside and gets knocked down by Jeff Hardy.  Robbie E attacks Hardy from behind and tries to drive Hardy through a table out on the floor.  Hardy moves, and Robbie E eats the table.  Taz explains that if a wrestler puts himself through the table, the match continues.

Ray sets up to put Storm through a table later but Aces and Eights hits the ring.  Ray is distracted by this and turns right into a Last Call from Storm.  One of the faction gives Storm the thumbs up, but Storm wants to fight.  They leave without further incident.

Later, Storm and Hardy go on an exchange that Hardy gets the better of.  Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but here comes Aces and Eights again.  Storm hits the Last Call on Hardy this time, but Ray comes back and takes out Storm.  He puts Hardy through a table with a powerbomb to win the match.

Winner - Bully Ray to gain 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series

Ray was hurting after that match.  Seemed to be something with his arm.


JB is with Austin Aries and asks why he gave up the rematch clause.  Aries says he won't need a rematch.  Tonight he'll prove he is the greatest man that ever lived and is a respectable champion.  He says Bobby Roode isn't on the A-Double Level.

They set up the X-Division Championship with a video package.

Match #6 - Zema Ion (c) vs. Kenny King; TNA X-Division Championship 

Zema sprays his hair then sets the can down.  Earl Hebner, the official for this one, takes note but has no issue with it.

Ion gets the first long run of offense in.  The fans were pretty quiet for a lot of this, but once King started to work offense they started to pick up.  A "let's go Kenny" chant gets going once Ion takes back control of the match.

Late in this one, King hooks Ion's shoulders with his legs in the corner, but Ion is able to counter.  He slams King down and pins him in that position for the win.

Winner - Zema Ion to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

A good X-division match that had some fun spots.  The fans started to get behind King and his offense, buying in to some of the near falls.  Going to be key for creative to follow up and give King the direction he needs so that fans continue to connect.


JB is with Samoa Joe.  He says he's not worried about Aces and Eights.  He says that no country can win a war fought on two fronts, and if Aces and Eights messes with him, they'll go until one of them isn't around any longer.  He says he's going to take the envelope and win 20 points.

The announcers again recap the standings.  Storm leads, followed by RVD, Joe in third.  Kurt Angle and Bully Ray are tied for fourth at the moment.

Match #7 - AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels; Four Way Ladder Match for 20 Bound for Glory Series points.

Joe goes on offense first.  Daniels air-mails a moonsault and Joe keeps up the pressure on the rest of the men.  Joe catches Daniels diving at ringside, but Styles follows with his own dive that ends Joe's run.

Daniels gets the first ladder and rams Joe with it.  Daniels takes a minute to take a bow but eats a one-armed slam from Joe on the ladder.  Joe makes a play for the envelope but Styles cuts him off.  Angle gets his moment to work with AJ, but Daniels cuts that off and throws Kurt to ringside.

Joe goes for the envelope again, but Angle catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex.  That gets a "USA" chant going that Angle seems to take a minute to appreciate.  Neat moment.  Styles pushes a ladder toward Angle a short time later and he gets it square in the face.

Angle sends Joe to the floor with a suplex, but Daniels catches him with a DDT.  Joe hits an overhead suplex on Daniels then teases the Muscle Buster.  Angle re-enters the match and tries a German suplex on Joe while he's got Styles up.  A bit of a clunky spot, but Styles bails.

Daniels tries to climb the ladder, but Angle pulls him down and locks on the Ankle Lock.  Daniels taps but it's meaningless.  Daniels makes another play for the envelope, but Joe and Angle team up to take the ladder out from under him.

Joe and Angle have a battle of suplexes on Daniels. Angle sets the ladder up and Joe puts Daniels in it so he's resting about halfway up.  They put the boots to Daniels then go after each other.  Angle throws Joe to the floor and tries to climb the ladder, but Daniels grabs his leg.

Joe comes back to the match and brings another ladder with him.  Joe and Angle fight it out.  Joe gets the better of the exchange, but AJ is able to springboard his way in and grab the clipboard in order to grab the win.

