Join us, starting at the top of the hour, for ongoing live coverage of tonight's TNA pay-per-view event, No Surrender.  Tonight, we find out who will face the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, whoever that is, at Bound for Glory as the Bound for Glory Series draws to a close.  Tonight's card is as follows:

  • Austin Aries vs. "The Big Man" of Aces and Eights
  • James Storm vs. Bully Ray; Bound for Glory Series Semifinal #1
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe; Bound for Glory Series Semifinal #2
  • Semifinal Winner #1 vs. Semifinal Winner #2; Bound for Glory Series Final
  • Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (c) vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles; TNA World Tag Team Championship
  • Brooke Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara; TNA Knockouts Championship
  • Zema Ion (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt; TNA X-Division Championship
  • Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus

Coverage kicks off at 8 p.m. and updates will be posted periodically throughout the event, so be sure to check back regularly.

Show Open:

They air footage of the Bound for Glory Series competitors for tonight's matches arriving at the building.  They roll into a hype video that focuses on tonight's finale of the Series.  We get our pyro as Taz and Tenay introduce the show.

Match #1 - Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe; Bound for Glory Series Semifinal

Good high-energy start from both men here.  Hardy leaps on Joe at ringside then plays to the crowd.  Joe takes over as action moves back into the ring.  Joe scores a couple of good near falls.  He hits a nice power slam but still can't put Hardy away, which frustrates him.

Hardy comes back with a slam for a good near fall, but Joe hits Hardy in the corner with another one armed slam.  Hardy comes back with the Twist of Fate and rips his shirt off.  Hardy goes up top, but Joe sweeps his legs out and crotches Hardy on the top rope.

Hardy locks on his submission hold (that inverted crossface thing) but Joe counters out and tries to pin Hardy.   Hardy counters that, though, and hooks Joe's arms to get the clean pin.  Afterward, Joe sells frustration but gives Hardy a thumbs-up for his win.

Winner - Jeff Hardy to advance to the Bound for Glory Series Final.

Couple things here - first, the match was a very good opener that I enjoyed.  Both guys worked hard here.  Second, Tenay and Taz did a very good job with this match and really sold how important the Series is.  Joe's sportsmanship makes him the nicest loser in wrestling I think.

Taz and Tenay recap the match a little then send it backstage to JB.  He's with James Storm, who says it's his time and he heads out to the ring.  The announcers show the tournament graphic and show Hardy advancing to the final.  This next match winner will get Hardy.

Match #2 - James Storm vs. Bully Ray; Bound for Glory Series Semifinal

The announcers remind us that Storm got the right to pick Ray as his opponent because he won the initial round of the series.  Ray mouths off at Storm, who spits in his face in retalliation.  Ray throws a fit, throwing a sign and tossing a chair.  The crowd mocks him with a "you got spit on" chant.

Back in the ring, they tie up and Ray gets Storm to the corner and slaps him.  Storm fires back and Ray looks frustrated.  They're stalling a good bit here but it's entertaining. Finally things get rolling and Storm cues up the Last Call but misses and gets tangled in the ropes.  Ray kicks him from behind and begins to work his offense.

Ray locks on a bear hug, but Storm breaks it.  He runs the ropes but eats a boot from Ray.  About 10 minutes in, Ray is on the second rope taking shots at Storm.  Storm headbutts Ray low then hits a power bomb for a near fall.

Hebner takes a ref bump a little later in.  Ray hits the Bully Bomb and covers.  A second official comes out to count two.  Ray tries a back splash off the ropes but misses.  Storm runs the rope and tries a flying forearm, but Ray moves and the second official eats it instead.

Storm tries to get Hebner up and about again.  Ray tries to get an advantage but Storm counters.  Hebner takes yet another bump and Storm hits his finisher again.  No official to count, though.  Storm tries to revive Hebner, but here comes Bobby Roode.  Roode strikes Storm with a beer bottle and puts Ray on top of him for Ray to get the win.

