It's another Open Fight Night.  Bully Ray says he'll be calling out Devon tonight, and ODB claims she's going to call out Tara's "boo," Jesse.  Kurt Angle got attacked by Aces and Eights last week, so what will that fallout be?  And tonight's also Gut Check, and Christian York, a veteran, gets his chance to earn a TNA contract.

Show Open:

We get our "new" announce team - JB and Todd Kenely - to open the show.  They send it to the ring where Joseph Park is already waiting.

Park talks about how he was captured and tortured by Aces and Eights.  He says that tonight he will stand up for himself as a man.  He is not a wrestler, but he says he wants to fight Aces and Eights and throws out an open challenge to any member.

Four members of Aces make their way in through the side entrance and surround the ring.  Angle's music hits and he charges the ring, only to get swarmed by the Aces guys.  Sting comes out with a bat in hand to chase off the faction.  Sting guarantees that someone in the faction will lose their mask tonight.

The announcers turn their attention to the show, saying ODB will call out Jesse, Bully Ray will face Devon, and Gut Check will feature Christian York.

They swing backstage where Magnus briefly talks about looking ahead to unmask a phony.

They gave a good hook for the rest of the show with that opening.  Magnus even played his part well to give fans incentive to stick around.


Jesse complains about having an ear infection and dealing with ODB.  Tara is with him and she talks about them being a power couple.  Jesse talks about needing sterilization and Tara chimes in that they hadn't talked about kids.  She gives him some Purell.

Magnus calls out Joe for a shot at the TV Championship.  Magnus says that Joe doesn't represent the company well and the company needs a better face.  Joe doesn't waste time to answer and interrupts Magnus.

Match #1 - Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus; TNA Television Championship

They trade control in the early going.  Joe hits a uranage that puts Magnus out on the floor.  Magnus starts looking under the ring for something and pulls out a wrench.  Joe charges, but Magnus blasts him with the weapon, getting the match thrown out.


Hogan, Sting, and Joseph Park are talking when Kurt Angle charges in.  He's got Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco in tow.  Angle says he's out for blood and Hogan offers Devon at Turning Point.  The group decides to go fight Aces and Eights tonight, and get some of them unmasked.

They're starting to cram a lot into the segments but they're keeping that "unmasking" hook going, which they're doing well at.


Joe is icing his head and fuming about what Magnus did to him.  He says he wants Magnus again, but this time with no rules.  Joe promises to kill Magnus.

They air a video package featuring Jeff Hardy putting his paint on while we get his thoughts voiced over.

Hardy seems so lifeless in this situation and the segments feel heavily scripted.  It's not something that appeals to this viewer.

In-Ring Segment:

Kaz and Daniels come out.  Kaz decides to start running more of the Spanish stuff from last week that was generally annoying.  Daniels calls out the Spanish announce team - Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina.  JB and Todd are confused as things go to break.

Out of commercial, Kaz asks the Spanish announcers if they're Mexicans or Mexican'ts.  The announcers aren't interested in fighting, so Daniels and Kaz initiate a beatdown.  Chavo and Hernandez run out for the save, and Chavo is furious.  Todd Keneley points out that the two teams will meet at Turning Point.

Eh, I'm not a fan of cheap racial heat.

They show a video package to get us acquainted with Christian York, featuring his brief history with TNA.  York is shown getting ready for Gut Check.

ODB is talking on the phone with Eric Young.  She tells him she's going to fight Jesse, and he needed to bring fried chicken.

Match #2 - Christian York vs. Zema Ion; Gut Check

York gets in a lot of offense in the early going, outpacing Ion.  Ion rolls out and York gives chase.  York gets caught in a hotshot move.  York battles back and hits a great neckbreaker.  Nice finish tease.

York goes through the ropes and Ion kicks the rope to crotch him.  Ion follows up with the armbar for a submission win.

They botched some things, but it seems like it was more of the two guys' timing being off more so than York not being able to work.  They could have had a good moment there by letting York go over.  He has a unique story to tell.


Aries is walking with the TNA title belt.  He says he still considers himself the champion and excuses himself to take care of some business.  He joins Robbie E and Robbie T in a side room.


Garett Bischoff talks to Bully Ray and tells him he has Ray's back.  Bully gets called over to a small brawl between some TNA guys and Aces and Eights guys.  Aces and Eights disappear before their masks could get taken.

ODB calls out Jesse after she mocks him a bit.  He wastes no time as the power couple comes out together.

Match #3 - ODB vs. Jesse (w/Tara)

ODB gets some early offense going but Jesse tosses ODB away.  ODB retaliates and Jesse tries to run from her.

