Matt Morgan has tried to thrust himself into the title picture.  But Hulk has other stylings in mind it seems.  Tonight on iMPACT, we get that announcement as to who will take on Bully Ray at Slammiversary.

Sting made his return last week.  He defended Hulk in the closing segment, but he also pointed the bat at Hulk and didn't say anything.  What's that story all about?

Show Open, Taped in Indiana, Pa. at the Kovalchick Convention Center:

We get a recap package that focuses on Hulk vs. Aces and Eights.  Tenay, Taz, and Keneley check in on commentary.

Hulk comes to the ring.  He says people must like drama because things almost came to blows between him and Sting.  He calls Sting out so they can work things out.  Sting comes to the ring.

Hogan says he got so wrapped up in family business that he made mistakes, one of which pushing Sting away.  He apologizes and offers his hand to Sting, and they shake.  Hogan apologizes again with different phrasing.

Sting says it's all water under the bridge and they're back together now.  He asks Hogan to book a six-man tag between him and two partners vs. Aces and Eights.

Hogan says it's fine, but he needs to make a decision as to who will face Bully at Slammiversary.  Matt Morgan's music hits and he comes to the ring.  He insults Hulk for giving Sting a title shot.  Hogan cuts him off and says he isn't giving it to anyone.  The man who faces Bully Ray will be the winner between Matt Morgan and Sting tonight.

Why?!  Really?  I am not up for putting Sting in the title mix in any form.  Refer to my piece comparing TNA to WCW as to some of those reasons.  I side with Matt Morgan.  Here's hoping he wins later.

They hype up the return of Chris Sabin with a video package.


Kurt Angle cuts a promo about his open challenge from last week.  It seemed like he was talking to someone, but there wasn't anyone there.  He says he can't be stopped and storms away.

Match #1 - Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin; X-Division Contender's Match

Sabin dumps Ion out and works with Dutt.  The announcers let us know that Suicide will get the next shot in a contender's match based on poll voting.  Ref-Cam is in effect tonight and he even dove in for a count while his camera was hot.  Roller-coaster time!

Late in this one, Sabin ties Dutt in a Tree of Woe and hits a backdrop on Ion, and onto Dutt.  He hits a cross-legged buster for the win.

Nice to see Sabin back in the ring and he looks pretty decent.  Hard to judge based on a 4-5 minute spotfest match, though.  I give them credit for trying something new, but this doesn't seem like it's working.


Robbie E and Jesse talk about their upcoming handicap match against Rob Terry.  E says he's not three guys, and Jesse mentions adding in Joey Ryan.  E calls Ryan sleazy, and Jesse says that makes it easy.


Bully Ray is pissed because the gang doesn't seem engaged.  He asks if he saw Hogan and Sting mocking them.  He says no one mocks them and now he also has to worry about Sting and Matt Morgan. He says he isn't worried about either of them, though.

He says the problem of the night is Kurt Angle.  He says no matter how hard they knock him down, he gets up.  He wants someone to take out Kurt Angle like he took out Jeff Hardy.  Wes Brisco steps up, then Garett Bischoff.  D'Lo throws his name in the hat as well.  Ray and Anderson trade a glance and Ray asks if D'Lo would swear his colors on it.  D'Lo says he swears he will take Angle out.  They agree and D'Lo gets the match and they toast him.

Match #2 - Rob Terry vs. Jesse Godderz, Robbie E and Joey Ryan

Ryan starts off, and his partners attack Terry from behind.  He no-sells the attacks, but Ryan hits a chop block.  The three heels take control of the match.

They do the spot where all three men attack and Terry flings them off.  In the end, Ryan ends up taking Terry's finisher for Terry to get the win.

I think I heard a groan from my fellow Western Pennsylvanians when Terry did that Hulk spot.  This show is not going very well at this point.

We get a shot of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries heading to the ring.

In-Ring Segment:

Roode and Aries come to the ring.  Roode puts over Kaz and Daniels for getting in his head.  He says they don't want to reform Fortune, but instead are jealous that he and Aries and the tag straps that Bad Influence screwed them out of.  Aries says they are a team of World Champions and Kaz and Daniels are not.

Bad Influence storms the ring.  Daniels makes an inappropriate joke then calls Roode and Aries the "poor man's version" of them.  Kaz calls them Bad Influence Light.  The four men argue.

Chavo and Hernandez come out.  They say Hogan has named a special guest referee for the number one contender's match next week.  Daniels asks which one of the two of them it's going to be.  Chavo says it's not them, but it's James Storm.  Storm makes his entrance and he shares beer with the champs.

Is this the new thing with Storm, that we plug him in anywhere?  I realize he has some interaction with Bad Influence and AJ Styles, but this is just weird.

Backstage, Sting goes to talk to Kurt Angle and shoos off the camera crew.

Tara and Gail Kim have their own little contest and Kim acts the bigger Diva of the two.  They agree they will beat Taryn Terrell tonight.  Tara walks away and Gail says she will be sure to get the victory.