Winner - Bully Ray to advance to the Bound for Glory Series Final

Looks like we get Storm vs. Roode in a feud match, not a title match, at Bound for Glory.  Lots of moving parts in that finish for sure with all the bumps and the beer-bottle shot.  Also looks like we might get Ray vs. Aries at Bound for Glory too.  Could be fun to watch.  Will Ray be the mastermind behind Aces and Eights?


JB is with Miss Tessmacher, who puts Tara over as her mentor who taught her everything.  Brooke says she needs to prove herself and that she can beat Tara.  She says Tara won on Open Fight Night fair and square, but now she wants to prove the student can beat the teacher.

Tenay runs through the bullet points of this match.

Match #3 - Brooke Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara; TNA Knockouts Championship

Taz praises Christy Hemme for her work in the ring as we get a look at the official, Taryn Terrell.  Teacher gets better of Student early.  Tessmacher rolls to the floor, and Tara holds the ropes open for her.  Tara quickly rolls her up from behind for two.

Brooke yells at Tara, but Tara reminds her "this is a championship match."  Brooke yells about Tara being her best friend and takes a slap.  Tara gets upset a little later on when a superplex isn't enough to pick up the win. 

Tara tries to set up the Widow's Peak but Brooke counters and rolls it through to get the win.  Tara abruptly leaves after an awkward handshake.

Winner - Miss Tessmacher to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship

Funny how Tara seemed more likeable over the whiny Brooke here.  Little bit of face/heel role confusion here but the match was fine and an improvement over recent months (I know, that says little).  I look for Tara to be the one to turn heel and we get another match at Bound for Glory.


Hulk is yelling at Bobby Roode for getting involved in the Storm/Ray match as Security is escorting him out.  Storm attacks Roode from behind and security pulls them apart.  Hogan yells that both men need to get out of the building.

They recap the Aces and Eights attacks with a video package.

Austin Aries comes to the ring, dressed for a fight.  He says tonight isn't about suits, title belts, or "any of that bullshit" (the crowd got shocked with that).  He says there won't be an official and no pinfalls or submissions.  This is all about pain and payback.  He calls himself the God of War and calls out "arm breaker."

Match #4 - Austin Aries vs. "Arm Breaker" of Aces and Eights; Street Fight?

Arm Breaker comes to the ring through the crowd.  He tries to get in the ring but Aries kicks him away.  Aries finally backs off and lets him enter, resting on the ropes.  Armbreaker gets to the apron but Aries charges and kicks his legs out from under him then hits a suicide dive.

Aries throws hands at Armbreaker then goes for the mask.  Armbreaker hits a low blow then after dominating the next couple minutes, tries to load a power bomb.  Aries counters and dumps some powder on his mask, which gets in Armbreaker's eyes.

Armbreaker battles back with a blow that sends Aries to ringside.  He reaches to his pants again for something.  Armbreaker gets a chair and tries to swing at Aries but Aries ducks and nails him with a roll of coins.  Aries hits the Brainbuster and tries to go for the mask but Aces and Eights guys charge the ring.

TNA roster guys come out to battle with the Aces and Eights.  Tenay puts over how the TNA roster banded together to fight the common enemy.  TNA clears Aces and Eights to the floor and Bully Ray chases them off.  He remains out on the floor.

Hogan comes out, bat in hand.  Ray points out that Hardy is hurt.  Taz says he didn't see what happened but trainers are checking on Hardy, who is nursing his arm.  Hogan tells security to lock down every door and Hardy is helped to the back.  Ray bumps fists with Aries.

The announcers set up footage of one of the Aces and Eights guys running Hardy into the ring post.  Tenay reminds us that he is to face Ray in the finals of Bound for Glory Series.  They move on to set up the X-Division title match.

All signs seem to point that Bully Ray is behind, or at least involved with, Aces and Eights. Especially with the Hardy "injury" since Ray will face Hardy later.  No winner here, since this was just a brawl.  Tenay did a good job calling the key spots of the brawl.

Match #5 - Zema Ion (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt; TNA X-Division Championship

Dutt has a taped shoulder, and the announcers remind us he hurt it in the Ultimate X Match where Ion won the vacant title.  The crowd is slow to respond to this one given the previous segment.

