Tonight, we get all the fallout from Turning Point.  James Storm is your new #1 Contender after winning a triple threat affair.  AJ Styles is left out of the equation until Bound for Glory 2013.  Will he turn on Storm?  And how will Aces and Eights involve themselves in tonight's show after their Sergeant At Arms, Devon, tapped to Kurt Angle on Sunday?

Show Open:

They recap James Storm's win, the match between DOC and Joseph Park and Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries.  Three-man booth tonight as Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz check in.  James Storm comes to the ring.

He says he didn't win an award but he thanks Hulk Hogan and all the people who didn't think he had a chance for supporting him.  He stakes his claim to being the new #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Bobby Roode's music hit and he comes to the ring.  He has two beers in his hand and gives one to Storm.  He says he wants to toast the fans who will be disappointed when Storm fails and Storm's family when Storm takes his ball and goes home again.  He toasts and takes a swig.

Storm hits Roode and teases Last Call but Roode rolls out.  Storm dares Roode to get back in but Roode says there's nothing in it for him...unless Storm wants to put up his #1 Contender's shot.  Storm tells Roode to go screw himself. 

Roode insults Storm and says that "speaking of screwing, Storm should have his daughter call Roode when she turns 18."  Storm explodes, but takes Roode's challenge for later.

Storm looks pretty stupid here.  And Roode's insult was just dumb.


Hogan is talking about AJ Styles.  He says he feels bad, but Styles is treading water and that's just how it is.

They recap the Aces and Eights attack on Sting.  DOC is shown defending himself, saying that his attack on Sting and Joseph Park are reasons he should be allowed to stay.  VP says the vote is pending but for now he has to give his vest over.  Devon throws a dart at the dartboard to determine the next victim.  Devon says 'that prick deserves it' and they celebrate.

Match #1 - Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kid Kash; TNA X-Division Championship

Kash attacks RVD as soon as he hits the ring.  Kash throws RVD out with a head scissors and RVD crashes hard.  Once the action moves back in, Kash hits a second-rope clothesline then misses a moonsault.

RVD takes over, hits a jump kick, the monkey flip and the Five Star Splash for the win.

Blah match.  Kind of standard work from both guys.


Eric Young and ODB make plans for EY to get the win tonight facing Jesse (Tara's "boo") and ODB will win the battle royale for the right to battle for the Knockouts Championship.  EY whispers something about a celebration, which causes them to make out.

Elsewhere, Kurt Angle is trying to find a partner to face Aces and Eights tonight.  He picks Garrett Bichoff over Wes Briscoe, but tells Wes he has big plans for him.  Garrett heads off to get ready for the match.  Angle talks with Wes.

Match #2 - Jesse (w/Tara) vs. Eric Young (w/ODB)

EY decides to lock up with the official, which allows Jesse to attack.  Jesse hits power moves and poses for Tara.  He follows with a dropkick (which looked good actually) then locks in an abdominal stretch.

EY hip tosses himself out of the situation and drops his pants.  He goes up for an elbow drop but Jesse shoves him off to the floor.  Tara rolls EY in and Jesse hits what looks like a Stunner to get the win.

I'm questioning the logic behind this match.  Feels like filler.

The Knockouts are shown getting ready backstage for the battle royale.

They recap the Park vs. DOC match at Turning Point.  Backstage, Park asks for one more shot at Aces and Eights.  Hogan says no, so they argue.  Hogan tells Park he won't put him back in the ring since Park isn't a trained wrestler.  Park says it's a great idea and he's going to enroll in a wrestling camp.  He leaves and Hogan mumbles he won't be back.

Match #3 - Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (c); TNA Television Championship

Magnus comes out, but Devon comes from behind and hits him with a baseball bat.  Aces hits and  they attack Magnus.  They hold him down so DOC can use a hammer on his knees.  Devon goes to hit Magnus in the head but Bully Ray runs out for the save.  Agents come out because Magnus is hurt.  Match is a no-contest.

Something the announce team did well here is pointing out the question "why did Aces attack Magnus?"  Heels don't normally go after heels.

Magnus is shown being stretchered out and they recap what happened for us.  They swing to a video recap of the match between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy at Turning Point.


Aries is shown limping around and the HerveyCam asks how he feels. Aries shows the welts on his back and asks how that looks.  He asks if he's done with Hardy and Aries says he isn't but he's going for a massage right now.  He goes to the trailer, but there's Hardy getting a massage.

Aries congratulates Hardy and says he reached another level because that's what Aries does to people - bring the best out in them.  He says Jeff earned the massage so he won't interrupt that tonight, but they're not done. 

Aries walks away and they do the "inner thoughts" thing with Hardy.  The thoughts say that they were done because Aries walked in not the champion and left not the champion.

Good piece between these two until they do the "deep thoughts" voiceover monologue.  It doesn't feel realistic, it just feels dumb.

Match #4 - Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff vs. Aces and Eights Members

Angle and Garrett come out and Kurt calls out the Aces. It's Devon and "Prospect" that come out.

Angle attacks on the bell and he and Garrett work over Prospect.  He reverses a whip and Devon hits Angle from behind in order to get control.  Angle battles back and hits German suplexes on both heels.

Prospect holds Angle and DOC comes out with a hammer.  Wes Briscoe hits the ring with a bat for the save and chases DOC away.  Angle hits a low blow on Prospect and rolls him up for the win.