Chris Sabin cuts a promo about how happy he is to have returned from injury and is wrestling again.

Match #3 - Kurt Angle vs. D'Lo Brown; I Quit Rules

D'Lo gets a mic and says he's not only going to put Angle out, but he will make him do what no one had done before.  He challenges Angle to an I Quit match.  Angle accepts, and the fight is on.

Angle locks on an STF-style hold and the official asks D'Lo.  He says no, and here comes Aces as support.  Anderson steps through the barricade but holds the rest of them back.  He turns to Angle and motions that he can continue.

Angle slams D'Lo and D'Lo ends up on the floor.  Angle gives chase and D'Lo pulls Angle into the ring post.  He works Angle's arm and shoulder on the post then throws him in the ring and continues that focus.  D'Lo tries a cross arm breaker that Angle is able to power out of.  Angle teases the Ankle Lock but D'Lo kicks him away.

Angle counters a Cobra Clutch and hits his rolling German suplex spot.  D'Lo won't say he quits, so Angle goes to the Ankle Lock.  D'Lo kicks him away and hits a Samoan Drop.  He tries a powerbomb, but Angle rolls over and locks the Ankle Lock on again, this time grapevining the leg.  D'Lo taps, but that doesn't matter.  He holds on for a few more moments before screaming he quits.

Aces never intervened in this one.  After the match, the gang walks away and leaves D'Lo.  Christy Hemme talks to Kurt Angle, who calls out AJ Styles.

Wow, they didn't wait there at all.  Very convoluted situation here with Storm losing to Styles and being dumped back to the tag division and now Angle challenging Styles.

Angle calls AJ out again and AJ obliges.  Angle says that AJ looks like he wants to knock Kurt's head off, but that won't happen since this is his hometown (sort of).  Angle puts over AJ as the reason he came to TNA and he knew they would have great matches, which they have.

Angle says he knows AJ is going through a dark time, but he and Sting need him.  He says if AJ is with them, it's cool.  Kurt gets in close and says if AJ is against them, there's going to be problems.  Angle says that AJ has 'til next week to decide and leaves.

We get a recap of the main event getting booked for tonight.


HerveyCam asks Matt Morgan about waiting for a title shot.  Morgan goes nuts and says he's not waiting.  He is frustrated that he has to fight to get a title shot.  He says he will beat Sting and then Bully Ray and become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Match #4 - Gail Kim and Tara vs. Taryn Terrell and Mickie James

Gail Kim comes out while they run a video package to recap the three times Taryn has beaten her.  Tara comes out next without Jesse and they show a video of her loss to Taryn also.  Terrell makes her entrance, then Mickie.

James and Taryn attack, hitting the heels' heads together, which dumps them out.  Taryn hits a baseball slide on both of them and throws Kim into the ring. Mickie tags in and takes a clothesline and the heels take control.

Tara slaps Taryn, which causes a distraction.  Taryn finally gets the hot tag and hits a cross body.  Gail breaks up the count.  Things break down in the end and Taryn hooks Gail with the roll-up finish for the win.

The heels attack afterward, and ODB chases Tara and Mickie away.  Kim hits Taryn with Eat D'Feet then locks a figure four on the ring post on her before officials charge out to break things up.

The story isn't bad, but I have zero reason to care about Taryn Terrell other than she's blonde with a nice body.

They recap D'Lo losing to Angle earlier.


Bully rages about D'Lo losing.  He says they have a six-man match next week and he is hand picking the people that will be in it.  He says it will be Anderson, Devon, and himself.

Roode cuts a promo about winning the number one contender's match next week and going on to beat Chavo and Hernandez for the tag team championships.

Match #5 - Matt Morgan vs. Sting; Number One Contender's match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Morgan comes out wearing the gold robe.  Sting makes his entrance second.  Morgan takes quick control of the match with a series of strikes.

After commercial, Morgan continues to work the offense.  Sting doesn't have to take any big bumps here but Morgan is definitely in control.  Morgan hits a leg drop on the apron, then tries a second but Sting rolls out of the way.  He throws Morgan into the stairs and security railing.

He throws Morgan back into the ring.  Morgan recovers and hits a side slam.  Sting comes back and hits the Stinger Splash.  He whips Morgan to the corner and sets up another Splash, but Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint instead.  Sting rolls the shoulder up in a really bad-looking near fall.

Morgan teases another Carbon Footprint, but Sting moves and Morgan takes out the turnbuckle.  He sells his knee being hurt and Sting adds to his misery with kicks to the leg.  Sting locks on the Scorpion Death Lock.  Morgan sells, but is able to make it to the ropes.  Sting locks it right back on and Morgan eventually passes out from the pain after Sting falls down in the hold.

Afterward, Bully Ray comes down to the ring and jaws at Sting to close the show out.

Wow.  I've got nothing.

I saw the spoilers before watching this show, and I was disgusted that they chose to go this route.  Even more so now that I've watched it.  Why they couldn't put Morgan over here is beyond me.

This show certainly wasn't compelling, and I'm not sure if next week is going to be any better.

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