Tonight, the TNA World Championship will be defended.  Magnus defends his title against Abyss, Eric Young, and Samoa Joe in a fatal four way.  Eric Young wants a piece of Abyss, and Joe and Magnus have had issues for a while now.  Who walks away with the title?  And now that the Beautiful People are back together, who will they go after first?  Sam Shaw and Mr. Anderson square off in a straightjacket match, and more, starting in minutes here on

Show Open, Taped in Orlando, FL

Opening video package hypes up the TNA title match for later tonight.  Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III are in the ring, and we're going right to the ring to start.

Match #1 - Bully Ray and Willow vs. Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III; Tables Match

The faces crush the heels to start, and set up a table.  The heels recover and attack.  They try a double suplex on Ray onto a table, but Willow moves the table.

Willow fights back and puts EC3 on a table.  Spud rolls to the ring in a wheelchair, which creates a distraction.  Willow rolls out of the ring and hits Spud with a dropkick, scoops him up and leaves to the backstage.  Ray is left solo and he tries to hit EC3 with a powerbomb through the table.  Roode attacks Ray and hits him with a spinebuster through the table to get the win.

Afterward, Roode puts Ray through another table with his Roode Bomb, then as EC3 starts to leave Roode calls for another table.  He sets it up and puts Ray on it then splashes him.  He yells at Ray and says "Do you know who I am?"

That was alright, but it did feel a bit random.  The Willow character is off base enough to make his rather random exit with Spud work.  And they did a nice job of re-establishing the Roode/Bully feud that felt a bit down last week.

Kenny King arrives and asks some random guy what he's doing.  The guy says he has no match, so King blows him off and tips him a $20.  He goes to find MVP.

They show us Mr. Anderson getting ready for his straightjacket match next.

Magnus arrives, and HerveyCam asks where Abyss is.  Magnus tells him to not worry.

MVP is hyping the show as Kenny King approaches him.  King needs to talk with MVP, and MVP tells him it might be a while so he will get with him later.  King looks frustrated.

They recap the Anderson/Sam Shaw story to this point.  They even show Anderson beating the mannequin.  Anderson does his entrance thing and calls out "creepy bastard" Shaw so he can put him in the huggie jacket so Shaw will keep his hands to himself.  Shaw comes out and says he makes art with his hand, and calls Anderson ordinary, which is the worst possible crime.  As he gets in the ring he says Christy loves him.

Match #2 - Sam Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson; StraightJacket match

Anderson attacks Shaw to kick it off.  They battle to the floor and keep things going.  After the break, Shaw gets Anderson's arm in the jacket but Anderson fights back and slams Shaw.  Anderson puts Shaw in the jacket but Shaw kicks him in the nuts.  Shaw hooks his choke hold on and puts the jacket on Anderson.  Anderson battles back, but Shaw chokes him out again and locks the jacket in for the win.

This was just...meh.  Feels like the air is out of this story and they need to move on.

The Beautiful People cut a promo, with Velvet saying Angelina showed her how Madison was trying to outshine them.  They say that whoever Madison's partner is will get the ugly stick too.

HerveyCam asks Eric Young about the title match.  EY says he feels guilty for bringing out the monster in Abyss, but he feels having been with the company for ten years he deserves a title shot.

They need to get EY away from the comedy gimmick a bit more before I can take him seriously as a main event talent.  He is good, but a little more work is needed first.

Tigre Uno and Sanada come to the ring.  They are having a best of three series for the X-Division Championship.  Before they can get started though, Kenny King's music hits and he comes out.   He puts himself over as being born into the X-Division.  MVP comes out.

MVP asks if King is crazy, and King says he isn't; he is the only star in the ring.  MVP says he's going to make King see stars if he doesn't leave the ring.  Thy jaw back and forth and King challenges MVP to an exhibition.  MVP refuses at first, then when King bumps him on purpose, MVP acccepts.

King's promo was a bit rambling, but this wasn't a bad segment.  The logic is a little off, and it's clear he will be turning heel though.  Nothing stand-out, but nothing offensive either.

Match #3 - Sanada (c) vs. Tigre Uno; Match #1 in a best of three series for the X-Division Championship

Lots of high spots in this one.  Sanada hits a double-underhook suplex to get the win.

This was a spotfest.  The moves are really awesome to see, but give me a reason to care about these guys and give me some character development and background.  Hard to invest into this.

Magnus is asked about Abyss again, and he tells everyone to watch next and he will explain.

Brittany approaches Madison and says she is her idol, and she wants to tag with her tonight.  Madison blows her off at first, but accepts.

