TNA comes to us from across the pond tonight in England.  Did Aces and Eights make the trip?  Did newlyweds Brooke and Bully get a measure of revenge?

Tonight's report is a little different in that it will be a post-show report and we're just going to hit the major highlights.  Circumstances didn't permit for live show coverage tonight - my apologies.

Show Open:

They recap the Aces and Eights story with Bully Ray, then air the opening video.  The announcers check in, then Bad Influence makes their way to the ring looking like extras out of Braveheart.  Kazarian draws great heat for saying they're going to celebrate the real warriors of the UK, the Scots.

Daniels says he's just as upset as the fans are over Jeff Hardy still being champion.  He says he'll get another chance to win the title and when he does, he'll defend it against the English.  He says everyone knows how easy it is to beat the English, drawing more heat.  He gives the fans permission to worship them.

Magnus' music hits and he comes to the ring.  He says he has his own theories about why Daniels isn't champion.  One of those theories is that Jeff Hardy beat Daniels like he owed him money.  He says it might be because Daniels is a strange man that likes appletinis.  Or it might be because they're a couple of muppets that need to be slapped.  He says if they want to play William Wallace and fight some Brits he'd be happy to step up.

Daniels calls England an armpit, and that draws an attack.  Magnus goes after Kazarian, who is doing some strange dance thing, and they spill to the floor.

Live crowd ate it up...the appeal might have been lost on US viewers, though.

Magnus gets a mic and says everyone in the locker room thinks it's an honor to come out and perform for the fans.  Someone tried to rip that from him though, and since it's Open Fight Night, he's going to call that person out.  He calls out Devon.

Match #1 - Magnus vs. Devon

Magnus attacks right away and Taz complains about it.  They work on the floor, and Devon kicks the middle rope to crotch Magnus as he re-enters.

The finish comes after Magnus hits a sit-out slam.  DOC and Knox hit the ring for the DQ, but Magnus is up to clearing all of them from the ring.

Basic work from these guys to get the live crowd going.

They recap Joseph Park from last week's program.  Backstage, Bully Ray, Sting and Brooke are worried about Hulk's arrival.  Sting says he got a voicemail saying he'd be there, and Brooke says her dad always pulls through.

In the ring, Joseph Park compliments the fans.  He says he's studied a lot of tape and he's going to pick his opponent.  Robbie E interrupts, with T in tow.  He cuts a promo calling Park a hamster like the UK folks.  He backtracks on seeing Robbie T, but says T  has been in America for so long he's essentially an American.  He dares Park to fight him and Park agrees.

Match #2 - Joseph Park vs. Robbie E (w/Robbie T)

Park misses a splash after an arm drag takedown. Robbie takes charge but misses a clothesline.  Park hulks up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex then a second-rope splash to win.

Nice comedy spot.  Well done.

Hulk is shown arriving.  They swing to a promo from Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, who complain about always getting robbed.  Aries says they're getting on the same page and ushering in a new era.  They are going to collect all the belts. 

Aries says he will take the World Championship and Roode says they have an agreement on that.  They plan to start with the World Tag Team championship since that will be the easiest.

Roode goes to say something but gets cut off by Chavo.  Chavo asks if they're even a team.  Aries says they are and Chavo challenges them to a fight.  Aries agrees and says if they win they get a title shot.  Chavo agrees.

Match #3 - Austin Aries (w/Bobby Roode) vs. Chavo Guerrero (w/Hernandez)

Chavo quickly stomps Aries into the corner before commercial.  After,  Aries slides out for a breather.  Chavo hits Roode with a dive then takes one from Aries.  Aries takes control.

Late, Chavo does his "Eddie" offense to mount a comeback.  He hits the frog splash, but Roode distracts the official.  Hernandez hits the ring to chase Roode, but in the confusion Aries hits a corner drop kick then the Brainbuster for the win.

After the match, Roode and Aries argue.

Not liking the Roode/Aries pairing.  Maybe it'll grow on me.

Backstage, Brooke finds Bully and tells him Hulk is there.  They head for the ring.

Elsewhere, Kurt Angle tells Samoa Joe he wants to be sure it's just him and Anderson tonight.  Joe says he has Kurt's back.  Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff say they'll be there too.  Joe tells them no one needs their help.  Brisco wonders what that's about and Kurt tells him to not worry about it and warms up.