During a slow moment in the action, they show a shot of police arriving at the iMPACT Zone.  The announcers talk about the brawl from earlier.  Ion has controlled the early part of this one.  Dutt battles back with a moonsault from the second rope and hits Zema out on the floor.  Nice spot.  Sonjay teases a head scissors but Ion catches him and hits a powerbomb.

Ion uses a sumbission hold on Dutt's injured arm.  Dutt is able to break it at the ropes but continues to sell the pain, even while on offense.  They trade quick near falls, but Ion hoists up Dutt and slams him face first to get the win.

Winner - Zema Ion to retain the X-Division Championship

This match was in a tough spot following the brawl segment, and they got no TV time that I recall going into this event.  That said, it wasn't the most memorable X-Division match ever but it got the fans interest back with their high spots.


Hogan yells at the cops to beat down the Aces and Eights guys then lock the building down.

They turn attention to Hardy, and JB says there's no update yet on his condition.  Magnus walks in and says Hardy is suffering from a lack of common sense and says he shouldn't have interjected into the Aces and Eights drama as a finalist in the Bound for Glory Series.  Magnus turns to his opponent, Rob Van Dam, and says RVD let him in his he will pay.

Match #6 - Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus

RVD gets himself in trouble with the thumb-point spot early, after setting Magnus up on the safety rail.  He goes for a leg dive but Magnus gets himself out of the way.  Magnus controls the next few minutes of offense and targets RVD's leg with a cloverleaf.

RVD battles back with a kick then works on Magnus' leg.  He hits Rolling Thunder for a near fall.  RVD tries something off the ropes but Magnus brushes him aside.  He taunts momentarily, which leads RVD to be able to stop him.

RVD teases the monkey flip but Magnus hits a clothesline.  RVD hits another kick and follows it with the Five Star Frog Splash to get the win.

Winner - Rob Van Dam

The match was fine but RVD has got to be the stupidest face character ever.  RVD is teflon so losses don't affect him much.  I'd have rather seen Magnus go over here.


JB is with Daniels and Kazarian.  They complain about having to defend the tag straps twice in four days, among other things.  They go to a recap of the Claire Lynch drama as a part of this match setup.

Match #7 - Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (c) vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle; TNA World Tag Team Championship

Angle's right thigh is wrapped up.  He starts off with Daniels as Taz tells us Angle is having hamstring issues.  Angle delivers some basic punches and kicks before tagging.

Styles sells for a long period of time for the heels before hitting Angle with the hot tag.  Angle nails Daniels with a suplex but Kazarian hits Angle with a DDT.  The heels go to work on Angle in their corner and work him over.  Angle battles back, catching Kazarian on the ropes and throwing him off.  That got the crowd going.

Styles and Daniels each get the tag and Styles has the upper hand until Kazarian hits him with a drop kick to the chest when he tries to cover Daniels.  Angle tags back in and goes up top, splashing Daniels for a two count.  He hits the Angle Slam on both heels and tries to cover Daniels, but Daniels grabs the rope.

Angle locks on the Ankle Lock, and Kaz runs in and hits Angle with a kick to the back of the head.  Taz points out the earlier DDT by Kazarian.  Styles gets a really good flurry of offense going and hits Kaz with his springboard flip for a great near fall.

Styles goes up top to hit offense but Daniels interrupts that.  Kaz recovers and hits a kick followed by the Flux Capacitor for another good near fall.  Angle hits Daniels with a clothesline that takes him and Angle out of the ring.  Angle's holding his leg.

Styles teases the Styles Clash on Daniels, but Daniels tosses his drink in Styles' face.  Kazarian rolls AJ up to get the win.

Winner - Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Even with an injured Kurt Angle, this was probably match of the night.  Slammiversary was a little better but this was great too.  The finish makes sense because it gives Hogan an excuse to book the rematch at Bound for Glory.

They recap the earlier Aces and Eights attack and the previous Bound for Glory series matches.  The announcers talk about Hardy's shoulder as they get closer to the final match for the Series.

Hogan is talking to the authorities outside the building.  He tells them the most important match of the night is next and if Aces and Eights were to appear, it'd be now.  He tells them they should cut off anyone trying to enter the building or the ring and drag them off.


