TNA is across the pond this week.  We're in Glasgow, Scotland, and the big news of the night is that we're going to find out who TNA's new investor is.  How will Dixie and her band of misfits like this?

Show Open, taped earlier in the day in Glasgow, Scotland

We get a video recap of Sting leaving last week.  Tenay says that Sting is done in TNA.

Tenay checks in on commentary and he's with Jeremy Borash this week.  They flash backstage, and Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III are brawling with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle for some reason.  Magnus comes to the ring, and he has Carter and Spud in tow with him.

Magnus heels on Scotland, and that draws crazy heat.  He says some folks in the back have an issue that Sting fell to Magnus.  He says like Jeff Hardy, Sting had a good run and Magnus ended it.  Mgnus says it is a business and he is getting rid of the dead weight and thinning the herd.  He says that Dixie and he have decided to put the old bulls out to pasture to make room for new stars like himself, Spud, Bro-Mans, and Zema Ion.

EC3 seems upset that he's not mentioned.  Magnus puts himself over for eliminating Styles, Hardy, and Sting from the company.  Carter grabs the mic and asks if he heard things right.  Magnus says yes and tries to go on but Carter cuts him off again.  Before this goes too much longer, Angle and Joe run out and chase the heels from the ring.

Angle grabs a mic and says they aren't thinning the herd, but instead screwing the herd.  He says it would be different if Magnus had beaten Sting, but he screwed him and that proved Magnus to be a paper champion.  The fans chant "paper champion" and Angle says he regrets that he let him in the Mafia.

Magnus says they let him in because he was somebody and now he is the ultimate somebody as a champion.  He says that fact is killing Angle and Joe.  Joe says the only thing that is killing them is that Magnus is upright and breathing, and they came to Glasgow to kick his ass.

Magnus says it sounds like they want a fight so he challenges them to a match.  He says if they lose, they have to leave TNA.  Joe and Angle discuss and Joe suggests raising the stakes.  Joe offers that if they pin Magnus, the person who does gets a title shot.  Joe says that might be a bit much for a paper champion.  The fans chant it again and Magnus agrees to take the match.

Dixie Carter comes out and she says the match isn't happening.  Magnus questions her and she says there's too much going on tonight, and she can't chance him losing the title to either Joe or Angle.  The chant fires up again, and Magnus flips out.  He turns to the ring and tells them they have a deal, then turns and walks away with Dixie in tow.

Outside, a black van pulls up, and the announce team call it a limo.

That was a long talking segment but it was decent.  Magnus gets a ton of heat, but this paper champion thing hits too close.  I'm not a fan.  He hasn't won any title match clean yet, and the more they bring it up the cheaper his title run gets.

The camera charges the van, and the Wolves get out.  They tell the cameraman that all their questions will be answered tonight and if anyone wants to get to the investor, they have to go through the Wolves.

Match #1 - Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa

Sky and Rayne do their "Beautiful People" gimmick, and the announcers make a big deal out of that fact.  Kim and Tapa don't wait for all of it and attack them before Sky and Rayne can get in the ring.  In a short match, Sky hits Kim with her finish to grab the win.

Afterward, Chris Sabin storms out and makes fun of Madison before telling her to leave.  He asks Velvet what her problem is, saying he has been trying to get in touch with her for a week.  He says she has one chance to apologize and go to the back to give him a massage.  She tells him she has one thing to say - "We're done."  She storms away and Sabin stomps around saying that he was the one to say when things were over.

So, um, was the point here to rehash what Brooke did to Bully...?  And is TNA that far out of ideas?


Angle tells Joe they won't go out like Sting and the rest.  They open a door, and there stands Bobby Roode.  They drag him off camera going into the break.  Out of break, Joe drags Angle off of Roode.  Angle tells Roode he won't do to them what he did to Sting and AJ.  Roode asks Angle if he really is that much of a threat.

He says he'd have to be stupid to attack Angle and Joe at the same time.  Joe grabs him by the throat and says if Roode interferes tonight, he will end Roode.  Angle pulls Joe off and they leave a smirking Roode behind.

In-Ring Segment:

James Storm comes out and runs through his history with Gunner.  He says they need closure, and calls Gunner to the ring.  Gunner obliges and comes to the ring.  He say they shared a lot on the road together.  He talks about his history in the Marine Corps and says they learned how to fight for the man beside them.  A "USA" chant starts.

