We're getting ready for Turning Point.  Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries are getting set for their rematch, bringing ladders into play.  Kurt Angle will face Devon.  The tag champs, Chavo and Hernandez, will face off in a rematch against Daniels and Kaz.  AJ Styles, James Storm, and Bobby Roode will determine who is the champ's next #1 Contender.  But that's on Sunday.  Tonight, we set up the final build into the pay-per-view on Sunday.

Show Open:

We first get to see Luke Gallows being admonished by Aces and Eights members for losing his mask last week.  They tell him he has a week to prove himself.

Todd Kenely and JB check in on commentary for the start of the show.  James Storm gets an entrance and he joins them at the announce position.

Match #1 - AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

AJ and Bobby battle back and forth, trading control of the match as they go into the show's first break.

Out of commercial, Roode works on wearing down AJ.  Styles battles back and gets a near fall off a huracanrana.  Roode hits a Fisherman's Suplex in return for his own near fall.  Roode goes for a chair, which draws Storm from the announce position.

Styles jaws at Storm a little bit before trying to hit a springboard move.  Roode sweeps at the legs and covers Styles for the win.

A really good opening match and nice shakeup to the format.


Hogan confronts Austin Aries.  Hogan tells him that if Aries doesn't turn over the official TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt by the end of the night, he forfeits his rematch.

Kurt Angle is with Wes Brisco.  He gives Wes a pep talk when Sting walks in.  Sting says he wants Angle to team with him tonight to face Aces and Eights.

In-Ring Segment:

Joseph Park stands in the ring and talks about what happened last week.  Park says he still wants a match against anyone from Aces and Eights.  He asks Hogan to come out and grant him a match.  Hogan makes his way out and starts to tell Park that he won't give him the match.  Bully Ray interrupts the party.

Ray cuts a promo and urges Hogan to give Park that shot he wants.  Hogan reluctantly agrees to give Park the match.  JB tells us that the match will take place on Sunday.


Tara flirts with her "boo," Jesse about beating ODB last week.  ODB walks into the frame and challenges the "power couple" to a handicap match.

A tale of two promos.  Bully Ray continues to shine in whatever role he's in, while Tara has become insufferable with this "boo" storyline.


AJ complains about James Storm being on commentary and sticking his nose in the match.  Storm walks in and promises to kick Styles' face in this Sunday.

Match #2 - Tara and Jesse vs. ODB

Not much to this one.  ODB controls it from start to finish and rolls up Tara for a quick win.

Afterward, Jesse hits ODB with her own flask and Tara hits the Widow's Peak.  Jesse pours the flask out on ODB and makes out with Tara.

Not a fan of this story at all.  And the man vs. woman gimmick TNA likes to use just doesn't produce a good match.

ODB calls EY and tells him to be sure to be at the pay per view so they could face Tara and Jesse.

Backstage, Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard talk about Christian York and his performance last week.

Match #3 - Kurt Angle and Sting vs. Devon and "Director of Chaos" (Aces and Eights)

Angle and Sting enter, then we get Devon and Luke Gallows, who is now known as "Director of Chaos." Man, that's a terrible name.

They start off as a brawl.  The heels get control, though, and work quick tags as Sting gets worn down.

Angle gets the hot tag and is on fire, beating down both DOC and Devon.  Sting locks on a Scorpion Deathlock but Devon hits both guys with a bat, getting the match thrown out.

Bully Ray runs down for the save, flooring Devon with a clothesline.  Ray goes for a table and sets it up in the ring, but Devon takes off.  The rest of Aces and Eights charges out and attacks Sting and Angle.  DOC hits a chokeslam on Sting through the table.

DOC gets a hammer and smashes Sting's hands with it.  Finally TNA guys run out but it's too late as Aces has walked off already.

The post match stuff was pretty effective, but man do I hate Gallows' name.

Tenay recaps what just happened to Sting.

Gut Check:

Christian York comes to the ring for the Gut Check judging segment.  York is given an opportunity to speak, and he does the typical yelling wrestler bit.  That doesn't fly well.

Taz and Bruce Pritchard both agree and say yes.  York celebrates and cuts a short promo about dreams can come true.

York is a good talent and he should have been able to win his match.  He needs to develop on the mic, though.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are shown separating quickly backstage.  Aries is on the phone and he's looking for a loophole.

Tenay and Taz run down the Turning Point card for Sunday night.

Join us here on Ring-Rap.com for live reaction and coverage of Turning Point on Sunday night.

Hogan is shown on the phone.  He says he needs Sting back as soon as possible.  Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan show up.  Hogan tells Morgan he cannot be in Joey Ryan's corner Sunday night at Turning Point.  Morgan threatens Hogan in return and they exit.

Match #4 - Magnus, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe, Chavo Guererro and Hernandez

The face team storms the ring and takes control for the first few minutes of this one.  The heel team battles back and asserts themselves, isolating Chavo and working offense on him.

Joe gets a hot tag and just beats on everyone.  Chavo teases a frog splash but Magnus cuts him off.  Joe gets taken out by a double-team maneuver by Kaz and Daniels, then Magnus hits an elbow drop off the top rope to get the win.

That was a good match.  Put some heat on the challengers going into Sunday's pay-per-view and everyone involved got their spots.

They show Austin Aries walking backstage.

Bobby Roode brags about winning earlier over AJ Styles.  He claims he got his two opponents for Sunday to worry more about each other than him.

Taz and Tenay recap what happened to Sting earlier.

In-Ring Segment:

Austin Aries comes to the ring and calls out Jeff Hardy.  He says that a lot of people call themselves the best in the world, but Aries is the best in the universe.  Aries says that Hardy knows he can't win a wrestling match, so that's why Hardy wants the ladder match.  Aries promises to melt down the Hardy version of the title after Sunday night and turn it into a belt buckle.

Aries says he's not going to simply hand over the original TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt.  He tells Jeff to come out and take it from him.  Hardy's music hits and he charges the ring.  A brief scuffle breaks out, but Hardy gets the better of it and hits the Twist of Fate.  Aries runs, leaving the belt behind.

Jeff calls for a hook to be lowered from the rafters.  He gets a ladder and climbs up, hanging both belts from it.  Hardy poses on the ladder, but Aries gets back in the ring.  He sweeps the ladder out from under Jeff, who crashes and burns.  Aries puts the ladder over Hardy then climbs up and gets both belts.

Why Hardy went out for the "original" belt was a bit confusing in this segment. If you remember, when he debuted his new "Hardy Title" after Bound for Glory he just kind of cast the "original" belt aside without thought.

That aside, it was an effective segment to put heat on Aries heading into Sunday night. It still looks cheap that he's pulling a "CM Punk Lite" gimmick, especially going with a full-on Punk reference ("some who call themselves "best in the world"...") but that is what it is and really was minor to the effect of the segment.

All in all, a much better paced go-home show than normal from TNA.  They usually run at a really wide-open pace and cram a lot of stuff at you, but they didn't do that tonight.  It left things sink in a little bit better and I think that helped to sell some of what is coming up at Turning Point this weekend.

Be sure to join us Sunday night for live results and reaction to Turning Point, and tune in again next Thursday with us for all the fallout.  Thanks for following along tonight.