One more Thursday, one more step on the Road to Glory.  Austin Aries seems to be turning a little bit as he and Jeff Hardy work toward their match in Phoenix on Oct. 14.  Bobby Roode and James Storm are also building to a street fight to settle their issues.  King Mo will be their official - how will that affect things?

But Aces and Eights still lurk.  They got the better of Hogan and Sting last week in the clubhouse.  How will they respond this week, and who will fight for TNA in their challenge match at Bound for Glory?

Show Open:

They open up with the "Previously on iMPACT" video recap.

Backstage, Sting and Hogan are talking about Aces and Eights.  Hogan tells Sting that he needs to put a bullet in them.  Sting says he will watch every match so they can determine who will lead the TNA team at Bound for Glory.

Why did they not build this up more than just a quick mention at the start of the program?

Match #1 - Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner (w/Kid Kash)

They go right into the ring for the first match.  Gunner gets in an early attack.  Anderson is able to turn the tables and goes on a run of offense.

Kash distracts Anderson out on the floor.  Gunner uses the opening to attack Mr. Anderson and works him over, focusing on his midsection.

The finish comes when Anderson hits the Mic Check out of nowhere to get the win.  Kash attacks him afterward, but Anderson is up to the task.  He hits a second Mic Check on Kash.

Good opening match that they used to shake up the show format.


Tara is chatting on the phone with her boyfriend.  Gail Kim shows up and tells her she needs to get ready for their match tonight.  Tara keeps talking, trying to set up a double date for after Bound for Glory.  Gail warns Tara that if she wins the Knockouts Championship, Gail will be coming for her next.

Match #2 - Gail Kim and Tara vs. ODB and Miss Tessmacher

ODB dominates the early going, working over Gail Kim.  ODB and Tessmacher work quick tags and keep control of the match.

Kim and Tara use double-team offense to turn the match to them.  They control ODB and work her over.  ODB gets the hot tag eventually and Tessmacher takes out the heels.

This finishes with Tara throwing Kim into Tessmacher, then hitting Widow's Peak on Tessmacher to get the win.

They did a nice job here of putting heat on Tara by having her pin the champion, and also further a possible future Kim/Tara feud in the same match.

Backstage, Bruce Prichard has Al Snow sign some papers.

They show a video package that recaps the Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan situation.

In-Ring Segment:

Snow comes out and introduces Joey Ryan.  He's got music now.  Snow goes back a couple weeks and talks about slapping Joey across the face.  He gives a half-hearted apology but Ryan makes him say it again.

Ryan pours it on and calls Snow pathetic, claiming he manipulated the fans and Al.  Ryan says it's all about him tonight and talks about an agreement that he and Snow came to.  Snow hands Ryan a contract, and Ryan gloats.  Ryan forces Snow to turn around and uses Al's back to sign the papers.

Snow smiles.  He tells Joey that he just signed a one-night contract for the match at Bound for Glory against Snow.  Snow tells Ryan he will beat his ass in Phoenix.

Jury's still out on Ryan.  He has the right words in his promos, but it's all in the delivery.  His yelling thing tunes me out.


Kurt Angle tells Sting he can do double duty at Bound for Glory so he can fight in the match with Sting against Aces and Eights.  Sting says he'll think about it.  Bully Ray shows up to offer his hand in helping Sting.  Ray cites getting screwed out of the TNA World Championship match at Bound for Glory because of Aces.  Sting tells Ray to go make something happen tonight.

Match #3 - Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rob Van Dam; TNA Television Championship

Mat-based offense from both guys in the early going.  Joe latches on the STF and tries to get a submission but RVD gets to the ropes.  Joe opens up the offense to wear RVD down.

RVD comes back, hitting some kicks and hitting Rolling Thunder.  He gets a near fall, then runs through his normal offense.  RVD decides to point at himself with his thumb point play.  That opens the chance up for Joe to grab him and hit the Muscle Buster for the win.

Good match, but RVD has to be the dumbest babyface ever with that thumb point thing costing him a match.  Unless this has an eventual heel turn to it, it just makes him look stupid.


AJ Styles and Chavo Guererro and Hernandez are arguing about last week's match.  Daniels and Kazarian wander into the frame and stir the pot some more.

Bound for Glory Memories:

Dixie Carter gives her Bound for Glory memory, and it's one of Sting winning the TNA Championship.  She adds there are major memories at every Bound for Glory.

King Mo Lawal is show arriving backstage.


Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy are talking backstage.  Bully Ray shows up and challenges Hardy to a match in order to prove that Ray belongs with Sting at Bound for Glory.  Aries gets upset and wonders why Ray didn't issue the challenge to him.  Hardy steps in and offers that it should be a triple threat between the three of them.  Ray agrees, and Aries gets a bit mouthy about Hardy booking his match.