They recap the wedding angle and Bully's plea last week to be reinstated.

In Ring Segment:

Bully and Brooke come to the ring, and Taz says if anyone touches him, he'll sue.  Ray says he and Hulk are family now and they have a common enemy.  They need to bury their differences and reinstate Ray so he can get at Aces.   Ray says they pleaded with Hulk but he won't come out.  Sting can get him to, though.

Sting comes out and says he can't get Hogan to come out, but the people can.  Sting gets a Hogan chant going that dies off, but Hulk does come out.

Sting says he can't think of a better place for Hogan to make things right than right there.  Hogan talks about "always doing the right thing" and reinstates Bully.  He books a tag-team tables match between Sting and Bully and two members of Aces and Eights next week.

Finally, a wrestling-based payoff (i.e., in ring action) in this situation.  Real disappointed that this was in the "top of hour 2" slot...lame.

Velvet Sky is shown coming to the ring, and Dixie's announcement is hyped up as next.

Dixie's Announcement:

Impact will be taped on the road permanently.  The first event will be in Chicago, and she thanks the fans for support.

TNA is a totally different show when they're not in the studio known as the iMPACT Zone.  This is big, positive news.

Velvet Sky comes to the ring and she says she wants to call out the two reasons she wasn't Knockouts Champion.  She says it's in Tara's best interests to come out and bring her Hollywood girlfriend along.  Mildly funny.  Tara and Jesse oblige.  She says she doesn't want a handicap match and says she has a partner.  James Storm's music hits.

Match #3 - Tara and Jesse vs. Velvet Sky and James Storm

Storm beats down Jesse to start.  Tara causes a distraction to turn the tide, though.  Storm hits Jesse with Closing Time and the women tag in.

Velvet hits a head scissors but Jesse causes a distraction.  Storm hits him with Closing Time again and Velvet hits her butterfly facebuster to get the win

Wow.  James Storm has fallen to this point?

They recap the attack on Jeff Hardy from last Thursday's show and recap the Hogan segment from earlier.

In a "second screen" style experience, Hulk talks to the camera backstage and says he realized after the beating Bully took last week, he realized Brooke was right.  The tables match was their wedding present.

They recap the history between Angle and Anderson in a cage by video.  Anderson talks about how the gang has shown him more brotherhood in a couple weeks than he's gotten in the past few years.  He says Angle won't leave the same way he got there.

Elsewhere backstage, Samoa Joe is found down.  Angle, Brisco and Bischoff check on him. Angle tells Bischoff to stay with Joe, and Wes goes with him to the ring.

Match #5 - Kurt Angle (w/Wes Brisco) vs. Mr. Anderson

Angle gets attacked right away as Brisco locks the door.  Angle hulks up and hits a belly-to-back suplex.  He tries for the Angle Slam but Anderson counters to a fireman's carry roll.  Angle whips Anderson into the cage then hits the Angle Slam.

After commercial, Anderson hits a clothesline and tries to escape.  Angle stops him and they fight on the ropes.  Anderson pulls Angle down and crotches him on the ropes.  Anderson tries to escape again and Angle hits the Angle Slam from the ropes.  The live crowd ate that up.

Anderson hits the Mic Check to get two near falls.  Anderson goes for another escape, but Angle counters to a powerbomb.  Angle locks on the Ankle Lock on the kickout by Anderson.  Anderson taps, and sells like he passed out.

Afterward, someone from Aces climbs the cage.  Wes opens the door and gets in with Angle. Angle tells him to lock the door.  They unmask the guy to reveal Garett Bischoff.  Angle asks Brisco if he knew this, and Wes says no.  Angle attacks Garett, but Wes clips Angle from behind.  The pair beat Angle down to close the show.

Logic has never been a TNA strong suit.  They had the gang threaten to kick out the first two revealed members for losing their masks, but gave away the next three without a whole lot of issue.

You also have the issue of Angle beating an experienced Anderson, but taking a beatdown from the two youngsters who are still very green.  I guess for the casual fan, they'll see it as a two-on-one encounter and let it go.

The live crowed helped bolster this show, but it really died off by the end.

We'll be back live with our reporting next Thursday, barring awnings falling off of houses.  Thanks for reading tonight in this DVR-shortened version.