It's the week before Championship Thursday, and we're on the heels of Final Resolution.  Tonight we get all the fallout, including an answer to who paid off Aces to beat up Bobby Roode.

Show Open:

Bobby Roode comes out.  He complains about the screwing over he got from Aces and Eights.  He demands answers and Aces comes out to answer him.  Devon tells Roode someone outbid him and he may find out tonight.

Jeff Hardy comes out and demands the music be cut.  He says he's here to fight and he goes right after Aces, along with James Storm.  The two end up running off Aces and Eights.

Velvet Sky is backstage and she tells us how happy she is to be back in TNA.  She says she's after the Knockouts Championship and the pigeons are ready for action.

Kept it simple and helped make it effective.  Didn't drag it out, either.

They air footage of Mickie James crying after her loss on Sunday at Final Resolution.  She insists she is the best female wrestler in the world and she's better than that.

Match #1 - Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Sky gets on offense early on.  Madison comes back by going after Sky's neck.  In the end, Velvet puts her away with the butterfly facebuster.

Velvet hasn't gotten better in the ring at all.  That's disappointing.

Kurt Angle does some product placement backstage.


Christopher Daniels and Kazarian talk about the hit by Aces on Roode and deny their involvement in outbidding Roode.  They turn their attention to AJ Styles and gloat over winning Sunday.

They air a recap of the TNA team winning the eight-man tag match over Aces and Eights on Sunday.

Match #2 - Garett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe (w/Kurt Angle) vs. Robbie E and Robbie T.

The Robbies work over the two young guys early on.  They have control from the start, but this finishes off with Wes hitting a flying cross body for the quick win.

Afterward, someone from Aces and Eights runs out and hits Angle in the leg.  Angle sells on the floor as the member retreats.

An all-right match, but too short to truly evaluate.


Kurt Angle is in the trainer's room, getting attention for the attack on his leg by Aces.

They cut to video footage of Joseph Park heading to OVW to learn how to wrestle.

Tara and Jesse visit Brooke Hogan's office.  Tara wants to pick her own opponent for Championship Thursday.  Brooke says no and sends them on their way.

We get another hype package for the 1/3/13 debut of...someone.

Kenny King cuts a promo.  He says he will learn from his loss at Final Resolution to RVD and he will have better luck the next time.

Match #3 - Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Two Members of Aces and Eights

DOC and a large masked man are the two Aces members.  Storm and Hardy take control quickly, assaulting the pair and leaving them laying at ringside.

Out of commercial, Aces takes over the match and works on Hardy.  Hardy gets the hot tag, though, and he takes out the heel team.

The finish comes when Aces members come to the aid of the team in the ring.  They attack Storm and Hardy but Hardy avoids them.  He hits the masked man in the ring with the Twist of Fate to get the win.

Afterward, Devon tells us that Austin Aries outbid Bobby Roode for the services of Aces.

Aces has to win a match to get me to take them seriously.  The booking just hasn't worked out all that well. The match was solid, though.

Hogan is on the phone backstage.  He tells Aries he needs to come clean by the end of the night.  Roode is shown fuming over Aries outbidding him.

They air a video package highlighting Daniels' win over AJ Styles at Final Resolution.

In-Ring Segment:

AJ Styles comes to the ring to cut a promo.  He says he demanded this moment as the fans chant "you've still got it."  Styles looks disgusted but says he's not going anywhere.  He admits, though he doesn't know where he's going.  He says he's forgotten about himself as he's tried to be a company guy.

Styles says he's sick of being the corporate janitor that comes along and cleans up the TNA mess and does the right thing.  Styles says that from now on, he will do his own thing.  As he leaves, the fans cheer.

Styles tried really hard to heel it up and turn the crowd, but he got zero reaction in that regard.  Poorly executed heel turn, if that's what he was trying to do.


Dixie Carter stops AJ and asks him who he is.  He throws his shirt at her and leaves.  Daniels and Kazarian are watching all of this on a monitor.  Daniels goes for a celebration, but Kazarian kills off the buzz and says he has a surprise for Daniels later.

Match #4 - Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam; Non-Title match

They work chain wrestling in the beginning.  King takes control, and tries to get some pin attempts.

King gets hit with a suplex and begins to make a comeback.  King ends up rolling up RVD off a flying cross body.  King uses the ropes for leverage to hold RVD down.

Nice job by King to establish himself as a heel who will do what he has to, including cheat, to win.


Hogan is talking to Bully Ray.  He fumes at him about not coming to Hulk first before getting involved in a relationship with Brooke.  Ray asks Hogan what he thought about how it could be Brooke pursuing Ray.  Ray says the two of them were on a couch because she was apologizing for her father being an ass.  Hogan's not buying any of this.

Good exchange by Hogan and Ray - probably best they've had so far.

Match #5 - Bully Ray vs. Jesse (w/Tara)

Ray works aggressive strikes early on.  Jesse gets a couple shots but Ray no-sells it and keeps mauling "boo."  Tara tries to talk Ray down, but she gets spanked.

Jesse loses his mind and goes after Ray recklessly.  He gets this look on his face that is supposed to be intense, but it ended up being a bit laughable.  Jesse is able to open the cut on Ray's head again.

Ray recovers, though, and he puts Jesse away with a cutter.

Simple but a good story told in that one.  Jesse actually looked good but the facial expressions were comedic.

Aries shows up backstage, and he says he's going to clear things up after the commercial break.

They show a video package that covers Aces and Eights attacking Hardy and Roode at the end of their match at Final Resolution.

In-Ring Segment

Aries comes to the ring.  He says he wants to get his TNA World Heavyweight Championship back.  Aries says it doesn't matter that he was outed; he just wanted to get the job done.  Aries complains about Hogan having put him up against Aces and Eights several months ago.

Aries promises to keep pushing buttons until he gets his title back.  Jeff Hardy comes out and says that all Aries has to do is ask for a title match.  Hardy points out that next week is Championship Thursday.  Hardy proposes they have the rubber match then, but Aries declines.

Hardy attacks Aries and a brawl ensues.  Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Aries, and the two men end up staring each other down from across the arena.

Nice closing segment.  Looks like they're going to at least shelf Roode for the moment.  I get the feeling, though, he will be involved somehow next week and we end up with a triple-threat affair.

It was an "okay" show but the matches weren't spectacular.  We got a bit of a frantic shifting between stories again, which isn't really helping them either.  The stories aren't really grabbing me right now - so it's tough for me to be excited about the product as a whole right now.

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