Match #4 - Chavo Guerrero (w/Hernandez) vs. Kurt Angle (w/AJ Styles)

Chavo locks in an early headlock and hangs on.  Angle fights out, but Chavo still controls the matchup.  Angle fights back, choking Chavo in the corner.  He focuses his offense on Chavo's lower back next.

Chavo fights back, then teases the Three Amigos.  Angle counters, hitting the three German Suplexes.  Angle tries the Ankle Lock, but Chavo rolls through it.

Chavo hits the Three Amigos then tries the frog splash, but Angle rolls out of the way.  He follows up with the Angle Slam, but Hernandez distracts Angle so that Chavo gets a roll-up pin.

Odd.  Both Angle and Chavo are working heel tactics when they're considered faces going up aganst Daniels and Kaz.  Head scratcher.

Match #5 - Zema Ion (c) vs. Douglas Williams; X-Division Championship

Williams roughs up Ion early and the fight spills to the floor.  Ion quickly fights back and uses his modified armbar to get the win.

Ion keeps Williams in the hold, so the official decides to reverse the decision.

Afterward, Ion cuts a promo saying he doesn't want to help Sting at Bound for Glory.

The X-Division title seems to have fallen off the map since Aries dropped it at Destination X.

Tenay and Taz hype up the triple threat main event, then feed it to a hype video for King Mo Lawal.

Bruce Prichard shows D-Lo Brown a poor quality video of Matt Morgan hitting the Carbon Footprint on an official at a house show.  Prichard chides D-Lo to never let that happen again.

In Ring Segment:

James Storm comes to the ring and cuts a promo.  He says there's ten days until Bound for Glory, the biggest night of his life and the one-year mark of his feud with Bobby Roode.  Storm starts to discuss King Mo and put him over, but Roode's music interrupts.

Roode says he doesn't care about King Mo, nor should Storm.  Roode tells Storm to focus on the fact that he's going to face a man he's never beaten and has been jealous of his entire career.  Roode says it all comes to a head at Bound for Glory.

Roode tells Storm it's not going to be a match, but a fight.  Roode says he intends to finish off Storm's career in a bloodbath of a fight.  He warns King Mo to stay out of his way, which cues the entrance of the crossover fighter.  Roode shoves Mo, but Mo knocks Roode on his ass.

Mo comes to the ring and gets in Storm's face.  Storm raises his hand and the two share beer.

Wrong feud to expose King Mo in.  This takes the focus off of Storm and Roode, in this writer's opinion.


Hogan shows Sting his pick.  Sting says he's watching Bully Ray and wants to see what he has.  Sting says he'll decide after the main event.

We get a video for the Aces and Eights faction.

In the Clubhouse:

Joseph Park is being tortured.  The Vice President turns to the camera and says that everyone in Aces and Eights is ready to die for the brotherhood before returning to the torture session.

Tenay and Taz give us some Bound for Glory hype.

Match #6 - Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

We join this one in progress after the entrances.  Hardy hits a suplex on Ray.  Ray returns the favor and throws Hardy into the ring post, but gets attacked by Aries.

Hardy hits his Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combination.  Aries throws Hardy out of the ring then locks Last Chancery on Ray.  Ray breaks the hold and the men argue.  Ray takes out both Hardy and Aries out.

Aries teases the Brainbuster, but Bully rakes the eyes an follows with the Bully Bomb on Hardy for the win.  Afterward, Hardy and Aries argue.

Strange commercial timing.  Didn't see much of this one at all.

Sting and Hogan head to the ring to make their "Team TNA" pick.

In Ring Segment:

Sting and Hogan get their entrances.  Hogan calls things between him and Aces and Eights personal.  Now Aces and Eights has to deal with Sting, and Sting needs a partner.  Hogan runs down a list of possible partners but says he and Sting agreed that it would be Mr. Anderson.  Hogan calls him out.

Anderson's music hits, but they cut backstage to show him being beaten down by Aces and Eights.  Bully Ray runs out and he tells Hogan that they should have picked him.  Ray pleads his case to Sting and says if Sting is going to be going to war, he needs a warrior.  Ray is a warrior and he wants this chance.

Ray manages to convince Sting, and he holds his hand out to Hogan.  Hogan agrees and shakes his hand.

I had to chuckle a little at the fans chanting "We want Devon." while Ray's cutting a really good promo here at the end.

It feels obvious to me that Ray is going to end up being an Aces plant and helps that team win at BFG to set up what might be another long-term faction feud.  I don't think that's good booking for TNA to set up another long term faction battle.

I am really underwhelmed with TNA's build to Bound for Glory.  Seems like it could be so much better and so much more, but it just feels like simply another pay per view event.

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