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Show Taped in New York City at the Manhattan Center:

This is the Hardcore Justice themed show, and they show us a video counting down to it.  Rather than a long talking segment, they go right to a match and it's Bram vs. Abyss.

Match #1 - Bram vs. Abyss; "Stairway to Janice" Match

This was a ladder match with Janice hung above the ring.  Bram bled early on, then took a chokeslam off the ladder a bit later.  Abyss used barbed wire tables in the corners, then dumped out tacks in the ring.  He put Bram through one of the tables and tried to climb the ladder.  Bram shoved it over and Abyss ate the other table.

Bram goes up to get the Janice and dumps the ladder.  Abyss teased a chokeslam onto the tacks that Bram countered.  Abyss hits him with the Black Hole Slam onto the tacks instead.  Abyss teased using Janice, but took a low blow and Bram used Janice on him instead for the win.

Those who enjoy hardcore wrestling loved this, but it didn't work for me.  The "Janice" gimmick has to be the stupidest thing in wrestling - how can one take a shot from a nail-filled board without dying from blood loss?

HerveyCam asked ECIII about his time in jail, and he cut a promo saying that those who were responsible will be held responsible.

We got a recap of the opening match, then they went backstage where Magnus shook Bram's hand.  Magnus asked if he thought that made Bram better, then said he would become the new #1 Contender.  Bram told him to go get his.

In-Ring Segment:

ECIII, Spud and Rhyno came out.  ECIII thanked Kurt Angle for sending him to jail where he realized that someone else was at fault for Dixie going through the table.  He referred to that man as a hired gun, a mercenary, and turns on Rhyno.  He demanded to know what happened and ran Rhyno down.

Rhyno said he'd rather be poor than listen to Carter, called him a bitch and told him to shove his money up his ass.  ECIII asked if a bitch "would do this" and slaps Rhyno.  Rhyno hulks up but Spud tried to keep them separated.  ECIII attacked and sent Rhyno to the floor, slammed him around the barrier and threw him back in the ring.  ECIII shoved Spud down when he tried to intervene then hit a knee lift.

Carter did pretty well here and his promo and attack on Rhyno got him instant heat and in the meantime turned Rhyno face.

Backstage, Samoa Joe cut a promo talking about his history with Low Ki, and says that Low Ki is at a disadvantage.  He says Low Ki thinks he can be Joe, but that's simple arrogance.

Joe was alright here, but he's been misused for so long that there's just no excitement about them.

Mr. Anderson did a Spike PSA about smoking.

The Hardys cut a promo saying they're not together just for a match or two but to prove they're the best team on the planet.  They say they had to talk to some people.  They then ran a video to hype Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki.

Match #2 - Samoa Joe (c) vs. Low Ki; X-Division Championship

After some brawling, Joe took control with an elbow, then hit an enzugiri.  Joe teased the Muscle Buster, but Low Ki countered to a double stomp.  Joe came back with a powerbomb.  Low Ki kicked out to a high Boston Crab that Joe turned around into the STF.

Joe turned Low Ki inside-out with a clothesline but took a flying kick.  Ki went up top but Joe caught him and hit him with the Muscle Buster to get the win.

Typical ROH/X-Division style match.  It wasn't bad and they could have done more given their history and gotten more heat on the match overall.

The Hardys walk up to a dressing room and knocked, and Devon let them in.

Jeff is the bigger draw of the Hardys, for sure.  I am so glad Matt got his life in order though.

JB interviewed Anderson about his I Quit match with Sam Shaw.  Anderson said everyone knew Shaw was a creepy bastard except for Gunner.  He asks if Gunner's an idiot.  Shaw asked Anderson from off the side and said Anderson was talking crap about a friend behind his back.  He demanded Anderson apologize, then a brawl starts.

They need to move on from this.  Soon.

Match #3 - Mr. Anderson vs. Sam Shaw; I Quit Match

The brawl had started backstage and spills out to the stage coming out of break.  Anderson hit the Finlay Roll, then Gunner came out to tell him to stop.  Gunner turns to Shaw and Shaw took a drop toe hold.  The brawl continues, and Shaw grabbed a mic and demanded Anderson apologize again, but Anderson said no then Shaw told him to quit, and Anderson says "you quit."

Fight spilled to the ring and Shaw ate the ring post with his shoulder.  Anderson hit an arm breaker then locked on an arm bar.  Gunner and Shaw made eye contact, then Gunner got in the ring and immediately Shaw quit.  Gunner shoved Anderson off afterward.

Someone needs to explain what the hell is going on here.  I think they have an idea, but Shaw keeps going under which I don't understand.  They can salvage this, but it needs work.

The Hardys leave the locker room, then Team 3D.  HerveyCam asked what the Hardys wanted, and Ray said they had a hell of an idea to take tag wrestling to the next level.  He said there's one more piece of the puzzle and they're headed to the ring to see if "they" were in.

