Hey folks, sorry this isn't a live report tonight but sometimes life hands you lemons.  So this will be a truly "Cliffs Notes" recap of tonight's show.

We're a couple days removed from Final Resolution, and tonight was the go-home show.  Jeff Hardy is gearing up for a title defense.  Aces and Eights is still running amok.  How will all this come together?  Let's run down the show.

Show Open:

We get our recap video, then the announcers check in.  Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out to the ring.

Kaz puts the three men over as the best of the old faction Fortune.  Roode says he will beat Jeff Hardy because he has invested himself and the title.  He says it pays to be Roode.  Daniels wants to talk to AJ and calls him out.

Styles comes out and says he knows what Daniels is going to say.  He calls Daniels jealous because he can't match up.  Daniels on his best day and Styles at his worst, Daniels still can't win.  Daniels says Styles is figuring out what everyone already knows and it's that he's a loser.  Styles says Daniels talks too much and attacks.  The three gang up on Styles until Styles' tag partners run out for the save.

They recap Austin Aries' exchange with Brooke Hogan and his comments.  Backstage, Aries says his comments were about getting revenge on Hogan.  He says he will win back the X-Division Championship and then get his world title back, but Bully Ray is in the way.  He says it's personal and he wants Ray at the PPV.  Hogan needs to make the match, or Aries will keep pushing buttons til he gets his way.

Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad either.

Samoa Joe is heading to the ring for his match.

Match #1 - Samoa Joe (c) vs. Devon; TNA Television Championship

In the end, Joe locks on the rear naked choke, but a blonde woman jumps up on the apron.  That allows DOC to hit Joe with a hammer, allowing Devon to pick up the win and the TV Championship.  They celebrate with strippers afterward.

Pretty obvious situation there.  I hate it.


Brooke is talking to someone and says she's happy the contracts are done and she will "see (her) soon."

In Ring Segment:

Mickie James comes to the ring and thanks the fans for their support.  She tells them she will keep her promise to win the Knockouts Championship.  Tara and Jesse come out and interrupt and Tara tells her there will be no way but she is cut off by Velvet Sky's music.

Velvet comes to the ring and thanks Brooke for bringing her back.  She wishes both women luck on Sunday but says 2013 will be her year as Knockouts Champion.

Fine with Velvet's return, but they got ahead of themselves by overlooking the match on Sunday.

Match #2 - Robbie E and Robbie T. vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez:

In the end, the match breaks down.  Robbie T eats a clothesline to the floor, and that allows Chavo to hit the frog splash to win.

Afterward, Joey Ryan comes out and talks garbage.  Matt Morgan slides in the ring from behind and takes out the tag champs, then Ryan makes a penis joke to close the segment.

The pairing still isn't making sense.

Aces Clubhouse:

The strippers are dancing and Devon and others had women in their laps.  He tells DOC to relax since he got the TV Championship back and DOC will take care of Angle later.  They go to throw a dart but VP stops and says someone paid for a hit.  Money talks, bullshit walks.  They show two women rubbing on themselves.

Sleaze on top of sleaze.  A bit over the top, for my tastes.

We get a recap of D-Lo agreeing to give Wes Briscoe a contract.  Wes and Garett suck up to Kurt Angle backstage, and Angle returns in kind.  Angle says he has DOC tonight and Garett and Wes say they have his back.

Chavo and Hernandez cut a promo, saying Morgan and Ryan have their attention and they will kick the heel team in the face rather than from behind this Sunday.  In stellar production, they cut the promo to show Angle heading to the ring.

Match #3 - Kurt Angle vs. DOC

The finish in this comes when Angle locks on the Ankle Lock.  Other members of Aces comes out to break things up to cause a DQ.

Afterward, Aces and Eights surrounds the ring, but Garett, Wes, and Samoa Joe come out for the save.  Angle tells them at Final Resolution it will be his four vs. any four Aces and Eights.

Eight man matches are a mess, but I am wondering if we get a heel turn from either Wes or Garett here?


