It's the first post-Genesis show.  Jeff Hardy is still the champion after an exciting triple threat match.  He gets Christopher Daniels next week, who earned that chance after beating James Storm in a singles match at the pay per view.  How will those two interact?  And will the challengers from Genesis, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries, respond to their loss?

Most importantly, it's wedding night for Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan.  Will Hulk be there?  Will Aces and Eights get in the middle of things?  Or is is this all just one big swerve?

Show coverage kicks off at the top of the hour!

Show Open:

We get some pre-show shots backstage of the happy couple that will get married tonight.  Bully Ray meets up with Tommy Dreamer and Brother Runt backstage and hands them tuxedos to be his groomsmen.  They show the ladies getting ready and talking.  Brooke Tessmacher accidentally asks about Hulk showing up, which kills the mood.

Pyro hits and the announcers check in.  Jeff Hardy makes his way out to the ring as the announcers recap his win at Genesis over Bobby Roode and Austin Aries.  Hardy gets greeted with a "you still got it" chant as he asks "how 'bout that Genesis main event?"

Hardy puts over Aries and Roode as great competitors but he's still the champion.  The fans chant "we're you're creatures" and Hardy says he's always ready for a fight.  He goes to say something else but Bad Influence (Daniels and Kazarian) cuts him off.

The heel pair come to the ring and Kazarian tells Hardy that in seven days, his friend Christopher Daniels is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship.  Daniels tells "Jefferson" that he beat James Storm to get that chance and he didn't need help from any creatures.  Daniels calls Hardy a loser, just like the fans, AJ Styles, and James Storm.

Hardy tells them they don't have to wait for next Thursday and goes after both men.  The numbers are too much for Hardy and the beatdown ensues.  James Storm runs out for the save.  The heels clear, and Storm grabs a mic.  He challenges the two of them to a match with him and Hardy right now.  They refuse, but Storm and Hardy go out and get them and a brawl starts.

Match #1 - James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

The face team hits some quick offense and make some impact moves to start the match before it goes to break.

Out of break, Daniels drives Storm to the corner and Kaz chokes him out to get control.  Daniels works the neck with a neckbreaker and chin locks.  Storm sells for the heels while they work with a series of quick tags.

Storm gets the hot tag to Hardy and Daniels tags Kaz.  Hardy hits a low drop kick to Kaz, sending him to the floor.  He hits a diving clothesline.  Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind to Kaz but Daniels breaks up the pinfall.

Storm sends Daniels out and follows with a dive.  Storm sells a knee injury.  Kaz gets a near fall after raking the eyes and hitting an inside cradle.  Hardy finishes him off with a Twist of Fate.

Afterward, Daniels sneaks up on Hardy and attacks him, then hits Angel's Wings on the Hardy Belt.  He mugs over Hardy with the original belt.

Fun opener.  I think the heels should have gone over though.  Hardy seemed really fired up.  Under the new pay per view arrangement, stories will progress differently so I have to keep that in mind as I write these now.


The Gut Check Judges debate the two men from last week's match.  Bruce Prichard teases giving his pick but the video cuts off.

Joseph Park walks in to see the groomsmen.  He congratulates Ray and hands him a box of Cuban cigars he got for Ray and tells him to keep them "kayfab."  He asks Ray about a pre-nup, but Ray throws him out.

Gut Check Judging:

The judges are in the ring and JB introduces them.  The two competitors come to the ring.  Prichard puts them both over, but eliminates Brian Cage.

Taz judges Jay Bradley first, and quickly.  He says the answer wasn't unanimous and he says no.  Bradley gives his promo and says he's humped so many roads he probably owes some child support.  Those roads led him to iMPACT.  He mentions trending worldwide during his match.  Snow agrees and gives him a yes, then Pritchard gives his agreement as well.

Match #2 - Christian York vs. Kenny King

As the men make their entrance, they recap the X-Division action at Genesis where King screwed over York's chance to win the title.

York slams King all over the place in the early going.  Late in this one, King gets a Pele kick, but York recovers to put King up for his finisher.  King rakes the eyes and rolls York up with a handful of trunks for the win.

This was just bad.  No sense of timing for these two guys in this match.


Bully Ray comes across Sting and begs him to talk to Hogan.  The only way Brooke will be happy is to have her dad walk the aisle with her.  Ray says Brooke deserves to be happy.  Sting says that because of what Ray means to him, he'll talk to Hulk.

Taz tells the other two announcers that he's going to help with the wedding.

Ray is frustrated about having to dress up.  Elsewhere, Roode and Aries continue bickering about how they look and what they're going to wear.  Aries says he's going to wear all black because he has issues over what's going to happen tonight.  Roode says he does also and they team up.

Hogan arrives backstage and HerveyCam tries to get a comment.  Hogan tells the camera guy to go find something else to do.

Campy Aries and Roode just doesn't work for me.  Taz's exit seemed awkward too.


Taz joins the rest of the groomsmen and Ray.  Dreamer asks about Hogan and Ray says that Brooke's a wreck.  They both want Hogan to be there and he's not yet.  Ray goes to get dressed.

