Bound for Glory has come and gone.  We have a new champion in Jeff Hardy, who defeated Austin Aries to become the World Heavyweight Champion.  James Storm put a beating on Bobby Roode.  And Devon was revealed as a part of, if not the leader of, Aces and Eights.

Where does TNA go next?  Find out as we bring you tonight's show recap!

Show Open:

They show some still shots from Bound for Glory, narrated by Bully Ray, Sting and Jeff Hardy.

Aces and Eights arrives.  Security shows up, but they back down quickly.  Their music hits and they head out to the ring.  Tenay and Taz explain that Aces can't be locked out any longer since they're the team that won on Sunday.  The president and vice president appear on the screen and toast Devon for the assist.

Devon walks in dressed in Aces garb.  Heat isn't much.  His patch reads "SGT. At Arms" (essentially third in command).  He hugs the guys in the ring as a "you sold out" chant gets going.  Devon credits the faction for helping him when he was down and out.  He calls the fans ingrate pieces of crap.

Devon vows that Aces will end TNA and refers to Bully Ray asking why.  He asks if Ray thought Devon forgot that Ray cheap shotted him and Ray put his son through a table.  He says that payback is a bitch.  The fans chant at him.

Sting's music hits and he comes out with an army - Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Chavo Guererro, Mr. Anderson, Garrett Bischoff, James Storm, and a couple others.  Sting says he wants to introduce Aces to the roster and they hit the ring.

A brawl breaks out between the two groups.  Hogan's music hits and he comes out with a ball bat in hand.  TNA stands tall as the Aces run to the aisle.

So, Devon is NOT the leader, just a helper.  Devon cut a good promo.

After commercial, Hogan calls for Aces to come back and they show up at ringside.  Some TNA guys headed toward the ring but there was no physicality.  Hogan says it's not going to work and now that Aces has access, they have to fight.  Sting grabs the mic and challenges Devon to fight tonight.

Hogan tells Devon he could get in the ring and face Sting in the main event, or get his ass out for good.  Devon agrees and taunts, saying "that son of a bitch better show up" or Aces will find him.

Tenay feeds it to a video package that shows highlights and still shots from Hardy/Aries from Bound for Glory.  Tenay says there's a celebration of Hardy's winning the title.

Backstage, Austin Aries calls it "no surprise" that there was a party planned for Hardy.  He says it's not a party without him, and he might even get some cookies for it.

They show a TNA Zombie video package.


Hogan tells Mr. Anderson he knows how bad Anderson wanted to be at Bound for Glory.  Hogan tells him that next Thursday is Championship Thursday and Jeff Hardy will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against one of four men.  Hogan says James Storm is one of the candidates based on his win at Bound for Glory.

Hogan announces a three-way to determine the second spot and Anderson will be in.  Joseph Park walks in and Hogan looks shocked over what Park went through.  Park says he needs to talk to Hogan privately, so Hogan boots the camera crew.

Match #1 - Samoa Joe (c) vs. Robbie E. (w/Robbie T); TNA Television Championship

During the match, Tenay tells us that there's going to be a three-way between Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels later.

Late in this one, Joe hits the Muscle Buster then the rear naked choke to get the win.  For good measure he locks it on Robbie T. too.


Jessie Godderz presses Tara over his head while a photographer takes pictures.  Jessie asks him who he thinks he is and puts himself over as being from Big Brother.  Tara says she talked to Vanessa and she thinks there's reconciliation with her and Kobe.

WEAK segment.

Match #2 - Tara (w/Jessie) vs. ODB; Non-title

ODB is trying to get Eric Young on the phone as she makes her entrance.  Taryn Terell is the official.  Tenay tells us Miss Tessmacher will get her rematch next week on Championship Thursday.

ODB takes a phone break at one point, and grabs Jessie and shoves his face in her chest.  Tenay tells us that Tara will be on an MTV program Saturday.  Tara kisses Jessie, but ODB spits the swig from her flask in Jessie's face.  ODB hits her finisher to get the win, which meets with Miss Tessmacher's approval as she comes out and claps.

Tara can always be counted on for a good match, but this story is more about the gimmick and other parts than her ability to work.


Styles tells Angle he enjoyed teaming up but he has to do it on his own now.  Angle points out the three-way later on tonight.  Styles calls it "the perfect time" and tells Angle he will see him out there.  Styles walks off and Angle says "yes, you will."

They show a highlight package of Chavo and Hernandez winning the tag championships.  They include comments from both the new champions and former champs.

Match #3 - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. Kid Kash and Gunner; Non-title match

Chavo does the work here.  Hernandez hits some of his power moves, then Chavo tags back in and hits the frog splash to get the win.

The iMPACT Zone likes Chavo and Hernandez, even more than the BFG crowd did.  If Kash and Gunner haven't been on such a losing streak, they'd be a good fit for Aces.

Jeff Hardy is shown walking with the title belt backstage.


Joseph Park tells Hogan and Sting that he wants a member of Aces because of what they did to him.  Ray enters and he wants a word with Hogan alone.  Hogan says Park is on the team so he gets to stay.  Ray thanks Sting for tagging together on Sunday.

Ray says he knows Devon like the back of his hand and wants to replace Sting in the main event.  Hogan says he thought he knew Devon.  Hogan tells Ray that he is now one of the guys being considered for a title shot next week.  Ray tells Hogan he needs to trust him more and walks off. Sting runs after him and Hogan tells Sting to fix things.