Jesse and Tara are talking about Hollywood couples as they come up on Brooke Hogan's office.  They debate who should knock, then can't decide so they walk in.  Brooke and Bully are sitting together and they both look shocked.  Bully takes off and Brooke adjusts her top.  She asks Tara what she wants.

Tara says Brooke is supposed to consult her on making decisions in the division.  Brooke tells Tara she was supposed to knock before entering and tells Tara to get lost.  Tara suggested Brooke learn to lock a door and leaves.  Brooke looks a bit guilty.

So far, that's the only thing that has caught my attention tonight.  Feels like they're taking the week off or something.

Match #5 - Mickie James vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Madison Rayne; Battle Royale for the #1 Contender position to the Knockouts Championship

Tessmacher gets thrown out first at the hands of Gail and Madison.  Mickie and ODB team up on Gail and Madison.  Mickie throws Madison out and she lands on the apron. ODB spits alcohol in her face to complete the spot.

Gail is able to eliminate ODB then she and Mickie battle.  Mickie hits a back kick and sends Gail out to get the win.

The match was fine but 5 people do not a battle royale make.  Not really exciting.


The HerveyCam asks James Storm if he understands the stakes tonight.  Storm says he does and it's his chance to shut Roode up once and for all.  Storm goes to say something but AJ Styles enters the frame.  Storm asks if he can help Styles, but he walks off after saying nothing.  Storm says he's done and leaves.

Out of break, VP tells DOC to not let the door hit him on the ass on the way out.  DOC looks pissed and goes to leave but when he opens the door, one of the other guys is there with his vest.  They all start to party.

They recap the triple threat #1 Contender's match from Turning Point in video.

In-Ring Segment:

AJ Styles comes to the ring. He brings everyone up to speed on what happened and says he lost and can't challenge for the TNA title til Bound for Glory.  He recaps his year of being accused of banging Dixie and fathering a child with a crack whore.  He says the worst part is that people doubted him and believed the stories.

He says he almost won the Bound for Glory series and if he did he would be the Champion.  He says that's not the case and the year isn't over yet.  It's time for the holidays and time to be thankful.  He says he's not thankful for anything.  Here comes Daniels and Kaz and they say that Styles is nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time.

Daniels says Styles was accurate in everything he said.  He calls Styles a broken little man and it wasn't a good year.  He calls Styles a failure.  Styles says if you check the book you will see Styles beat Daniels many more times than Daniels has won.  He says he hates to say it but maybe they need to do it one more time.

Kazarian jumps in and says Daniels has nothing to prove or gain and calls Styles stale.  That drives Styles crazy.  Kaz goes to say something but Daniels cuts him off and says this might be the best time to do it one more time to find out who the better man is.  Styles agrees and gets face to face with Daniels.

Decent promo from Styles.  We've seen the match a lot, but it should still be fun.  Looks like Styles is going heel.

They show Storm and Roode walking backstage as the main event is up.

Aries cuts a promo, saying we need to watch what happens on Open Fight Night next week.  They hype up Open Fight Night and the return of the previous Gut Check winners.

Kurt Angle walks up to Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow and D-Lo Brown to pitch Wes Briscoe for a Gut Check opportunity.  Pritchard says there's a process.  Taz and D-Lo both say they like the idea.  Angle runs off excited but Pritrchard says there's a process.  Al Snow didn't like it much.

Match #6 - Bobby Roode vs. James Storm; #1 Contender's Match

JB handles the introductions.  As soon as Borash introduces Storm, he punches Roode in the mouth and we're off and running.

Roode hits a back elbow and Storm goes to the floor.  Roode rips a turnbuckle cover off and goes after Storm.  Storm pushes Roode away.  They each trade false uses of the exposed corner before Roode is able to hit a flying armbar.  He beats Storm's arm off of the ring post.

Out of commercial, Roode keeps working the arm.  Storm battles back and hits an enzuigiri kick in the corner.  He goes up the ropes but Roode takes his feet out from under him.  Roode tries a superplex, but Storm counters to a powerbomb with a bridge for a near fall.

Storm tries to get Eye of the Storm, but he can't hold it because of his arm.  Roode hits a spinebuster, then locks on a crossface.  Storm is able to get to the ropes to break it.

Storm hits a Backstabber/Closing Time combination, then teases the Last Call.  Roode grabs the referee and pulls him in the path, which makes Storm stop.  Storm shoves the official out of the way, but Roode grabs him and slams Storm's face into the exposed corner.  Roode rolls Storm up for the win.

Roode celebrates on the ramp while Storm sells disappointment in the ring.

That seems like a really crummy finish to me.  Storm looks like an idiot for giving Roode this match, and this finish just bothers me.  It seemed like a mess.  I just don't get the concept of having Storm win at the pay-per-view then turn around and drop it to Roode in the first show after the event.

Some really bad creative going on at the moment in TNA.  They were doing so well, but now it feels like they're falling back into some old habits, even if they do have a different twist to them.  I will give them a pass now for next week's show with the holiday, but they need to come back strong after that.

Join us again next Thursday for the Thanksgiving night show.  We may do a little different or abbreviated format given the holiday, but we'll have coverage of some sort.  Thanks for watching with me tonight.