TNA moves on from Dixie going through a table last week.  Will her cronies - Ethan Carter III, Spud, and others - respond?  Also, we get a rematch between teams who last met over 12 years ago as Team 3D faces The Hardys.

Show Open, Taped at the Manhattan Center in New York City, New York

We get a recap video of Dixie going through a table last week.

Bully Ray comes out and brags about last week, then calls Devon out.  Devon comes out and pumps the crowd, then they call out The Hardy Boys.  They oblige.  Matt says it's been 12 years since they've been in the ring together and congratulates Team 3D on their entrance to the TNA Hall of Fame.  Both teams brag about their TLC match history and how they stole the show in Wrestlemania 17 at the AstroDome.  The crowd chants for a match so they book it and hug.

Hugs and nostalgia are fine here, but I would have rather seen them book this match based on more than that feeling.

Tenay sends it to a video package about Samoa Joe winning the X-Division Championship.  Joe says he's tasked with invigorating the division and that starts tonight.

Backstage, EC3 and Spud are shown all bandaged up and bumbling through the backstage area.

They show Dixie going through the table again, and Tenay says we'll hear more on her condition later.  Backstage, EY, Roode and Aries watch the footage on EY's phone.  They laugh and Roode says it was the best thing he's ever seen.  Aries says one piece of trash is gone, and three more need taken care of later in MVP, Lashley and Kenny King.

Match #1 - Homicide vs. Low Ki vs. Tigre  Uno vs. Crazy Steve vs. DJ Z vs. Manik; Six-Man X-Division Elimination Scramble

Steve and Uno start, with Uno hitting a nice inverted Samoan Drop.  He follows with a moonsault to get the win.

Crazy Steve out.

Manik next, and he takes a nice huracanrana from Uno.  Manik comes back with a springboard drop kick then hits his finish.

Tigre Uno out.

DJ Z is third and he and Manik work back and forth a bit.  DJ Z uses the ropes and grabs a handful of tights to grab the next win.

Manik out.

Homicide comes out next, hits the Gringo Killer in about 30 seconds and sends DJ Z to the showers.

DJ Z out.

Low Ki is last out.  He mounts and lands punches on Homicide.  He pops free and sends Low Ki to the floor and into the railing.  Homicide hits a suicide dive that sneds Ki to the barricade again. Back and forth action in the ring action ensues with each man selling.  Homicide teases the Gringo Killer, but Ki flips out of it and hits a drop kick.  He follows up with the Ki Crusher to get the win.

I think this worked better as a one on one between Ki and Homicide.  None of the other guys really meant anything to this and weren't going to win.

Backstage, EC3 is walking toward the ring.  He sees a staffer watching Dixie get put through a table on his phone, so he slaps the phone out of his hand.

In case you didn't know, Dixie got put through a table last week.

In-Ring Segment:

Spud, EC3, and Rhyno come to the ring.  Spud says they're there for a moment of silence and solemnly said that last week was a travesty that "Queen Madame Dixie Carter" was put through a table.  He asks for silence but gets booed.  EC3 grabs the mic and yells at the fans for cheering her agony and demands Bully Ray be fired.  He says it's a Carter ring, a Carter promotion, and he will build a house in the ring if he has to.

Kurt Angle comes out with a mic.  He tells EC3 he has two options - wrestle tonight or get the hell out of the ring.  EC3 says he's not going anywhere.  Kurt says he isn't scaring him, but he knows a few folks who will.  He calls out some of New York's finest to get them from the ring.  Spud pops off about not taking orders from a donut eating cop.  He claims diplomatic immunity but the cops jump him anyhow.

EC3 name drops a bunch of rich folks and says he's a 1%er.  He says he can pay the cops off to go away and throws money at them, but he gets hauled off anyhow.

This was just bad.  Spud was okay, but it overstayed its welcome by several minutes and the cops didn't get any reaction at all.

Backstage, Gunner and Sam Shaw talk.  Shaw claims last week's incident was a mistake, but he doesn't think Anderson will ever believe him.  Gunner says that he and Anderson will settle differences later, and it's not on Shaw.

Backstage, EC3 and Spud plead to not get hauled off to jail, but when the door to the elevator opens they get hauled off anyhow.

Match #2 - Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson

Chain wrestling to start after a shoving contest.  They have a moment where the fans are chanting Adam Rose's entrance music.  Anderson and Gunner trade punches, then Sam Shaw hits the ring.  Anderson pops him so the match gets thrown out at that point.

So, they didn't do anything to move this story forward at all?  Waste of a match.

Backstage, Velvet and Angelina talk about the four-way Knockouts title match.  Angelina asks if they're cool and Velvet says there's no problem.  One of them will end the night as champion.

They show footage of what happened after the show ended.  Bully led the crowd in "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead."  Stay classy, TNA.  Tenay updates us and tells us that Dixie essentially shattered her spine last week.

Match #3 - Gail Kim (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell; TNA Knockouts Championship in a Fatal Four Way

Heels on faces in the early going, then the Beautiful People work to team up on Gail and send her out.  Terrell tries to hang in there but Gail bails her out.  All four end up on the floor.  Gail splashes both Beautiful People from the apron, which draws a TNA chant.  Taryn goes to the top and hits a splash on all three women next.  The three on the floor sold it well and made it look good yet safe.  Nice work.

Back in the ring, Taryn covers Angelina, but Gail breaks things up.  Velvet tries to steal a pin on Gail, but Angelina isn't happy and they stare at each other.  Angelina and Velvet break up pin attempts, then Gail attacks Velvet before they can attack each other.  Angelina breaks up Velvet's finisher, then the Beautiful People argue again.  Taryn takes them out and pulls Angelina from the ring.  Gail hits Eat D'Feet on Velvet for the win.

