Last week, we saw the wedding of Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan.  What we didn't see coming was that Taz would turn on us, and be a part of Aces and Eights.  A brawl ensued to end the show, and Hulk, Bully and his groomsmen were left laying at the hands of the biker faction.  What will come of that situation tonight?  Also, Jeff Hardy has a title defense against Christopher Daniels.  Daniels got the better of Hardy last week - will the champion rebound and keep his gold tonight?

Show Open:

They give us a video recapping Taz's turn last week.  The video includes helping Hogan and Ray from the ring after the show ended.  Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay are on commentary, with Taz's chair being empty.  Tenay hopes Taz has an explanation.

Aces and Eights is shown arriving on their bikes and carrying on out back.  They come to the ring, with Taz leading the way.

Nice visual presentation of the group.  Let's see where it goes.

Taz gets a mic and tells us he got in with Aces because it made sense.  He gave himself over to a higher power.  He says that now his contract is bullet proof, and he can't be touched.  He says Bully and Brooke were simply collateral damage and wishes them luck with the group.

Tenay says Taz will be sitting in on commentary and he plans to ask Taz about the "higher power."

Taz rambled on a lot there.  I kept hearing "It's me, Austin, it was me all along, Austin!" when he said "higher power"...better phrasing was needed.


Jesse gets Tara ready for her Knockouts Title defense.  He talks about him, her and a Velvet Sky doll.

We get a hype video for Christopher Daniels.  Backstage, Kazarian talks about being his manager tonight.  Daniels says he will become the World Heavyweight Champion of the World.  He sips from his appletini.

Taz sits in on commentary and snaps at Keneley.  He greets Tenay, and Tenay says he has questions.  Taz says he isn't going anywhere.

Match #1 - Tara (c, w/Jesse) vs. Velvet Sky; TNA Knockouts Championship

Taz doesn't do the pigeons gimmick this time.  Tara gets her entrance second.

On commentary, Taz refuses to address the "higher power" questions.  Velvet sends Tara to the floor with a dropkick before commercial.

After commercial, Tara controls the action while Taz ducks questions.  Velvet throws Tara from the top rope and hits a weak looking neckbreaker.  Jesse distracts the official so there's no count.

The finish comes when Tara hits Jesse by accident.  She follows with a bridging suplex and Jesse holds Velvet's foot so Tara gets the win.

Velvet is hard to believe in the ring.  She's pretty and all, but it's just not working.  Taz comes off pissy more than anything else.

We get hype for Open Fight Night from England on next week's show.

Sting is shown backstage.  HerveyCam asks him about the wedding and what happened with Aces and Eights.  Sting says he will give his answer in the ring shortly.


Kenny King talks to himself in the mirror, saying he will be champion.  Zema Ion walks into the frame and asks him what he's doing.  King says tonight is about the X-Division Championship.  He tells Ion to sit on the sideline and let King do the heavy lifting.  Ion agrees, then talks to himself in the mirror.

Joseph Park comes to the ring.  He says he's not the most gifted athlete but he learned his place is not a court room.  He belongs on the iMPACT Roster.  Park says he didn't win at Genesis but he's still working hard.  He says that next week is Open Fight Night in England, and he's ready to go, flashing his passport.

Park admits he didn't want to kayfab anyone, but he is going to spend the week researching the roster to pick his opponent.  He will make his TV debut next week and hold court, getting a win.

Match #2 - Kenny King and Zema Ion vs. Christian York and Rob Van Dam

Ion and RVD start things off.  After a couple kicks, RVD tags in York.  The faces work some quick tags.  King pulls on RVD's hair to create a distraction, and Ion uses it to attack from behind.

RVD eventually hits a back kick to get out of trouble.  Both RVD and Ion get tags, and York opens up on King.  Things break down in the end, and Ion throws out RVD.  Ion tries a tornado DDT on York that fails, but King hits a blockbuster for the win.

Afterward, the heels jaw at each other in the ring.


HerveyCam asks Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan about the wedding.  Ray says they'll discuss it out in the ring and shoos the camera away.

With so long until their next pay per view, TNA has taken this week off.


Samoa Joe talks to Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff.  He tells them he appreciates their support and concern.  They want to know how Angle is and Joe tells them to ask him themselves.  Angle walks into the frame and shakes hands with them.  Joe says he'll catch up with Angle later.  Angle tells Brisco and Bischoff he's hurt but could still kick some ass.

They recap the wedding angle in video one more time.

In-Ring Segment:

Ray and Brooke come out to the ring.  Ray goes toward the announce table and asks where Taz is.  Tenay says he took off.  Ray barks about it and they head to the ring.

He says a lot of people were hurt last week.  He expects this kind of behavior from Devon, but not from Taz.  He calls Taz a scumbag and a coward.

Ray says he doesn't care that he got hurt, but it was that people around him got hurt.  He says that Sting, Hogan and the woman he loves all got hurt.  Ray says the things he will do to Taz, Devon and every single one of the Aces and Eights cannot be said on TV.

