It's more from the latest batch of New York City tapings for TNA, two weeks removed from Dixie Carter taking a table bump.  We heard from the champ last night, as Bobby Lashley appeared, and The Wolves, Team 3D and The Hardys started their series of matches.

Show Open, Taped Previously in New York City at the Manhattan Center:

We got a recap video of the tag team title situation, and the confusion surrounding the new number one contender to the TNA Championship.

Kurt Angle's music hit and he was on the balcony.  He said it's his responsibility to put on the best show possible and booked EC3 vs. Rhyno in a grudge match and the triple threat tag team main event.  Angle said he would hash out the new #1 Contender for the TNA Championship with Bobby Roode and Eric Young later.  MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King interrupt.

MVP told Angle he has lost respect for him since he's pandering to the New York slobs.  He put down fans for trying to book the show via Twitter and said it's not easy.  MVP continued to run down New York and its residents for acting hard and being fake, calling them sissies.  He said if NYPD showed up, they'd get flatter than Miley Cyrus' ass.  MVP faked an accent and called Bobby Lashley the king of New York.

Tommy Dreamer came out and put over MVP but said he has an issue with his mouth.  He called Kenny King a sellout as he's from Queens and not from Las Vegas.  He started to tell Lashley that he was better than getting cheap heat with those two clowns when King leveled him.  MVP started to talk trash but Dreamer grabbed King and dragged him out of the ring and beat him with a kendo stick.  Dreamer got in the ring and MVP begged off, then Angle booked Lashley vs. Dreamer in a street fight to start right then and there.

The whole "fighting to be King of New York" might do great in front of a New York crowd, but didn't mean diddly to too many other folks.  This was a sluggish talking segment, though MVP did a nice job talking trash.

Match #1 - Tommy Dreamer vs. Bobby Lashley; Street Fight Rules

Typical garbage spots, where Dreamer hit Lashley with a pot lid and a kendo stick.  Lashley came back with a belly to belly outside on the floor.  He breaks the stick then keeps the assault up.  He hit several shoulder charges and locked Dreamer in a bear hug.  He followed with a clothesline and a vertical suplex.

Kenny King held Dreamer so Lashley could hit a spear.  Lashley charged but Dreamer moved and King spilled to the floor.  Dreamer grabbed a trash can and blasted Lashley then followed with a DDT for two.  Dreamer went up top with a kendo stick, but Lashley swatted him and hit the spear to win.

Dreamer was alright, but he doesn't have much outside of the weapons brawls.

Tenay plugged the main event.

Backstage, Madison was asked about the number one contender's Knockout match.  She says she's looking forward to it but she's tired of Taryn Terrell's comeback story and she was going to tell her story and why she is the queen of the division.  She headed to the ring.

Rayne was articulate here, but sometimes she's not as good in front of a live crowd.  We'll see.

Gunner talked to Sam Shaw at the hotel, and Shaw is drawing something.  Gunner asked him if he wanted to go get food and Shaw said he would stay behind and draw.  Gunner leaves, and Shaw walks over and touches a uniform on the wall an stared at it.

Match #2 - Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne

The two are already in the ring and didn't really get entrances.  After an early offensive exchange Taryn avoided a charge and Madison took a spill to the floor.  Taryn tried a follow up dive but Madison moved so Taryn crashed and burned.  Madison pressed the offense and got near falls after strikes and clotheslines.  Taryn counters a suplex with a snap suplex of her own.  Madison ducked a clothesline and kicked Taryn for a near fall.

Taryn hit a diving clothesline and followed up with two more.  She hit a neckbreaker for a near fall.  Taryn climbed up again and hit a cross body, but only got a near fall.  They went back and forth again and Taryn eventually avoids a kick and hits her cutter finish to grab the win.

This lacked the chemistry that Taryn and Gail Kim have.  They had some clumsy spots and some spots exposed them badly.  But, it's clear Madison is turning heel and we will get a Taryn/Gail match that should be good.

Eric Young and Bobby Roode are talking backstage, and Kurt Angle approached.  He dismissed the cameras, saying they needed to talk privately.

Gunner comes back to the hotel room and Shaw donned his fatigues.  Gunner told him to take them off or he will.  They cut to the next match.

Match #3 - Homicide, DJ Z and Manik vs. Low Ki, Tigre Uno and Crazy Steve:

This was hard to keep track of.  Uno hit some flashy moves on Manik and DJ Z, but Homicide shut him down.  Homicide hit a jumping back elbow for a near fall.  Low Ki tagged in and double stomped Manik.  He tried for the Ki Crusher but Homicide interjected.

Crazy Steve cleared Homicide and splashed him outside.  DJ Z got dumped out by Uno.  Manik avoided a splash and Uno got sent to the floor.  Low Ki hit a springboard kick and followed with the Ki Crusher for the win.

This was pointless.  And where are the rest of the circus freaks known as the Menagerie?

Angle told us they reached an agreement on the number one contendership and it would be announced publicly next.

They ran a video of EC3 beating down Rhyno last week.  Rhyno cut an angry promo about cutting EC3 in half with the gore.

In-Ring Segment:

Bobby Roode came out and talked about the match last week to become number one contender for the TNA World Championship.  He said it was determined by Kurt Angle that the only fair way to determine the contender is one more match.  He said it will happen next week between himself and Showtime Eric Young.

Young came out and Roode told him he was crazy.  Roode talks about their history from Team Canada up to last week.  He said last week could have gone either way and as a result they'll fight next week for the right reasons.  Roode said he got in the business to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and he knew Young did too.  Roode talked about how he respects Young and said he'll have to bring his A game next week.