In-Ring Segment:

Magnus comes to the ring and says everyone has been asking about Abyss.  Magnus has him come out, in a suit and his mask.  Abyss is uncomfortable, but Magnus says he looks good.  Magnus says that MVP and the fans want to see them fight, but it won't happen because they're friends.

Magnus mentions Jim "Sinister Minister" Mitchel and EY and says he isn't like either of them.  Magnus says he has a hard time expressing himself because he's a Brit but hewill try.  He tells Abyss he loves him and hugs him.  Magnus' music hits and they leave.

EY attacks Abyss from behind, but Magnus and Abyss team up and throw EY in the ring.  Joe runs out for the save and the heels leave.  EY tells Joe if he needs help, he will ask for it.

I wasn't a fan of this at all.  Magnus clearly was conning Abyss, but with "I love you"?  That was bad.  And while Jim Mitchel was a good manager and a key part of Abyss' early years, they need to remember not every TNA viewer today watched the product back then.  They should be doing something to semi-introduce Mitchel to the fans.

MVP is talking to the Wolves about their upcoming tag title match.  Robbie E shows up with a trainer and a piece of paper.  He says there won't be a title match because Jesse has a pulled quad.  Robbie tells MVP that if Jesse got hurt in the ring it would be on MVP, so he cancels the match.

They run a Knux video where he says he hadn't talked to his dad in a while because his dad didn't believe in the dream.  He and his dad talked, and Knux agrees to stay to help for a little while.

This is weird.  What is the point of this, and where is the backstory?

Match #4 - The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Brittany

Brittany is a little too happy to be with Madison.  She and Angelina start off, and she gets the better of both Beautiful People until Angelina pulls her hair.  Tenay and Taz are more interested in cracking on the way Angelina and Velvet are dressed.  Commenhatin.

Madison gets the hot tag and goes on a run, but the heels get control again.  Brittany tags herself in, but she takes the Makeover for the loss.

The match wasn't bad - it didn't stink but it didn't set the world on fire.  Brittany is showing signs of being a good in-ring worker and it will be nice to see her work some longer singles matches to get a better feel for who she is.

Match #5 - Kenny King vs. MVP; Exhibition

King gets a couple takedowns and plays to the fans.  MVP takes him down and works a submission lock.  King asks out and MVP complies.  The fans chant "you can't wrestle" at King and "you still got it" at MVP.  More chain wrestling and King backs to a corner.  King headbutts MVP and apologizes, but then hits a back elbow moments later.  MVP goes after King and the official stops the match.

They brawl afterward, and officials break things up.  MVP calms down but King gets a cheap shot in before leaving.

The match didn't work for me but it was a good idea.  With King having been gone so long, it gives him an instant boost to have him work with MVP.

Backstage, Magnus talks up EC3, saying they're still friends and wants to be sure EC3 has his back.  Carter blows him off and wishes him luck.

HerveyCam asks King about what happened out in the ring when MVP jumps in and attacks.  They brawl out to the courtyard where the Wolves break things up.

Match #6 - Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Abyss vs. Eric Young; TNA World Heavyweight Championship in Fatal Four Way Rules

This starts out with the heels taking out the babyfaces.  Magnus focuses on EY while Abyss and Joe battle on the floor.  Magnus asks Abyss to join him in the ring and they team up on EY.  They set EY on the ropes, then argue over who will pull the move off.  Abyss steps aside, but EY fights back on Magnus then hits both guys with a drop kick.  EY mounts a comeback, but ends up on the floor.

Joe gets back in the fight and runs his offense.  He gets a cover on Abyss but EY breaks it up.  Joe takes out EY and Abyss and locks the rear naked choke on Magnus.  Magnus low blows him and throws Joe out to the floor to run him into the stairs.  Abyss hits EY with the Black Hole Slam, but Magnus demands he stop.  He gets in the ring and tells Abyss he loves him.  Abyss stands by and lets Magnus hit his top rope elbow to get the win.

A closing video asks who will feel "her" wrath and shows Dixie Carter.


The fatal four way was good, but the only complaint I have is that the story behind Magnus and Abyss is just paper thin and failing a bit.  It's not working for me.  How can a monster like Abyss be swayed by Magnus' false promise of love that is clearly not there?  But that aside, a good four-way with a logical finish based on the overall story, regardless how I feel otherwise.

An average show.  It had its moments, but there were some low moments too.  I really think they've got some good stories though - Roode and Ray is getting going, the Beautiful People should warm up nicely, and Kenny King looked good and I'm thinking his story with MVP should work well to reintroduce him.  Nothing else was really standout to push this from average to good or great.

We'll be back with more TNA coverage next Thursday night.  Thanks for watching along, and feel free to send your comments and questions to me on Twitter.