ODB catches up with him and bounces his head in her crotch.  Jesse slams ODB a couple times and wanders over to get a kiss from Tara.  ODB runs through another flurry of offense and jaws at Tara.  Jesse is able to get a cheap roll-up to get the win.

What, of that match, made anyone really care about Jesse?  Pure comedy spot.

Mike Tenay replaces Todd Keneley on commentary and tells us Taz is home with family since his home was endangered by Hurricane Sandy.

Robbie E and Robbie T come out.  Robbie E says his most memorable moment in the Bound for Glory Series was when he beat Jeff Hardy.  He calls out Hardy to repeat his former glory.  Hardy comes out, putting on some paint as he comes to the ring.

Match #4 - Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Robbie E. (w/Robbie T)

They brawl out to the floor.  The official's back is turned, so Robbie T interjects himself and throws Hardy into the safety barrier.  The match goes to commercial.

Robbie E is still in control when they come back.  Hardy battles back and quickly hits the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb to pick up the win.

Austin Aries comes out and mocks Hardy for dropping his title belt.  Aries says he's the Greatest Wrestler in the Universe and guarantees he will win at Turning Point.  The fans tell Aries he's overrated though.  Hardy tells Aries they need to do this rematch right and he grabs a ladder.  Hardy tells Aries their rematch will be a ladder match.

By far the longest match of the night, but mostly in commercial.  We'll get a good match from Aries and Hardy I think, but this newest evolution of Aries just feels like CM Punk Light.

They show a video package of Matt Morgan going to Hulk Hogan's shop and taking one of his ring robes.


James Storm talks to Hogan.  He says he wants a shot at the TNA title.  Hogan says he has an idea.

In-Ring Segment:

Bobby Roode comes out and says he's not there to fight but to state a fact.  He says he was getting screwed over because he wasn't given the chance to fight Hardy last week for a title shot.  AJ Styles makes his way out and mocks Roode for whining and complaining.

Styles goes on and talks about the storyline he was involved in recently (Claire Lynch).  He brings up elevator pictures (a veiled shot at the AJ/John Cena story in WWE).  Styles challenges Roode but he says no.  Styles turns and Roode attacks him and a brawl ensues.  Styles dumps Roode out to the floor.

Hogan comes out, along with James Storm.  Hogan says both guys deserve a shot at the title, but they have to earn it.  Hogan sets up a match at Turning Point between Roode, AJ, and Storm.  The three men will compete for a shot and the guy who gets pinned won't be able to get a title shot until Bound for Glory next year.

That's a different stipulation.  Let's see what they do with that one.  And the veiled shot at WWE was completely unnecessary and makes TNA look bush league.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are shown walking in the backstage area.  Morgan has the robe he picked up earlier.

Morgan and Ryan come to the ring.  Morgan says he's had enough of being ignored.  He points out how he was attacking people at house shows to get attention.  Morgan claims he will eat through the roster and shit it out to get a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Joey Ryan chimes in and calls out RVD. He says he will prove how the X-Division Championship can be X-Rated.

Match #5 - Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Joey Ryan (w/Matt Morgan); Non-Title match

RVD takes the early advantage and sets up the Five Star Frog Splash, but Matt Morgan pulls Ryan out of the way.  Ryan uses a quick roll-up to pin RVD.

Afterward, RVD attacks Ryan but Morgan hits RVD with the Carbon Footprint to stop that.

Quick, but effective in putting heat on Morgan for attacking RVD and gives Ryan some heat because he can now brag about a non-title win over the champion.

They show Devon getting ready for his match.

Match #6 - Bully Ray vs. Devon

Ray comes out and gives a shout out to the people in the Northeast, telling them to stay hardcore.  He dedicates the match to them then calls out Devon.

Devon runs at first, and Ray gets a table.  At that point, Devon calls in reinforcements and members of Aces and Eights come out.  Ray grabs his chain and that holds them off.  The TNA locker room empties and we get a brawl going.

Devon and Ray end up fighting, but the big guy from Aces and Eights saves Devon.  Joseph Park runs out and gets involved.  He takes a bit of a beating but grabs the mask off of the big guy.  It's Luke Gallows.  Gallows choke slams Park through the table.  The announcers didn't mention it was Gallows though.  That's how it ends.

If you follow legit news sites (PWTorch,, etc.), this reveal didn't shock you.  But that said, the execution was well done.  Aces and Eights lost a lot when they revealed Devon at Bound for Glory though.  Hopefully we get more reveals to make this seem more interesting.  The story dragged out so long without faces, which hasn't helped either.

A solid effort, but man, they really changed product direction at Bound for Glory and it hasn't all been good.  TNA made a lot of progress over the past year or so and it feels like they're undoing some of that.

Join us again next week for more live TNA coverage right here on  Thanks for watching along tonight.