TNA continues its United Kingdom Tour tonight on iMPACT.  From Manchester, England, we see the ongoing influence of the investor, MVP.  He continues his stand against Dixie Carter's new regime as he tries to establish a level field for all.  Chris Sabin plans to work a match against his now-ex girlfriend, Velvet Sky, and Anderson faces Bully Ray in a casket match.

Show Open, taped in Manchester, England on January 31, 2014

We open with Dixie, Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Magnus making their way to the ring.  Dixie says she's not worried about MVP and makes a crack about having a bad hair day.  She says she has what MVP never can, and that's TNA World Champion Magnus.  EC3 jumps in and says that she also has the man that ended Kurt Angle's career.

Magnus gets the mic and is greeted with a "you sold out" chant.  He takes a shot at Manchester, then says that he isn't a paper champion.  He puts over Dixie Carter for sigining him.  He gets greeted with "boring" chants then.  He turns his attention to MVP and says he doesn't know what jail cell he crawled out of, but Magnus is the top of the pecking order.  He tells MVP that he can't be bought because he never sold out.

MVP comes out with Samoa Joe.  He calls Dixie a used up piece of ass (indirectly, but implied) and says that Joe will face Magnus at Lockdown for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  Gunner comes out, and he's got his Feast or Fired Briefcase.  Gunner teases a cash in and tells Magnus he'll give him a week to get ready.  He tells Magnus he will cash in next week, then face Joe at Lockdown.

Dixie jumps in and says that Gunner might not have the briefcase next week.  She books a match with him against EC3 with the briefcase on the line.  MVP says that "C3PO" also has the tag title briefcase, so it's going to get put on the line as well in a ladder match, with the winner getting both.  Dixie agrees, then MVP adds that if anyone interferes, MVP will level the playing field.

That was just uninspiring.  It wasn't awful, but there was a lot going on in that segment.  It went from Magnus against the world, to focus on Joe, then to Gunner cashing in, then Gunner ending up facing EC3 to defend his title shot.  Way too much happening and it all feels meaningless.

Match #1 - Ethan Carter III vs. Gunner; Ladder Match for both the TNA Tag Championship and World Championship briefcases

Gunner makes a ladder play quickly, and EC3 hits him with a drop kick from the apron.  He yells "ow!" on landing.  He collects the ladder and sets it up in the ring, but Gunner stops him.  Gunner ends up taking a bump into the ladder via a drop toe hold, but he comes back with a powerbomb off the ladder.  Magnus runs out for an attack, but James Storm hits the ring for the save.

MVP comes out and interrupts the proceedings.  He makes his best Teddy Long impression and books a tag match, with the briefcases still on the line.

Match #2 - Ethan Carter III and Magnus vs. Gunner and James Storm; Ladder Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship and World Championship briefcases

Carter and Magnus argue out on the floor.  When we come back from commercial the heels are in control.  They throw James Storm and splash Gunner on the ladder.  EC3 goes for a climb, but Magnus stops him.  They argue over that, so Storm and Gunner are able to recover.  They hit EC3 with a double hip toss, and things break down from there.  EC3 is left alone in the ring.

Gunner hits a slam from the apron on Carter, then follows it with a diving headbutt.  He climbs the ladder and claims the briefcases for his team.  The heels argue among themselves as the faces celebrate afterward.

I don't get it.  Why  would you take the briefcase off of Carter?  Yes, he's not in a set tag team, but there's plenty of stories you could tell with him if you left him with it.  And now you have Storm and Gunner with both briefcases.

The announcers hype up Bully Ray vs. Anderson in a casket match.  Anderson cuts a promo, saying it's about what he has and Ray doesn't; family.  He shows off pictures of his kids.

The Bro-Mans cut a promo with their backs to the camera and to Rockstar Spud.  They complain about Storm and Gunner winning the tag title briefcase.  MVP enters and all of them bicker.  MVP sets up Bro Mans and Zema vs. The Wolves and a mystery man.  He says it isn't him, and sends them on their way to the ring for the match.

That was chaotic and I didn't understand much of what happened there.

We get a recap of Monster's Ball from last week, then get entrances for the next match.  Samoa Joe hits the ring as the mystery partner for the Wolves.

Match #3 - Bro Mans and Zema Ion vs. The Wolves and Samoa Joe

The announcers just slobber all over Richards and Edwards.  They get the early run of offense in, but Davey takes a shot from behind and takes the heat for a bit.  Joe gets the hot tag and the Wolves take out the Bro Mans with dives.  Joe locks Zema in the rear naked choke on Zema to grab the win.

Tag champs as jobbers to the stars.  Yup, that just happened.

Abyss is walking backstage, and he chokes a guy out just for looking at him the wrong way. He's up next.

Velvet Sky asks Dixie to cancel her match against Chris Sabin. Dixie says that her colleague taught her that one can't sit on their backside, and she can't cancel the match.  MVP is present and takes exception to her blaming him.  Dixie tells MVP that she wishes he was still wrestling so that she could book someone against him.  Rockstar Spud speaks up and MVP accepts.

In-Ring Segment:

Abyss comes to the ring, without the mask.  He apologizes for the way things played out, but his buddy Eric Young wanted to prove Abyss and Joe Park were one in the same.  He demands that EY come to the ring to see what he has created.  EY comes out, tentatively at first and stopping short of the ring.  EY tells Abyss he was just trying to help.  Abyss asks why EY won't come closer.  Finally, EY slides into the ring and they stand face to face.

EY doesn't understand why Park is upset.  He says Park asked him to help find Abyss, and he did.  Abyss holds up the mask and says this is the reality of the situation. He says he proved Park was Abyss.  EY says he loves Abyss just like the people did.  EY says when he pulled off the mask, he proved who Abyss was.  Abyss screams "Who am I?  Better yet, who the hell are you?"

Abyss talks about having carved his body to bits, and destroyed lives and careers.  Abyss says the scars on his arms tell the story.  He calms down and talks as Joe Park.  He says he can't be Abyss anymore with the conscience he now has.  He says he can't be violent anymore and needs help.  EY says they will finish this together and he can help.

Abyss tells EY he doesn't want or need his help.  He says they're done.  He says Abss needs to go away and fix EY's mistake by finding someone who really understands him.  He drops the mic, throws the mask down, and leaves.

If this weren't such a dumb story from go, this might have meant something.  EY is a comedy character, and he's just not the type of guy that's going to help you get a serious storyline over.  This whole angle failed as a result.

MVP is heading to the ring, and he's up next.

Sam Shaw approaches Christy Hemme, helping her load a bag.  She isn't really comfortable with this, and Shaw agrees.  They need to keep things professional.  He shakes hands with her, then acts a little weird about that hand as he exits.

Match #4 - Rockstar Spud vs. MVP

The two men make their entrances.  The match should have started, but Spud runs away.  He does his schtick out on the floor.  MVP gives chase and Spud attacks him when he gets back in the ring. The match officially starts there.

MVP comes back and hits all of his signature spots.  He ends Spud with a running knee for the win.

Welcome back to the ring on American TV, MVP.  Basic squash match to get him in front of the people in the ring again.

Backstage, Bobby Roode is running around, yanking open doors and screaming for Dixie Carter.