Hulk is on the phone with Joseph Park and tells him to call Al Snow at OVW.  Ray walks in and Hogan chastises him for not knocking.  Ray demands a match with Aries.  Hogan says he saw the bigger picture last week and said no. 

Bully bet that Hogan will change his mind by the end of the night, and Hogan cautions him about "be careful what you wish for."  Hogan tells someone to get Ray a Midol.

Ray was good, but Hogan killed that segment.

James Storm talks to Hardy and says he has his back but also wants to get his hands on Roode.  Hardy goes "deep thoughts" and says as a champion, everyone seems fake.  He says it's him and the monsters.


Match #4 - Kenny King vs. Kid Kash vs. Zema Ion: #1 Contender for the X-Division Championship

Lots of high spots, but in the end, King hits the Royal Flush to get the win.

Fun match worth checking out.  Hard to cover even with the benefit of DVR.


Ray is on the phone and he is pissed at Hogan for being stubborn. He says he's going to take over 'til he gets what he wants.  He tells whoever he's talking to he doesn't care and "fine" and hangs up.

They use a video to tease someone's arrival on 1/3/13.

Can only assume Ray was talking to Hogan.  Hard to tell what the video package is about.

In Ring Segment:

They recap the Hogan/Aries/Ray story.  Ray comes to the ring with a chair and says he's going nowhere 'til he gets his way.  He doesn't understand something: he wants to fight Aries, Aries wants to fight him, and the people want to see the fight. He sits down and says  he's not leaving 'til he gets what he wants.

Aries comes out with a chair also, and says he doesn't believe Ray wants to fight since the last time Aries dropped him on his head and made him tap.  Ray says he wants to fight and invites Aries to the ring.  Aries sits down on his chair and says that he will sit there all night also.

Hogan's music hits and Aries grabs his chair and runs.  Hogan comes to the ring and says he's not going to make the match.  He threatens to fire or beat Bully's ass if he doesn't leave the ring.  Ray kicks the chair and gets in Hogan's face.

Brooke comes out and gets between them. She tells Hulk that he might be making things too personal.  Hogan says that since everyone wants to see it and even though it's personal, he will make the match.

That was pretty stupid.  No logic in not making this match at all.  You have the guy banging your daughter and the guy talking crap on your daughter - make the match, enjoy the beatdown! It would have worked if the two didn't want to fight and Hogan forced the match.

They run down the Final Resolution card, and hype Bobby Roode challenging for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Join us for Final Resolution coverage on Sunday night at 8PM EST.

Match #5 - Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and James Storm

We get ring intros.  Daniels and Kazarian are wearing Zubaz and fanny packs.  Straight out of 1985!

Hardy sells a lot in this one, and this action goes down late in the match.  Roode jumps from the second rope and eats a kick and the Twist of Fate from Hardy.  Styles gets the hot tag and chaos breaks loose.  Styles ends up working with Roode and Kazarian.  He gets an inverted/regular DDT combination on both of them.

Daniels runs in for the save. AJ battles back and teases a springboard move but Daniels hits the ropes.  Storm comes in and tosses Daniels to the floor, which upsets AJ.  Hardy tags himself in and hits the Twist of Fate on Kaz to get the win.

Afterward, Hardy is left alone in the ring.  Aces and Eights runs down for the beatdown on Hardy until Storm saves him with a chair.  Roode applauds the beatdown from the stage and they give him a thumbs up.

Match was fine for what it was.  It didn't do much to sell the PPV, but a neat twist with Roode "hiring" Aces to soften up Hardy.  It gives them a different reason to intervene tonight, and there's more heat on Roode for the whole situation.

Not much hype to Final Resolution, in my mind.  We got the finalization of the card, but the arguments for those matches are a bit of either weak or stupid to get there.  They did little to hype the matches already on the card, either.

Be sure to join us live on Sunday night for Final Resolution ongoing coverage.  My apologies for this not being a live recap tonight.  Thanks for reading.