JB is with Bully, who says that the Aces and Eights stuff has to stop.  He says there's a small part of him that feels bad for Hardy, but it doesn't matter since he was going to win anyhow.  Ray says whether the fans love or hate him, they have to respect what he's done over the last year and a half and how he reinvented himself.  He says he's not just bound for glory, but destined for greatness.

Cops come out and take their places as we settle in for the main event.

Match #8 - Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray; Bound for Glory Series Final

Bully Ray comes out and Taz puts over how he's reinvented himself.  Hardy's music hits but he doesn't come out.  They play it a second time, but still no Jeff.

Hogan comes out and heads to the ring.  Hogan says they have a problem and it comes down to he and Ray having the problem.  Hogan says he should forget what he saw on a chalkboard in the back.

Hogan points out that Hardy hasn't come to the ring.  Ray says he agrees that the Aces and Eights stuff has to stop and the best thing Hogan could have done was call the cops.  Ray says the tournament means the world to him, as it does Hardy.  He says that he has to hit Hardy's music and ring the bell.  If he doesn't come out, they will do what they have to.

Hogan says if Ray really feels like that, he won't let the official make the count.  He says if Ray feels as he does, he will give Hardy four days to recover and have the match on iMPACT.  Ray says that  Hogan is Hogan and he can have it back.

Hogan tells Ray his legacy will be decided in that either he's a good guy or a bad guy.  Hardy's music hits one more time and Hardy makes his way out, shoulder heavily taped.  He slaps hands at ringside with his good arm while selling the bad arm.  Tenay says we won't have to wait 'til Thursday to see this one.

The two men bump fists and we're underway.  Hardy holds his arm down at his side and tries some kicks while Taz explains how shoulder pain affects the entire body.  Hardy lands some shots with his good arm while Ray fires back with shots of his own.  Ray goes to work on Hardy's good shoulder.  Ray kicks him and Hardy rolls to ringside.  Taz and Tenay talk about how it's just business as Ray keeps working the shoulder.

Ray targets the shoulder more and scores a few near falls.  The crowd is flat for this so far, but a brief Hardy chant gets started.  Ray throws some shots at Hardy's bad shoulder then rips off the tape.  Taz continues to defend the offensive tactic but then says Ray should hurry up and beat him.

Hardy avoids Ray's move and battles back with some hands, a kick, then the Twist of Fate.  Hardy hits the Swanton for a good near fall.  Ray shoves Hardy to the corner then hits the Bully Bomb for a near fall of his own.  Ray follows that up with the Cutter for another two count.

The fans start to get behind Hardy again as he hits the Twist of Fate a second time.  He goes for the Swanton but misses.  Ray hits the Cutter again for a near fall.

Hardy comes back with two Twists of Fate and goes for the Swanton again after playing to the fans.  Ray recovers and goes up after Hardy.  They trade shots on the ropes, with Hardy getting the better of it.  He knocks Ray down and follows with the Swanton to get the win.

Winner - Jeff Hardy to win the Bound for Glory Series

The night closes with an ad for Bound for Glory, which takes place next month in Phoenix, Ariz.

In reality, Ray is just one Aces and Eights attack out of the title match at Bound for Glory.  They could logically put Ray in as the second-place finisher if that were to happen.  The fans never really got into this until the finish.  The match, though, told a good story with the injury which Hardy sold really well throughout the match.

A solid in-ring show but it had its flaws.  One of the big ones tonight was Hogan's acting.  Way cheesy, way over the top. To be fair, the ones where he was giving the cops orders - not sure if any top-level Hollywood actor could have gotten that done any better.  But the in-ring segment before the main event he seemed clueless and had no idea where that was all heading.

I can't wait to see Bound for Glory if for any other reason - it won't be in Orlando.  The fans are overexposed to the product and the studio feel is just dark and campy.  When they go on the road they get much more enthusiasm than they do in the studio too.

Join us Thursday night for all the fallout as we bring you the TNA iMPACT Wrestling Reaction and Report here on  Thanks for following along tonight.