Ray says he hopes they sleep with one eye open because he won't sleep 'til he kicks all their "m-f'in asses."  He says he realizes Hogan is at home resting. Ray pleads with Hogan to lift the suspension.

Sting's music hits and he comes to the ring.  Sting says Hogan doesn't do anything halfway.   He says Hogan has only gone halfway by walking his daughter down the aisle and giving her away.  He says that for Hogan to go all the way, he has to announce Bully Ray's suspension is lifted next week in the UK.

They recap what happened between Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and the tag team champions.  Backstage, Aries says they could beat Hernandez and Chavo any time but tonight they need to decide who will beat Hernandez.  Roode puts Aries over and says it should be Aries.  Aries agrees, then puts over Roode and says it should be him.  

They go back and forth with a "who's on first" type gimmick.  Aries talks Roode into the spot, but Roode still tries to weasel out.

Ray cut a great promo until he brought up the suspension.  Sting was just bad here, but I will take bad Sting over the goofy antics we're seeing with Roode and Aries.

They run a Hardy hype video that recaps the triple threat match at Genesis.  Hardy cuts a promo backstage.  He says Daniels is going to try to show what he is tonight, and Hardy will expose what he isn't.

Match #3 - Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez (w/Chavo)

Roode comes out to the ring as Taz rejoins commentary.  The other two "no-sell" him initially then acknowledge him.

Roode starts with some strikes, but Hernandez hits a backdrop then a delayed vertical suplex where he holds up Roode for some 30 seconds.  Roode rolls out for a powder and hits a clothesline when he re-enters.  Roode works the neck while the announce team bickers.

Hernandez mounts a comeback and hits an over the shoulder backbreaker followed with a shoulder tackle.  The tackle takes Roode to the floor.  Hernandez goes for his big dive but Aries comes out and shoves Roode out of the way.  Aries and Roode shove each other and argue until Chavo attacks Aries.

Roode sneaks into the ring and hits a bulldog on Hernandez to get the win.  Aries and Roode argue whether "he" or "they" did it.

The second hour has picked up.  This was a good match considering how Hernandez works.  The silliness between Aries and Roode is dumb though.

They recap the Angle beatdown at the hands of Aces and Eights while Anderson watches on.

In Ring Segment:

Angle comes out and says he's going to seek revenge for what happened to him and the others that Aces have hurt.  He says that next week is Open Fight Night, and he wants to fight Mr. Anderson.  He calls Anderson out to talk to him face to face.

Anderson's music plays, but he comes through the crowd in an Aces vest.  He gets in the ring and asks Angle over and over if he wants to fight next week.  He says he didn't want to wait and wants to fight now.  Anderson beats Angle down in the corner while Taz cheers.

Angle mounts a comeback and hits a clothesline.  He goes for the Ankle Lock, but Anderson rolls away.  Angle tells him he can run, but next week it would be a cage match.

Taz's disinterest, despite turning heel, showed up there.  He says Anderson should get away fast, but then says "thank God" when he escaped.  It's the little things in announcing that help frame moments and Taz really blew it there.

Back at the clubhouse, Anderson yells at the strippers to "shut up!"  Devon tells him to chill and enjoy what's going on in the clubhouse.  They will have a plan for next week.

Match #4 - Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Christopher Daniels (w/Kazarian); TNA World Heavyweight Championship

After the two men make entrances, JB handles the old-school introductions.  Daniels throws Hardy to the floor to start, and he and Kazarian celebrate in the ring.

After the break, they show a recap of Kazarian beating up Hardy during commercial.  Hardy hits a front suplex from the second rope.  Hardy covers but Daniels puts his foot on the ropes.

Hardy teases Twist of Fate, but Daniels reverses it into Angel's Wings for a near fall.  Daniels tries to hit the BME, but Hardy rolls out of the way.  Daniels lands on his feet though.  Hardy tries to hit Whisper in the Wind but Daniels moves and Hardy crashes and burns.

Daniels tries to get Angel's Wings again, but Hardy counters.  He hits a Twist of Fate on Daniels that sends Daniels into Kazarian and knocks him from the apron.  Hardy hits a second Twist of Fate and follows with a Swanton Bomb to get the win.

After the match, Taz gets a mic and says he wants to interview Hardy.  As Taz begins his interview, a guy from Aces and Eights runs out and hits Hardy in the leg with the hammer.  Taz says he was about to tell Hardy he needs to watch his back, and walks away.  Hardy sells as the show ends.

THAT was how Hardy got written off of the UK tour?  That was weak at best.  UK fans should be upset with that whole situation.

The match was fine, but it just felt uninspired.  That was the case with this entire show tonight.  It just felt uninspired, felt like they weren't interested.  There's some six weeks 'til their next pay per view, so it seems also like they just decided to mail it in.

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