Winner - AJ Styles to gain 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series

Highly entertaining match with some wild spots and it was very physical. Nice finishing sequence as well.  Probably match of the night to this point.  And the announcers did a good job by pointing out that this win put AJ in 7th and he still has matches in hand to illustrate that he is not shut out of being in the final four.


JB interviews Bobby Roode.  Borash talks about a fan question as to whether Roode is afraid of Aries.  Roode says he isn't afraid of anyone and stresses that Aries is a fluke.  He says it's time to start living his life again and he's going to regain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

They roll a video package to set up the main event.

Match #8 - Austin Aries (c) vs. Bobby Roode; TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Tenay gives us the Tale of the Tape and JB handles the ring introductions for us for our main event of the evening.

The two men jaw at first, and Aries spits water in Roode's face.  Tenay calls that payback for what happened on iMPACT.  Aries gets a long series of offense in first, but crashes and burns on a dive.  He collides with the safety railing and Roode takes advantage, hitting him into the rail again.

Roode gets a one count after all that, then puts the boots to Aries.  Dueling chants get going within a portion of the crowd.  Roode picks Aries up in a suplex position, puts him on the top rope, then hits a superplex.

Roode keeps the offense up but can't put Aries away.  He taunts and puts the boots to him again.  Aries fires back with an elbow but Roode knocks him down with a knee to the midsection.  Roode locks on a leg scissor.

Both men get back to their feet and Aries charges.  Roode catches him and slams him in the corner then ties him up in a tree of woe position.  Aries holds on to Roode's head, manages to push himself off, then hits a stunner.  Aries fires up with a series of punches.

They battle to ringside, where Aries hits a seated Roode with a drop kick.  He rolls him in only to get  a two count.  Aries locks on the Last Chancery.  Roode breaks it, but Aries is able to come back with a crossface.

Aries gets to his feet and takes Roode down with a backbreaker.  Roode follows that up with a crossface hold of his own.  Not much reaction for either version of the crossface from the fans though.  Aries breaks the hold and follows with a missile drop kick and a running drop kick in the corner.

Aries teases the Brainbuster, but Roode counters with a spinebuster for a good near fall.  Aries tries a 450 splash later, but Roode gets the knees up.  Roode tries a spear, but Aries moves and the referee eats the spear.  Aries tries a spinning punch, but Roode hits the spear and has Aries pinned.  No official to count though.

A second referee runs out but Aries kicks out after two.  The second referee gets a bump in the corner too.  Aries dodges a charging Roode and delivers a kick to the head then the Brainbuster.  The original referee is back in business, but makes a slow count that allows Roode to kick out at the last moment.

Aries goes top rope as the fans chant for him.  Roode falls into the ropes, which crotches Aries on the ropes.  Roode hits a superplex, but Aries hooks Roode's legs.  Both men's shoulders are down, so both officials made three counts of their won.

One official gave it to Roode, one thought Aries won.  Roode grabbed the belt and starts to leave, but Earl Hebner comes out.  He takes the belt from Roode and listens to each official plead their case.

Earl decides the match will restart.  Aries goes for a suicide dive but Roode hits him with the belt.  Roode throws Aries back in but only gets a two count.  Roode argues with Brian Hebner, then pulls Aries up to his knees.  Aries scores a quick roll-up to win the match.  Roode sells his frustration as the announcers stress that Roode can't get a rematch.

Winner - Austin Aries to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

We get a commercial for the No Surrender pay per view on September 9 as the show ends.

Well, so much for Roode vs. Storm at Bound for Glory, unless it's a straight up non-title feud to solve their issues.  Now we turn our attention to the Bound for Glory Series competitors and see who might be the guy there.

I have to admit though - seeing Aries with the belt still leaves me hopeful for fresh feuds and using guys like Samoa Joe who haven't been getting the airtime they could be.  This might be better than the expected Storm vs. Roode set-up.

The final two matches were outstanding.  They delivered big and really made this an event tonight.  The finish almost felt like they played off all the bad finishes from TNA's past.  It wasn't really necessary but I was glad we got a real finish out of the deal rather than the garbage we've gotten in the past.

Join us Thursday for all the fallout from tonight's event when we bring you the live TNA iMPACT Wrestling Reaction and Report here on Ring-Rap.com.