It's the Genesis themed show tonight.  TNA goes on the road tonight, and they have their champion settled.  Magnus defeated AJ Styles last Thursday in a unification match that featured a number of run-ins and interference from Dixieland.  Where does AJ go from here?  Now that Magnus is champion, who will step up to him as the next challenger?

Show Open, Live from Huntsville, AL

Taz and Tenay open the show cold, and tell us that tonight's broadcast is dedicated to the late Mae Young.  They each recall her and a graphic shows her birth and passing dates.

The recap from last week features Magnus defeating AJ Styles in the mess of a main event with all those run-ins.  Rockstar Spud is in the ring and tries to talk, but he gets pretty good heat.  He calls it a momentous night and introduces Dixie Carter.  She dares anyone who wants to try and challenge her.

Dixie buries AJ as she keeps talking.  This is a rambling promo that is going on far too long.  She finally gets around to introducing Magnus, who comes out carrying both belts.


"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your champion speaking." Magnus starts.  The fans tell him he sold out.  Magnus points out that he has two belts, which while obnoxious has a reason.  He asks Dixie to come over and he tells her that she is a champion to the fans and the business, so he presents her with one of the belts.

I think this is worse, myself...

Dixie thanks him and admits she deserves it, but he is the champion.  She says she needs to thank those who were loyal last week:  Bro-Mans, DJ Zema, Gail Kim, Lei'D Tapa, Bad Influence, and Bobby Roode.  They all come out and Dixie says that all went above and beyond last week and will benefit greatly from it, especially Bobby Roode.

Dixie calls this the Genesis of a new TNA, Dixie Carter's TNA.  She says this was the first time the company could be called such, but first her nephew has to take Sting down for it to happen.  She introduces Ethan Carter III to the ring.  He starts to speak but gets cut off by Sting's music, and he is shown at the top of the seating bowl.

This really didn't put any heat on tonight's show and it was really drawn out.  The fans were dying off during this segment until Sting's appearance and with good reason.  Dixie was boring as hell, and she kept losing me.  Maybe it was the 14 hour day.  None the less, boring opening.

Sting cuts a promo from where he's standing, and says he never knew Dixie could be a mob boss.  He says it's one thing to mess with wrestlers, but to mess with Kurt Angle's family was way out of line.  Sting tells Magnus he never earned anything and he is a paper champion.  He calls TNA a house divided and that can't stand.  He says "I, no, we are going to fight tonight."  Dixie asks who we is.

Joe Park, EY, ODB, James Storm, Samoa Joe, and Gunner charge the ring.  Sting says they will take back what's theirs and the brawl is on.  The ring clears, leaving Sting alone with EC3.  Sting backs him to a corner then jabs him with the baseball bat.

This is a mess.  People everywhere, and while the chaos might be fun for the live crowd this isn't working for me as a TV viewer. Nothing's ringing true here.

The heels are selling while the faces play to the fans.  Joe gets a mic and says they came to fight.  Rockstar Spud comes out with Brian Hebner in tow, and tells Joe that since he wants a fight he will get one.  He plays Teddy Long and books a 12-person tag with all of the people out there.

Match #1 - Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, Eric Young, Joe Park, and ODB vs. Bad Influence, Bro-Mans, DJ Zema, and Lei'D Tapa

The brawl is back on after the bell rings.  Things slowly settle in to a normal pace.  Zema takes a fallaway slam from ODB, but Tapa hits her with a football tackle.  Joe Park ends up in the ring, and somehow in the course of things his mouth gets busted open.  Abyss Mode kicks in and he kills everyone, including Storm and Gunner.  He exits.

Joe locks on the rear naked choke on Daniels and the faces get the win.

Dave Lagana is said to be the "I want wrestling" guy.  He books the shows.  So it seems he is content to book a ton of people to be out there and you get really little wrestling.  This is a shame.


Velvet Sky talks to Austin Aries.  She asks what she could do, and Aries tells her to think about it.  He thanks her for the nice things she said about him on his collector card and exits as Chris Sabin approaches.

Sabin yells at Velvet, asking what that was all about.  Velvet tells him she isn't going to discuss it in front of everyone.  Sabin tells her they will discuss it in front of the world instead, and yells at her to come to the ring.

Somewhere, a women's group is getting ready to get upset over how Sabin is treating Sky.  Yes, it's storyline, yes he's acting, but there are groups out there that just do not get that.


Kurt Angle is looking for Dixie or Al Snow.