Storm says he knows Gunner's story, and knows he's a man who doesn't take credit for what he did, but needs to.  Storm says his daughter asked why he was mad at Gunner, and he realized he was wrong for what he said and did.  He says he didn't have Gunner's back, but he does now.  They shake hands, but Bad Influence's music hits.

Kaz calls Storm a monkey fart and says Gunner is all beard and no brains.  He says Storm wants whiskey, beer, fat women and the TNA Title most of all.  Daniels challenges them to a match, and dares Gunner to put his Feast or Fired Briefcase on the line.  Gunner asks for a mic, but punches Daniels instead.  A referee runs out, and this turns into a match.

Have I said lately how I hate when guys put title shots on the line, especially in a tag?  Good, because I'm gonna say it again.  I hate this concept - especially in a tag match.  Gunner looks like an idiot here, not a tough guy.

Match #2 - Gunner and James Storm vs. Bad Influence; Gunner's "Feast or Fired" TNA World Championship briefcase on the line

Joined in progress.  Bad Influence gets the heat on Storm for most of this one.  Off the hot tag, Gunner ends up destroying both men to get the victory.

Missed part of this one - hence the short coverage.  Gunner looks a little better by being able to destroy both men, but still, dumb concept.

Backstage, Dixie Carter is freaking out over the investor.  Spud tries to calm her but she shoos him off.

Spud is good in doses, but it didn't work here.

They run a hype video for Samoa Joe.

Bobby Roode walks in on Dixie and demands that he get his title shot at Lockdown.  Dixie tells him it won't happen.  Roode yells at her, saying she promised it twice.  She says she doesn't have time to deal with it at the moment.  He tells her she has until next week and until she figures things out, there would be no favors.

EY and ODB talk backstage.  ODB is concerned about Abyss and EY mentions he is a scientist.  She walks off and Abyss walks up.  EY asks if he's ready, and Abyss holds up a bag of tacks.  EY smiles and they head off.

Spud walks up to a camera and says he will call out the Wolves to find out who the investor is.

In-Ring Segment:

Spud comes to the ring and he calls Scotland the "England B Team."  He calls out the Wolves to tell them who the investor is.  They come out to some fairly bland entrance music.  Spud asks them who the investor is, and they just smirk.  He talks about watching shows like "Magnum TA" and shines a flashlight in their eyes while asking again who the investor is.  No answer from the Wolves.

Spud rips his jacket off and yells at them, talking about being fierce like a lion or tiger.  He demands to know and slaps Davey.  They take their coats off and Spud say he is glad they saw the light.  Rather than answer, they hit a combo pop-up into a kick from Davey.

Eddie gets the mic and says Dixie will find out who the investor is when everyone else does.  He says he does have a message though.  "They" are very interested in the main event and if anyone interferes in it, they will be fired.

Spud went a bit too far here, and it made the segment miss the mark for me.  Eddie was very composed on the mic, something the Wolves haven't always been known for.

We get a video recap of the Abyss/EY story.  They make their entrance, and Zema Ion steps out to introduce the Bro Mans.

Match #3 - Bro Mans (w/DJ Zema Ion) vs. Abyss and Eric Young for the TNA Tag Team Championship

EY starts with Robbie,but Abyss keeps jumping in the match and EY has to talk him down.  The heels keep control of the match as a result.  Abyss gets a hot tag and clears the heels.  Zema gets up on the buckle and Abyss grabs him.  The ref threatens to disqualify Abyss if he goes forward with what he's thinking.  So Abyss grabs the referee instead  and hits him with the Shock Treatment.  So, No contest?

Afterward, Abyss chokeslams EY and leaves.  EY grabs a mic and says there's one experiment left, and he challenges Abyss to a Monster's Ball match.  Abyss accepts and says he will hurt EY.

This story is just bad.  I've given up interest in it.  Abyss has had a Monster's Ball match before, and what the devil is this "experiment" business?  What a terrible angle.

We get a shot of Eddie Edwards outside pushing away the camera as Davey Richards talks to the investor who is in the back seat of the limo/van.

Bully Ray is shown with a casket backstage.

The new Undertaker?

