It's the go-home show heading into TNA Sacrifice this Sunday night.  Eric Young is set to defend his title against Magnus in a rematch.  Will Magnus cheat his way back to championship gold?  Or will Eric Young hang on to the title?  Will Abyss intervene and somehow mess it all up for everyone?  Tonight, Gunner and Bully Ray team up to take on James Storm and Bobby Roode, and Austin Aries takes on MVP.

Show Open, Taped in Orlando, FL previously.

Kurt Angle is pumping up and he tells the camera that if Rockstar Spud gets out of his match, Ethan Carter III will pay.

They recap Eric Young's title win and his first defense against Abyss in a Monster's Ball match last week.  Taz and Tenay check in as Magnus makes his entrance, carrying a turnbuckle.

Magnus cuts a promo.  "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your champ."  He says he wasn't beaten by EY, but instead let down by Abyss. He says he won't talk about him behind his back so he calls out Abyss.  Abyss comes to the ring, and Magnus insults him. He calls Abyss a disappointment and says that's why everyone has kicked Abyss to the curb.

Abyss defends himself and says MVP said he would fire anyone who came to the ring.  Magnus tells Abyss he doesn't work for TNA but Magnus Enterprises, but not anymore.  He fires Abyss.  Abyss says it was never about the money but the friendship, but he now realizes Magnus is a pompous jackass.  He says he hurts people and ends careers, and will start with Magnus.

Magnus says Abyss doesn't have a TNA contract so he's a civilian.  He says he will have Abyss arrested if he touches Magnus.  MVP appears, and he offers Abyss a contract if he beats Magnus tonight.  Abyss tells Magnus he never liked him and he will kick his ass tonight.

Abyss talking segments make me groan normally, but this was fine.  They're trying to assign more weight to the Magnus/Abyss partnership as more than it was, but it has sense to it.

Backstage, EC3 and Spud talk about his match with Angle.  He says this is "Operation Human Shield" and there's a plan. He needs Spud to be a gazelle tonight, rather than a lion or tiger.

Comedic work has its place in wrestling, but that place isn't in a feud with Kurt Angle especially where he is in his career.

Match #1 - Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud (w/Ethan Carter III)

Spud tries a single leg.  No go.  Spud kicks Angle's bad knee.  No go again.  Spud  ducks out to the floor and runs, and Angle gives chase.  Carter grabs Angle long enough for Spud to get a drop kick and a missile drop kick.  Spud goes up top and tries to set up a move, but Angle throws him off and locks on the Ankle Lock for an immediate win.

EC3 hits the ring and clip's Angle's leg.  He looks for another move but Willow runs out.  Carter and Spud bail before anything else happens, then the announcers hype the four men facing off in a tag match at Sacrifice.

Basic squash match for Angle.  Willow took forever to run out, so Carter looked silly waiting for him. So, that didn't put any real heat on this match for Sunday.

Backstage, The Beautiful People make wisecracks about Madison being ugly and say they will give her a makeover, Beautiful People style.

These two aren't there yet.  They had magic in the first run, but they haven't found it yet in this one.

MVP is on the phone and sees Kenny King in his office, so he hangs up.  They argue, and MVP says he will give King a match.  He tells King to head out and he calls the production truck.  He tells them King is up next, but he will walk out to them and tell the truck who his opponent is.

That was a bit dumb.

In-Ring Segment:

Madison Rayne comes out.  Guess Kenny King isn't next after all.  Madison calls out the Beautiful People for her makeover, and they oblige.  Angelina tells Madison she should show forgiveness and gratefulness for their offer.

Madison says she forgives them and asks for forgiveness for what she is about to do next.  She attacks them, but the numbers are too much.  Brittany runs out for the save, but they take her out a bit clumsily and put a bag on Madison's head to close the segment.

The angle itself wasn't bad but the crowd didn't react to it at all.  And they didn't know who Brittany was.

Ken Anderson is in a random parking lot to cut a promo.  He says that he has Sam Shaw's childhood home address and that's where they are off to.

Another random "on location" segment like Knux.  This feels, weird.

They recap the attack on Madison.  They show Gail Kim telling Madison she doesn't like her, but respects her and asks to team up and face the Beautiful People.  Madison agrees and Kim leaves. Brittany says she'll be there too and Madison tells her no thanks.

Madison really came off like a bitch instead of a babyface champion there.

Match #2 - Kenny King vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley starts off strong, tossing King all over the place.  Lashley winds up a closed fist but the ref stops that.  King uses the intervention to drop Lashley's arm on the rope to get control.

King gets two moves in before taking a belly to belly from Lashley.  King hits a Pele kick and goes up top to try a blockbuster.  Lashley catches him, lifts him into a suplex position and holds him there before dropping King.  King leaves and takes the count-out.

Impressive suplex spot, but that was about it.  This match wasn't anything to write home about.

On-The-Road with Anderson...

Anderson rings the bell of a house and this red-haired woman answers.  She identifies herself as Sam's mother, Christie.  She invites Anderson in.

Dear lord, these are jumping the shark already.

Backstage, James Storm and Bobby Roode argue.  They calm down and agree to put their differences behind them so the can get their hands on their respective opponents at the pay per view tonight.