In-Ring Segment:

Sabin says Velvet is being selfish, and puts himself over as her boyfriend and the X-Division Champion.  He says he is champion for them, and demands to know why she was secretly meeting with Austin Aries.

Aries' music hits and he comes out.  He says he has a better title for Sabin: "Worst Boyfriend that Ever Lived."  Aries says he wasn't trying to get with Velvet, but he might break his veganism in exchange for a piece of pigeon pie.  He admits he was telling Velvet she can do better than Sabin.  He starts to call her a hot piece of ass, but Sabin cuts him off.

Aries challenges Sabin to a title match next week, with Velvet being locked in a cage at ringside.  Sabin says no, but Velvet agrees.  She tells Sabin he needs to step up, and if he doesn't beat Aries next week he might have to find someone else to spend his time with.  She leaves, Aries leaves, and Sabin looks upset in the ring.

This was good.  It makes logical sense, and everyone played their part in it well.  But somehow Velvet attacks Aries from inside the cage to save the match for Sabin.

Angle is still looking for Dixie or Al Snow backstage.

One of the agents tells a camera man to shoot everything backstage.  Sam Shaw walks by, and the agent stops him.  He tells Shaw he's a real player in TNA, but he needs to forget about Christy Hemme.  The agent goes to walk away, but Shaw attacks him from behind and beats him down.  He screams about Christy throughout.  He yanks the agent's shoe off, smells it, then slams it down on him.

Locker room - EC3 is getting psyched up for his match.  Magnus snarks at him, and EC3 retorts.  Magnus calls Carter a rookie who is unsure of himself.  He talks about how he beat AJ clean.  Carter mocks him for that.  Magnus also talks about beating Sting.  He tells Carter to believe in himself and leaves, and Carter snarks at him.

Magnus hasn't been around all that long, so him calling Carter a rookie made little sense.  I get that they want Magnus to look like a narcissist, but if they push it too far, they could make him look comedic.

Bully Ray starts to come to the ring, but Anderson attacks him before he makes it there.  Out of break, Anderson throws Ray in the ring and the next match is on.

Match #2 - Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray; No Disqualification rules

Anderson still has the hospital band on his wrist from the birth of his twins.  They work their way to the floor and grab chairs.  They duke it out like swordfighting with the chairs a few times, but Anderson gets the better of it.  Bully comes back and whips Anderson with his chain.

Bully and Earl Hebner start shoving each other.  That  lets Anderson hit Ray with the chair.  Anderson pulls out a guardrail section, but gets kicked into it by Ray, then Ray follows up with a slam.  Ray teases a splash but Anderson moves so Ray crashes.  Anderson goes to the top and tries a senton but misses.  He comes back with the Mic Check for two.

Anderson throws a table in the ring, and sets it up in the corner.  Ray goes up top and Anderson hits him with a low blow, then loads a Finlay Roll onto the table for a two count.  Anderson sets up another table but takes the "Rock Bottom" from Ray.

Ray goes out to the floor and grabs lighter fluid and a lighter.  He says this is for Anderson's wife and two nasty children.  Anderson hits him with the Mic Check.  Anderson douses the table with fluid and holds the lighter up.  Ray hits him with a low blow and follows with the piledriver to get the win.

Something that jumped out here - Anderson hits his finish on Ray on the guardrail, and Ray kicks out.  Anderson takes a low blow and a piledriver, and he loses?  That was pretty weak, in my opinion.


Kurt Angle finds Al Snow.  He shoves him up against the wall and asks what happened last week.  Snow says he just was doing what he was told.  Angle demands to know who gave the orders and Snow begs off, saying he has a family.  Angle throws him aside and storms off.

So, Al admits he did what he was told, but he won't say who?  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  Al gave himself away by admitting he did what he was told.  The past two segments of this show just sucked from the psychology standpoint.

In-Ring Segment:

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and gets a good reaction. He says that Dixie is the reason he came to TNA, but he demands to know what happened last week.  He says she went too far by involving his family in business.  He demands answers, and Dixie comes out..again.

Dixie tells Angle he needs to realize things are different now and it's not seven years ago.  Angle agrees and says she was a good woman then, but look at her now.  Dixie tells him she did it because she cares about Angle.  She says they both know he would make the wrong decision and get hurt.  She tells him he isn't smart enough to make decisions for himself so he needs her to take care of him.  She says she did what was best for him, just like she did for everyone on her team.