We get a video from "earlier this week" which is part regular camera and security camera.  Christy Hemme is a visitor at Sam Shaw's place.  He gives a tour but won't let her go in one particular room.  Turns out it's a shrine to her.  He has hair from rubbing her hair and puts it on a wig that's on a mannequin.  He kisses a dummy and leaves.

The camera stuff was hokey.  The character isn't bad but the video work just didn't work here.

In-Ring Segment:

Bully Ray wheels the casket to the ring and he cuts a promo.  He talks about being the former president of Aces and Eights and the former World Heavyweight Champion but that has all been taken away by one man.  He says he tried to break Anderson's neck and he came back and ruined his life.  He challenges Anderson to a casket match.

Anderson comes out and stands by the coffin. Ray joins him out on the floor.  Anderson asks if he heard Ray right in that he wants to put Anderson in the coffin.  Anderson asks then what?  Ray says he might pile drive Anderson's wife and kids.  Anderson asks if he was for real and Ray says he would love to piledrive Anderson's wife.

Anderson tells Ray that everyone is tired of him running his mouth. He says Ray won't put him in the casket because he is going to shut Ray's mouth.  He says his wife and kids say hello and he hits Ray with the casket lid.  They brawl in the ring and Anderson hits Ray with a chair.  He goes for a head shot but Ray ducks out to the floor.

This was good, but it doesn't feel like it got out of first gear to me.  These two seem to have lost some steam behind all the Dixieland nonsense.

We get a hype video for Kurt Angle as a cyborg.

EC3 confronts Magnus backstage and asks if he's ready.  Magnus says he isn't thrilled about having to team with a green rookie in a match this important.  Carter says Magnus is looking for excuses already.  They jaw at each other until Dixie walks in, then they put each other over.  Dixie tells EC3 to not disappoint her and leaves with Magnus.  EC3 isn't thrilled.

Not sure where the tension is going, but there's a good story that can be told there and I hope there's a good payoff down the road.

Match #4 - Ethan Carter III and Magnus vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe; if Angle or Joe loses, they're gone, if one of them pins Magnus, they get a title shot.

JB puts over UK dates for 2015 early on.  Carter and Angle start off but Joe tags in quick and throws Carter around.  Angle tags back in and misses a corner spot, which lets the heels take control.  Magnus tags in and no sooner than he does the show goes split screen with the limo van outside.

The cameraman is forced to put his camera down. The Wolves chase him off and another set of legs, dressed in a suit, steps out of the van.

Wow.  Is it a written rule that they must shit on Magnus as the champion?  That split screen took my focus right off of Magnus' work in the ring.

The heels get the heat on Angle.  Angle hits EC3 with a German suplex and both men tag out to their partners.  Joe runs through his offense and hooks Magnus in a cross-arm breaker.  EC3 makes the save.  Angle pulls EC3 from the ring and hits Carter with a suplex on the floor.  Magnus looks pissed about that, but Joe catches him with the rear naked choke and gets the submission win.

Afterward. Dixie and Spud come out and Dixie's crying about telling them this might happen.  Joe gets a mic and says that not only would Kurt and he be in TNA for a long time, but he will be the next world champion.  He tells Magnus to not blame EC3, because Magnus tapped out.  He tells Magnus to keep the belt shiny, because Joe's gonna kill you.

Angle gets the mic, puts over Scotland and wrestling.  He says it's time to be properly inducted to the Hall of Fame.  He tells Dixie to invite the investor too.  Dixie says she has heard enough about the investor and demands they reveal themselves.

The lights go out and a clock starts ticking.  The Wolves walk out and MVP joins them.  Tenay screams his name as the show ends.

There was a lot going on there.  EC3 and Magnus are having issues, Joe is the new #1 Contender, and Angle is ready to be inducted to the Hall.  Then the Investor (MVP) shows up.  That was way too much for one moment.

The Investor reveal of MVP had no impact as a result, in my opinion.  TNA could do a better job telling their stories if they just slow down.  They rushed into a lot of this and things get lost as a result.

Next week will tell the tale on the MVP impact on TNA.  The appearance got lost behind everything else that was going on.  It fell flat.  So all in all, this episode was just kind of there and a bit forgettable.  It wasn't that it was a bad show, it just didn't feel like it was paced well or something.

Join me next Thursday for more iMPACT Coverage.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest episode of RingRap Audio, which is just going live as we speak.  Thanks for following along tonight.