This was good.  The ladies worked hard, and I think they could go to Terrell vs. Kim in a rubber match with a guaranteed finish as well and it'd be pretty hot.

Backstage, MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King are interviewed.  MVP repeats the "ding dong the witch is dead" thing.  King tells Dixie to go back to Dallas and buy a million dollar wheelchair.  MVP says that's the past and they're ready to go crush Aries, Roode and EY.  He says they are the ones who make headlines in TNA.

Match #4 - Austin Aries, Eric Young and Bobby Roode vs. MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King

Lashley and Roode start, but King blindsides Roode and tells Lashley he has it.  Roode slingshots King into Aries' elbow, and Aries flips over the ropes and splashes him.  Roode tags back in and takes some shots on King then tags in EY.

Young gets kicked in the ribs and Lashley tags in.  EY and Lashley measure up, then EY sends him to the floor.  Aries and Roode shove the other two heels to the floor and Aries dives on them outside.  EY gets crotched up top because of Kenny King.  The heels work quick tags and isolate EY in their corner.  Lashley jaws at Roode and Aries, and that lets EY tag to Aries.  King tags in too, but he gets dominated.

He splashes Lashley outside and hits a nice suplex on King. Things break down with all six men in the ring.  Aries counters a spear into the Last Chancery.  Roode hits a spinebuster on King and EY piledrives MVP.  Lashley recovers and hits EY with a powerslam.  Aries gets in a couple moves but MVP interferes with his top rope move.  Lashley hits the spear to get the win.

This was also a very good match, probably best of the show.  The heels needed a good clean win, and they got it.

Tenay hypes up Abyss and Janice being next.

Glacier-like vignette airs for HVK - which is Havok.

Spoilers say Jessica Havok made her way to TNA.

The Wolves cut a promo, talking about being fans of both Team 3D and the Hardys.  They say they're open to a challenge from Team 3D and they're on the hunt.

In-Ring Segment:

Abyss comes out holding his gut to sell getting hit last time.  Abyss says Bram has something that belongs to him and demands he come to the ring.  Magnus and Bram come out, with Bram carrying Janice.

Abyss asks Bram if he recalls possession being 9/10ths of the law.  Well, not in this world, and he wants Janice back.  Bram says every time he drives Janice into his chest it drives him wild and he thinks Janice wants to stay with him.  Abyss asks Bram and the fans if they want to get extreme.  Bram nods, and Abyss proposes another match with tables, chairs, glass, tacks and barbed wire.  He says they'll put Janice fifteen feet above the ring and whoever grabs it, earns the right to keep it.

Magnus grabs the mic and says he's the only one delusional enough to think that wood with nails sticking out of it is his girlfriend.  He says he should feel lucky because she screwed him twice, and that's probably all he ever got in his life.  Abyss attacks and gets the advantage early on, but Magnus and Bram turn the tide and escape with Janice.

This story just isn't doing it for me.  And the true hardcore elements, with the glass and tacks and stuff, is really for a niche audience - it doesn't really work for me either.

James Storm channels his best Bray Wyatt, sitting on a creepy porch.  He has Sanada tied up in the barn and tells him his awakening begins now.  The screen goes black and Sanada screams.

Match #5 - Team 3D vs. The Hardys

Back and forth action early on with several tags.  Team 3D hits the first double team, and get two out of it.

The Hardys team up on Devon, then Bully cuts them off and sends Matt to the floor.  3D wishbones Jeff, and Devon rains punches on him in a corner.  Devon hits a clothesline and locks on a rear chinlock.  Jeff escapes and tries a jump from the second rope but takes a clothesline instead.  Bully tags and drops a series of elbows.  Quick tags keep Jeff isolated as Devon and Bully work in and out.

3D hits a double team suplex/neckbreaker combination, and Bully covers for a near fall.  They keep Jeff isolated with various holds and he gets in some hope spots along the way.  Bully sets Jeff up for a powerbomb, but Jeff counters to a headscissor for a near fall.  Jeff gets the hot tag to Matt and Devon tags in also, only to take a bulldog from Matt out of the corner.

Matt hits the Side Effect for a near fall then hits a moonsault.  Bully makes the save.  Jeff goes up top but gets crotched by Devon.  Matt and Jeff team up for a modified Doomsday Device to get another near fall that got the crowd going.  Team 3D comes back with their own version of the Doomsday Device on Matt and gets another close near fall.

Bully hits a slam and Devon hits the whazzup headbutt off the ropes.  Team 3D goes for a table but Jeff launches himself from Matt and hits both men at ringside.  Matt hits the Twist of Fate and Jeff hits the Swanton.  Devon kicks out, then Team 3D comes back for the 3D to get the win.

The teams show respect and hug afterward, then we get an ad for the Hardcore Justice themed show next week.

That was pretty fun.  The teams worked hard, and everything seemed to come off very well.  There was a little timing botch in the Twist of Fate/Swanton combination where Devon kicked out oddly.  Just seemed like Bully was supposed to be there for the save instead.  That's nitpicking though - and it was a good match overall.

This show had some good wrestling.  I think the ladies, the main event, and the six man tag were particularly good.  But the problem was just too much talking that didn't seem to completely connect or was just flat out bad.  The segments overstayed their welcome and didn't really add to the stories they were trying to tell.  Add to it that they felt pretty recycled, and it ended up bringing the show down a bit.

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