Young said no one thought he'd be a world champion.  He said fate intended for this match to happen, and he's looking forward to it.  Young said he's asked all the time in interviews who the best is, and his answer is always Bobby Roode.  He said that will be his answer until Roode leaves the business.  He said he knows he's as good as Roode and next week he'll have to be better.

Roode said next week they'll give it all they have, and tear the roof off.

A lot of verbal masturbation here, but it was good.  They are stuck in a face vs. face situation, so it would have been hard to do it any other way I suppose.

Backstage, BroMans are on their phones when JB approached.  They were comparing their tinder matches for when they hit the club later, and realized they had TNA Knockouts as matches.  They said they'd take their knockouts home later.


Match #4 - Rhyno vs. Ethan Carter III

They start brawling right away, brawling around the ringside area.  EC3 took control as they got back in the ring and played for heat.  He choked Rhyno on the ropes and stomped on him.  EC3 kept the strikes and holds up and hit a corner clothesline for two.  Rhyno mounted a comeback with some clotheslines and a Samoan Drop.  Spud interfered which let EC3 hit a low blow for a near fall.

Rhyno came back with a big clothesline and a belly to belly suplex.  The crowd called for the Gore, but Spud stuck his nose in again.  EC3 grabbed a chair and wrapped it around Rhyno's neck, which threw the match out.  Spud yelled at EC3 to stop and he did stop blasting Rhyno with the chair.  EC3 had a strange look on his face heading up the ramp.

That was actually good to see a darker side of EC3.  He had been pretty milktoast to this point, so it's a refreshing character change.  He might be the most interesting guy in TNA right now.

Tenay tells us the Great Sanada will be revealed next.

James Storm's music played and he headed to the ramp. He called himself the leader of a revolution of men who need a rebirth.  He said the next man will be the first of many, and Sanda came out.  He had face paint identical to Great Muta's in gold and black.  Austin Aries comes out next.

Match #5 - The Great Sanada vs. Austin Aries

Chain wrestling early, until Aries went for the Last Chancery.  Sanada broke it in the ropes quickly, then bowed to Storm.  Sanada hit some chops and locked on a choke and held it til the official counted to four.  Aries broke Sanada's offense with a whip that flipped Sanada to the apron.  Aries hit a suicide dive.

Aries kept up the offense hitting a full-speed drop kick.  He tried for the Brainbuster but Sanada bit him to break it.  Sanada put Aries on the rope but Aries knocked him down.  Aries tried the 450 but Storm shook the ropes.  Sanada spit green mist at Aries and hit a head kick to win.

That was fun, but a little repetitive.  Storm's act feels so much like Bray Wyatt at the moment, so I can't get behind him and take it seriously.

They hype the main event.

They ran a video package that described the background of Chris Melendez, the wounded soldier turned wrestler who TNA has signed. 

In-Ring Segment:

Kurt Angle was in the ring, along with Mr. Anderson and Team 3D and Melendez.  Angle tried to ask a question but the fans chant USA.  Angle said everything he did representing the US pales to what Chris did.  Anderson grabbed the mic and tells Chris's story through Wounded Warrior Project and the Team 3D Academy to TNA.

Bully Ray talked about meeting Chris out at Coney Island and listened to Chris talk about his dreams of being a soldier and then a professional wrestler.  Bully said he offered to train Melendez for free as it was the least they could do for him.  He called this one of Team 3D's proudest moments and Devon asked the crowd to welcome Chris to the roster.

A good moment.  His life is truly a great human interest story and I'm glad TNA found a place for him.  Bully mentioning them training him for free was a bit self-promoting and could have been left aside for the announcers, or not said at all, but that's nitpicking the moment apart.  Let's just hope he's not saddled with that "US Hero" type gimmick because it can be very limiting.

Tenay hypes Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell and Roode vs. Young for next week.  Time for the main event.

Match #6 - Team 3D vs. The Wolves vs. The Hardys:

Early, Team 3D tried for Whazzup on Davey but Eddie cut it off, forcing both Team 3D guys out to take a powder.  The Hardys entered and got quick offense in, but it didn't last because Team 3D got back in the match and sent them out.  Devon and Davey settle in as order is restored, then Matt Hardy tagged in to force Devon out.

Matt used strikes on Davey then made quick tags with Jeff to keep Davey isolated.  Matt hit the Side Effect, but Devon made the save.  Chaos ensues again as all three teams fight.  The stretch ends with Davey and Eddie hitting suicide dives on Team 3D, then Jeff hitting Poetry in Motion on the Wolves, and Matt splashing the entire mass of humanity on the floor from the top rope.

The Wolves hit their double team kick into German Suplex on Hardy for a pin, but Jeff broke that up.  They hit double stomps on Devon, but Bully broke that up.  Davey missed a double stomp and took Twist of Fate.  Finisher spot wth Jeff hitting a Swanton and taking a superkick.  Eddie got caught with the 3D and Team 3D grabs the win.

This was an enjoyable match that ended in a rush of offense.  I like that when it happens and it's generally crowd pleasing, but I would have enjoyed this match getting some more time.  They could have trimmed other aspects of the show to make that happen.  But for a ten minute match, it was well done despite cramming a lot into it.

This show was average.  We got some solid wrestling but nothing really stand-out other than the main event.  Nothing was really offensive though, which is a plus.  One thing that bothers me is that the World Champion isn't saying much and the challenger isn't decided yet.  Hopefully we get that situation ironed out next week.

Join us next Thursday for another iMPACT Post-Show report here on  And in the meantime, for more wrestling fun listen to RingRap Audio this week for our 125th Edition Show.  We had a lot of fun recording it!