They ran a video from last week when Angelina Love attacked Gail Kim.  HerveyCam asked Kurt Angle about it and he said Love doesn't deserve a match, but Gail demanded it and the stipulation.  He said Angelina needed to be careful what she asked for because she will get it.

Bobby Roode cut a promo about how he was sick when he was suspended because he couldn't compete for the title.  He says that changes tonight when he wins the six sides of steel match.

In-Ring Segment:

The Hardys came out to cut a promo.  Jeff said they're back together because the fans demanded it and it was the right time and place.  He said their name was synonymous with tag wrestling but there's another team that fits the criteria and called out Team 3D.

Ray did his "Do you know who we are?" gimmick and said they're the guys who put Dixie through the table.  Ray said he knew the Hardys wanted to be champions again, and said it'd be cool to be tag champions when Team 3D was inducted in the Hall of Fame.  He said the champs need to be out there to discuss the idea.

The Wolves came to the ring and said they wanted to be in the conversation about the greatest tag teams.  They said if either team wants a shot, they would answer any time or any place.  They all nodded.

This felt like a big circle jerk of these three teams putting themselves over.  Not a good way to build a story.

Dixie Carter Interview:

Mike Tenay fed it to a video of his interview with Dixie.  She's laid up in bed and somber music played.  She discussed her injuries and said she isn't going away because a Carter never forgets.  Tenay asked what she meant and things came to a jarring halt and she said the interview was over.  She threw out the camera guy and Tenay and screamed for Serg to fluff her pillows.

This annoyed me tremendously.  Especially the jarring move back to Bitchy Dixie.  It was terrible.

Tenay told us Christy Hemme is pregnant and hyped up

In the biggest case of gimmick infringment of the week, Bray Storm...err...James in a barn with Sanada.  Storm said the revolution begins now and circled Sanada while he talks to him about Storm being his strength.  "The Great Sanada" will be on the show next week.

Match #4 - Gail Kim (c) vs. Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky); Last Knockout Standing for the Knockouts Championship

Kim ran out and chased Angelina, then dumped her to the floor with a clothesline.  She went up top but Velvet hit her with a cookie sheet.   Kim fought back and hooked the figure four around the ring post.  Velvet kicked her in the face.

Kim pursued Angelina with a chair but took a Botox Injection.  Kim answered the count, and Velvet put her and a chair in the ring.  Angelina goes up top and Velvet grabs Kim in a piledriver.  Kim tossed Velvet into Angelina, and dumped Velvet to the floor.  Kim went up top and hit a modified "White Noise" style move onto the chair in one of the hardest bumps I've seen a woman take.  Angelina didn't answer the count.

That was just a really rough bump to close the match.  No give in the ring or the chair.  I would guess this is the blowoff to this feud.

Kurt Angle announced the Wolves, Hardys and Team 3D will work a tag team series.  The initial concept I didn't understand, but he promised more explanation next week.

MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King came to the ramp and MVP cut a promo.  He said he was supposed to wrestle for the title, but when he couldn't they seamlessly transitioned to Lashley and look what happened.  He put Lashley over for being unstoppable and said the winner of the cage match already lost because they'll be facing Lashley.  He tells the crowd to bow to the real king of New York and the TNA World Champion.

Match #5 - Austin Aries vs. Eric Young vs. Magnus vs. Gunner vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode; Six Sides of Steel for the Number One Contender to Bobby Lashley

Escape rules, and the first man out wins.  Early on, everyone brawled and no one tried to escape.  As they come back, Roode is dragging Storm back in teh cage and Magnus and EY fought on the mat.  Gunner stopped Aries from escaping.

Roode locked in a crossface to get Storm to tap, but that doesn't matter.  EY hooked on a Boston Crab on Magnus and Aries hooked Gunner in the Last Chancery.  Everyone went through rapid fire spots, with Gunner taking out Storm and Roode last.  Gunner hulked up and headbutted the turnbuckle then tried an escape, but he got caught.

Aries tried an escape on the other side, and that led to tandem tower of doom spots by Young and Roode.  Both of them tried to escape but saw each other.  They raced to escape, and both hit the floor next to a referee that called for the bell.  The replay showed they hit at the same time.  The officials argued but couldn't come to a result by the time the show ended.

Tenay yelled "who's the number one contender?" like this never happened before in wrestling but it has.  I am guessing this leads to a triple threat match, which I think is okay.  I just don't want to see Roode and EY feud again.  This match got too cute with the towers of doom spots and triple submission spots, but it wasn't bad overall.

This episode lacked something for me, and the Hardcore Justice theme felt pretty forced.  Some of the matches that saw stipulations didn't really need them (Shaw vs. Anderson, as an example) and it took something off of the overall show.  Nothing was horribly offensive, but it just left me...I guess wanting.

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