They recap Jeff Hardy beating Austin Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

In Ring Segment:

Jeff Hardy's new music hits and he comes out with blue and yellow makeup on, with a black shirt and pink tie.  Hardy celebrates with the belt and slaps hands with fans at ringside.  He hits the ring and holds the belt up for a nice pyro display and confetti.

Austin Aries comes out singing "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.  He has cookies in hand as well and Jeff knocks them away, saying he doesn't eat cookies.  Aries reminds Jeff of the rematch clause he has, but he's going to pick his spot.  He's going to wait for Hardy to crumble before he uses the rematch clause.

Aries asks to see the belt.  He says he's heard of being the face of the company, but Hardy's face is on the title.  Aries calls it the spitting image of Hardy then spits on the belt.  Jeff lands a shot then tries the Twist of Fate but Aries slips away.

The celebration felt flat to me, but I do like Aries' use of the rematch clause as a storyline "out" for not immediately challenging Hardy.


Daniels complains about having to face Styles and Angle.  He says he'll just show who he really is and win the match anyhow.  He says he'll have some "delicious beverages" afterward.  He sips from one and says it tastes good.

Tenay hypes up that Jeff Hardy will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship next week.

Match #4 - AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels; Three-Way to earn a championship match.

AJ makes his entrance first.  Tenay stresses the winner of this match is up for a championship shot next week.  They emphasize that it's every man for themselves as all three men do battle each other at various points.

Styles hits an Asai moonsault and lands on his feet.  Styles holds his leg and throws Daniels back in the ring.  Angle kicks Daniels into Styles who is on the apron.  Styles falls from the apron and Angle hits the Angle Slam to pick up the win.

Angle offers a handshake but Styles walks away, getting a few boos.

The match was fine, but the concept of the winner getting a right to be considered for a title shot just does nothing for me as a viewer to hook me in for next week.

They air a video package that highlights Matt Morgan getting involved in the Joey Ryan/Al Snow match at Bound for Glory.


Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan cross paths with Hulk Hogan, who admits he's a fan of Ryan.  He tells Ryan that if he can make the 87 percent 97 percent, they will have a great run.  Hogan asks Morgan what his deal was.  He accuses Morgan of wrecking the biggest pay per view of the year.

Morgan recalls that Hogan said he'd make Morgan a household name.  Hogan says that when Creative flip-flopped Morgan's character, Hogan was behind him.  He says he fought for Morgan when his promos were on-again off again and when they said Morgan had no charisma.

Morgan gets right up in Hogan's face and slams his hand against the wall.  He says "Terry" can take his charisma, dancing giant routine, and everything they said about him and stick it all straight up his ass.  Morgan and Ryan walk off and Hogan looks nervous at first, but laughs afterward.

I guess that means Hogan liked Morgan's intensity?  And I'm not sure that Morgan and Ryan will be a good long-term pairing from the character standpoint.

They recap the Storm/Roode streetfight from Bound for Glory.

In-Ring Segment

James Storm comes to the ring.  He says people who missed Bound for Glory missed two guys beating the crap out of each other.  He talks about the blood that was spilled and says he has five stitches to prove it.

Storm runs down a bucket list.  Kicking the crap out of Roode is 10, then 9 through 2 were drinking beer.  He says #1 is to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship again.  He says he'll be one of the guys Hogan considers next week.  He goes on to say something but Roode's music interrupts.

Roode comes to the ring very gingerly and slowly, selling the injuries from Sunday's street fight.  Roode says they kicked the holy crap out of each other and they had the most physical and bloody battle in the history of the business.

Storm asks for a chair and tells Roode that it's easier sitting down than kissing his ass.  Roode says it took a year for Storm to beat him.  He says he was the backbone of Beer Money.  Roode says Storm became a champion and it's only because Roode gave him the chance.  He says he knows Storm knows that Roode will always be the better man.  Storm thinks for a second then drops Roode with the Last Call.

I like these guys and it wasn't a bad segment, it was just too soon.  The lack of reaction from the fans reflected that.  After BFG, it should be a new start, not a feud that never ends.

We get a split screen shot of Sting and Devon backstage getting ready for the main event.

Tenay hypes up the title match next week, then they feed it to a video recap of Sting being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Match #5 - Sting vs. Devon

Sting struggles with a clothesline spot over the ropes.  He throws Devon over instead going into a commercial.

Late in this one, Sting gets the Scorpion Death Lock on.  Aces and Eights hits the ring for the save and causes a disqualification.  TNA roster guys run out to even up the numbers and brawl with Aces.  Bully Ray hits the ring with a baseball bat and Aces runs off.  That's how it ends.

I expected to see a big brawl to end this show and that's what we got.  The match was nothing special - just two veteran wrestlers going at it.  I expected more intensity but it just wasn't there.  And truthfully, this main event just didn't click with me.

 I expected more out of this show tonight, especially with Aces and Eights.  I thought we'd get a bigger development than we did.  Devon can't be the only unmasked guy in this faction now...we need a bigger reveal.  The announcers didn't even play up the mystery of who was in charge with Devon being considered the #3 as "Sergeant at Arms."  Also, I just expected more out of the company in general on the heels of Bound for Glory.  None of that really seemed to happen.  The show was just, well, ho-hum.

We'll see if they can right the ship next week as we bring you another edition of the TNA iMPACT Wrestling Reaction and Report here at