Angle says he isn't on her team, and after he beats Roode in the cage he will be in Sting's corner.  Dixie tells him he is emotionally unstable and postpones his cage match with Roode.  She goes further to tell Angle if he interferes in the Sting/EC3 match, he might lose his job.  Angle dares her to fire him, and insists he will do the right thing.

Dixie says she will have to protect him again and orders security out to escort Kurt from the building.  Security comes out, but Angle doesn't cooperate.  Roode runs out and attacks Angle from behind.  Dixie holds security back as Roode hits Angle with a Roode Bomb.  Dixie then tells Security to help Angle out of the building.

Dixie just isn't good.  This isn't working for me at all.

JB tries to get an interview with Madison Rayne, but Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa beat her down before that gets started.

Backstage, Dixie chides Earl Hebner for the stunt he pulled last week and tells him he won't be officiating the main event.   He asks who the official will be, and Dixie tells him to take the night off and find out when everyone else will.

Match #3 - Gail Kim (c, w/Lei'D Tapa) vs. Madison Rayne; TNA Knockouts Championship

Madison is selling the beatdown from backstage.  Things spill to the floor, and Tapa chokes her.  The official ejects Tapa for getting involved.  That was strange.  Kim throws Madison back in the ring.  Madison hits her with a neckbreaker across the knee to get the win and the title.

That title change could not have been more weak.  Kim looks weak without Tapa, and the announcers just didn't call it right.

Sting grabs the mic from JB backstage.  He says he knows there are a lot of guys that want to help him tonight, but they shouldn't.  He says that he is going to end this tonight by beating EC3.


Dixie talks with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (known to ROH fans as "The American Wolves").  She tells them she is looking forward to their tryout match next week.  Davey says he thought they were beyond that.  Dixie says that's why she brought them here.  Eddie says they signed that morning.  Dixie is confused and Davey speaks up with "they said she might react like this...".  Eddie hands her a package and says this explains it all.  Dixie reads it and says "A new TNA investor?"  She starts texting.

Match #3 - Ethan Carter III vs. Sting; Rockstar Spud is special referee

EC3 first, then Sting, then Rockstar Spud.  I smell shenanigans.  Spud irritates sting in the early going as the pest.  Things spill out to the floor and Sting hits EC3 with a suplex on the ramp.  Spud runs around to check on things.

Sting runs through his normal offense and locks on the Scorpion Death Lock.  Carter goes to tap, so of course Spud jumps on Sting.  Sting breaks the hold and hits Carter with Spud.  He hits the Scorpion Death Drop and covers, but Spud refuses to count.  Sting drags him down and forces it.

Magnus runs out and he drags Spud from the ring.  Magnus pulls his jacket off, and he's got a referee's shirt on.  Oh wow, shenanigans.  Carter scores a quick roll-up and Magnus fast-counts the pinfall.  Carter wins.

Magnus goes to walk away, but Sting grabs a mic and calls to him.  Sting says he wants to fight Magnus and will do anything to get the fight.  Magnus turns around and says "anything?"  Sting repeats himself and Magnus returns to the ring.

Wow is this psychology bad.  Why is Sting this desperate? This isn't making any sense right now.

Sting says this is about him and Magnus.  Sting reminds us how he picked Magnus, and this is how he got repaid.  He tells Magnus that Magnus has disrespected him, AJ, Jeff Hardy, and the fans.  He says Magnus needs to be set straight and the only way that can happen is that he gets one more title match.

Magnus reminds Sting he can't have any title shots and he owes Sting nothing.  Sting asks Magnus if he owed himself to be a man and earn the title on his own.  Sting says boys wear belts, and asks Magnus if he will be a man or a boy.  He says boy and mocks it as girlish.

Magnus tells Sting he won't fall for the reverse psychology.  He says that he will give Sting a title match, but if Sting loses, Magnus gets to tear up his contract and Sting is done.  Sting agrees, and Magnus says he can't wait to tear up Sting's contract in front of his stupid painted face.  He leaves the ring to close the show.

The minute Sting said he would do anything to get the shot, I knew where this was headed.  I don't hate this idea, but I'm not a fan of how they got there.  Sting got too desperate too fast.  I will admit, this looks like the end - if only temporarily - of Sting in TNA.  Look out for the Wrestlemania 30 rumors.

Pretty baffling episode tonight.  I really felt like there was way too much Dixie Carter on this show and it was ineffective Dixie.  The other thing it seemed like there were too many guys doing things that didn't line up with their current characters either.  It left the whole thing feeling kind of strange.

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