Teasing that Beer Money reunion.  This was a good talking  segment.

Match #3 - Austin Aries vs. MVP

Fast start from Aries, dumping MVP to the floor.  He settles in by hitting his senton/elbow drop combination.  He tries for a corner drop kick, but MVP moves.  MVP comes back with several clotheslines.  Aries bites him to escape.

MVP turns Aries inside-out with a clothesline, then hits his Ballin' elbow for two.  Aries tries for the brainbuster, but MVP counters to a back suplex.  MVP tries for the Yakuza Kick but Aries counters to a suplex.  Aries hits a corner drop kick for two, then tries the 450.  MVP moves out of the way and follows with the drive-by kick to get the win.

That was a good match, but I'd have saved this for a bigger spot I think.  The match didn't have much meaning.

They run a Sanada hype package, focusing on him working hard opposite the pressure that Great Muta puts on him.

Sam Shaw's mother gives Anderson tea and offers to show him Shaw's room in the basement.

Match #4 - Bobby Roode and James Storm vs. Bully Ray and Gunner

They recap Storm screwing Gunner over in last week's match as Storm makes his entrance.  Ray and Gunner come out together.

Lots of offense for the faces in this one.  They set up a table out on the floor, and Ray puts Roode on it.  He tries for an elbow drop through it, but Roode moves and Ray crashes through it.  He's done.  Back in the ring, Storm hits the Last Call on Gunner to grab the win.

I got sucked in to this match, so I didn't get a lot of details here.  This was a really good television match and worth catching if you can.

Magnus cuts a promo, saying he will end Abyss' career because people need to know whose time it was.  He says when your time is up, no one can do anything about it.

Anderson is still with Shaw's mother.  He says Shaw still lives at home with mom, and goes into a room.  He's shocked, but they don't show why.

TNA ignored the fact that they showed Shaw living in an apartment about a month or so ago, and we got all that security cam footage.  Now he's living with his mother?  This is the kind of logic gap we get on a regular basis from TNA and it's frustrating.

Shaw's room looks like that of a little boy, with block letters on the wall and a bunk bed.  Shaw walks in and screams at them for being there.  He and Anderson tussle on the floor and fight, while the cameraman flees.  Shaw's mother offers pie as he runs by.  Shaw emerges with a busted lip, falls to his knees and hugs mom.  The cameraman takes off and Shaw's mother smiles and waves.

I haven't a clue what that was.

Match #5 - The Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Kim and Rayne start off fast, dumping the Beautiful People to the floor and following with tandem baseball slides.  Kim tags in and corner splashes Angelina.  No reaction from the live crowd.  Madison gets a hot tag and clocks Velvet.  She yells at Velvet, but Angelina sneaks up and rolls her up from behind for the win.

This incarnation of the Beautiful People just isn't working right now, or at least not yet.  Maybe because of the whole state of the Knockouts division as a whole?  And there was just no reaction from the live crowd.

Knux watches his girl do a fire dance.  She sits in his lap and they tell each other how proud they are of each other.  He says he needs to come back to wrestling and she says she's coming along.

I feel like I missed a chunk of this story.  Last I knew, Knux promised "dad" he would stick around and help him.

Abyss cuts a promo saying that he hurt people who cared about him and the massacre of Magnus is for him.

The announcers run down the card for Sunday's Sacrifice pay per view event.

We'll have live results from the Sacrifice event on Sunday night starting at 8PM EST.

Eric Young joins the commentary team for the main event.

Match #6 - Magnus vs. Abyss

Magnus wags his finger in Abyss' face early on.  Abyss takes exception and dumps Magnus to the floor.

Production gripe time:  Why would you not cut out an "out of arena" segment so you don't have to put a commercial just a minute into the main event match?

Back from break, Magnus is in control of the match.  EY puts over Abyss needing to remember he is a monster so he can win the match.  Magnus works his leg and drags Abyss to the corner.  Looks like he's setting up a corner post figure four, but Abyss pulls his legs back and Magnus eats the post.  Abyss rolls Magnus in the ring and cues a chokeslam, but Magnus low blows him blatantly for the disqualification.

Afterward, Magnus beats on Abyss' leg with a chair several times.  The official tries to intervene, but EY charges to the ring.  He grabs Magnus from behind but Magnus hit a low blow on him.  He beats EY with the chair then Abyss one more time.  TNA sweetened the crowd reaction as Magnus poses as the show ends.

I think I can let the crowd reaction pipe-in go here, because Magnus really showed some good intensity in this post-match angle.  TNA tapes a bunch of shows at one sitting, and that can burn out a crowd so even a good finish may not get a reaction.  The match itself wasn't bad but it wasn't great - but it did serve its purpose.  Abyss looks like he's stuck in tweener mode here, and that makes him a liability in this story.

As far as a go-home show for Sacrifice, this was poor.  It didn't put any attention on the pay per view like it needed to, and they did very little to put heat on the stories that will be featured at the pay per view.  If this weren't a go-home show, I could give this show a slightly better opinion.  As a viewer I just hope for more to get me to invest in buying a pay per view event, and this show didn't do that.  There were two really good matches, but the Knux angle, the Anderson angle and the weakness of the Beautiful People dragged this down quite a bit.

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