They run a video to recap the wedding storyline.  Sting comes to the ring and cuts a promo about the whole situation. He channels Joker a bit as he calls out Hulk.

Hogan comes out and gets a mic, telling Sting to cut the crap.  Hogan says they've been around the world and have had people tell them they love them only for them to leave.  Sting agrees, but say Ray saved him, Brooke and Hulk a number of times.  Hogan says that people are telling him to not trust Ray and he doesn't like the look in Ray's eyes.  He can never trust him.

Sting says the truth is Hogan needs to do this for his daughter.  The fans chant "do it" and Sting eggs them on.  Hogan tells everyone in the building "I always do the right thing, brother."  Hogan storms off.

This was a bit of a lame segment.  Didn't feel all that effective to me.  And I laughed at Hogan saying "I always do the right thing." 


Gail Kim takes an iPad and shows Taryn Terrell a video of missing her foot under the ropes at Genesis.  Taryn says she gets it and promised the rematch tonight would be called fairly.  Gail says it better be.

We get a glimpse of Bully Ray's bachelor party in New York.  Ray posed with some women.

Match #3 - Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky; #1 Contender Rematch

As the women come to the ring they recap the Gauntlet match from Sunday's pay-per-view.

Kim takes charge and tries to hit a straitjacket neckbreaker but Velvet falls.  Kim recovers then hits it.  Kim locks on a nice twisting head scissor then follows with Eat DaFeet.  She covers, but Velvet's leg is under the rope so the official doesn't count.  Gail bullies Terrell about it.

Velvet hits her comeback with a bulldog and hits her butterfly facebuster in the middle of the ring for the win.

Velvet just isn't good.  She has gotten a little better, but she's not championship material.


Dixie Carter visits Brooke.  They talk about the wedding and cry like women do.  Dixie tells Brooke no matter what her dad loves her.

This must be the longest wedding segment ever.

They recap the finish of the opening match.  Bobby Roode and Austin Aries make their entrance and make fun of the wedding then get a game of one-upsmanship going on.

Aries puts them both over as the reason the company exists and says the company took a 10-year step backward.  They haven't gotten the respect they deserve and it makes them sick.  Roode agrees and says they object to the wedding.

Chavo and Hernandez come out and interrupt.  They object to Roode and Aries putting the company and its champions down.  Aries and Roode make some jokes around Mexicans being caterers and such.  The tag champions have had enough and attack.  Roode and Aries escape after being roughed up.

Roode doesn't do comedy well.  Aries has always had a quirk to him though.  This won't work in the long haul.

They recap the Hogan/Sting segment earlier.  In an office, Hogan and Sting continue the conversation.  Hogan says it's not about Bully and has tried to keep the bad of the business from Brooke.  Sting tells Hogan he's wrong about Bully and he needs to walk Brooke down the aisle.  He tells Hogan they've both been jaded by the business.  Hogan says he's going to pack up and get out of there because he always does right by the business.

The Wedding:

Soft music plays as Bully Ray makes his way to the ring.  Tommy Dreamer comes out with Brooke Tessmacher, Spike Dudley with Mickie James, and Taz with Christy Hemme.  The wedding march plays and Brooke comes through the tunnel.  She looks for Hogan but he's not there at first.  She pauses again and here comes Hulkster to walk her down the aisle.

In the ring, the fans chant for Hogan and Ray to shake, but they don't.  The minister begins his ceremony and asks who presents the bride, and Hogan affirms he does and joins their hands.

Brooke goes first and says Ray makes her feel safe, and he knows how to make her laugh.  The crowd eats that up.  She closes by saying she loves him.  Ray says he started to write vows, but he decided to speak from the heart.  He says she makes him happy and he "just friggin loves (her)."

The minister asks for objections and there are none.  He asks if Brooke takes Ray to be hers and she says yes.  The minister asks Ray the same and he agrees.  The minister starts to declare them husband and wife, but Taz speaks up.

Taz asks Ray if he's sure, and Ray is incredulous. Ray asks if Taz is crazy.  Taz asks if it's hot and takes off his tux jacket.  The crowd goes nuts and he turns around.  He has an Aces and Eights vest on under his jacket.

Aces and Eights hits from everywhere and attacks, dragging Brooke from the ring.  DOC and Knox hold her back and taunt while the gang attacks the rest of the guys in the ring.  They hold Ray for Devon to hit him with a planter and leave.  Brooke screams and checks on her dad and Bully as the show ends.

Wow.  Just.  Wow.  That was a lame ass swerve.  Where is Taz in the structure?  I am guessing he's VP and he's the one who has been saying guys would get the boot for losing masks but just kind of did a "here I am!" reveal.

Beyond that, Taz is an announcer.  He physically cannot wrestle given past injuries.  He can't take a bump.  How on earth does this get paid off?  I guess that's why Keneley came in when he did.

We'll see where this leads us next Thursday as we bring you another show recap.  Thanks for watching along.