TNA seems to be teasing that Dixie Carter will get hers tonight.  Will she?  Also, Abyss faces Bram in a Monster's Ball match, plus a lot more from the recent New York City tapings.

Show Open, Taped in New York City at the Manhattan Center

They show a "parental guidance for strong imagery" warning first.

Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer are shown in the building earlier in the day.  Ray says that tonight they will do what they do best - tear the house down.  Devon testifies.  Dreamer calls it a historic night.  They recap a video showing Ray putting people through tables, and tease the Dixie spot.  The announcers don't address it.

This is the disconnect when they gave away what's going to happen to Dixie, but the announcers need to act like nothing's going on.

Match #1 - Abyss vs. Bram (w/Magnus); Monster's Ball Rules

The crowd wants blood and tables early.  Tenay and Taz check in on commentary.  Abyss takes some trash can shots but comes back with a cheese grater to Bram's nuts.  Abyss grabs Janice to a big pop, then promptly sticks it in the turnbuckle.  He pours tacks out and tries for a chokeslam into the tacks, but Bram gets away.

Bram grabs Janice, but takes a chokeslam into the tacks.  Magnus grabs Janice away from Abyss, then Bram recovers.  He spears Abyss into the barbed wire board, then hits Abyss with Janice to get the win.  Bram leaves with Janice.

This was alright, but the whole Janice thing has to stop.  You can't take a real shot with that or it'd seriously maim someone.  Also, Abyss just is ho-hum so it was hard to care.

The announcers hype Sanada vs. Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki to crown the new X-Division Champion.  Backstage, Joe starts to put himself over, but Low-Ki interrupts and says that while they've had their share of wars, Joe is now standing in his way.  Joe says the next time Low-Ki hears his name, it will be when he was crowned the new champion.

Backstage, JB talks to Ethan Carter but he takes over and puts over Rycklon, Snitsky and Rhyno as the most harcore group ever.  He pledges Aunt Dixie will never, never, never, ever, never never never go through a table.

MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King come to the ring with four women.  MVP says when he was in charge everyone whined about what they wanted and it was too much of a headache.  He says as long as they control the title, they have all the power and no headaches.

A "boring" chant gets started as MVP runs down who Lashley has beaten.  He says there's no one left to beat, but Bobby Roode's music hits.  He comes out and cuts a promo, climbing in the ring and says how MVP is right that Lashley has been dominant.  Roode says he was the longest reigning champion of all time and the reason MVP sent him home was to keep him from becoming champion again.

Roode tries to pit MVP against Lashley and says MVP planned to be champion himself  until the knee injury.  MVP tells him to stop stirring the pot, but Roode tells him to shut up.  He says Lashley hasn't beaten him yet, and Roode issues a challenge to Lashley.  King and MVP attack Roode and beat him down until Austin Aries and Eric Young run out for the save.  MVP grabs a mic and tells them to play with themselves because he and his crew are going to go party.

Backstage, Gunner talks to Sam Shaw about their six man match with Mr. Anderson.  Anderson walks up and chases Shaw away.  He tells Gunner he didn't trust Shaw, and Gunner says he does and trusted Anderson as well.  He asks Anderson if he trusts Gunner before walking away.

A lot of talking, mostly keyed to the main event.  It really didn't hook me, but the execution wasn't all that poor really.

HerveyCam asks Ray who their tag partner is going to be, and he blows him off.  He says it's a guy who always has had their back. Dreamer says he can't believe Ray got him to come out of retirement.  Devon says he can't believe Ray got him on his birthday.

Match #2 - Bro-Mans and DJ Z vs. Gunner, Sam Shaw and Mr. Anderson

Anderson introduces all three men, saying "Gunner, this guy here, and himself"

Gunner takes the heat early, then goes for a tag.  Anderson shoves Shaw and tags.  Things eventually break down, and Shaw gets in the ring.  He takes out all three heels then looks at Anderson.  Anderson gets in his face, and Robbie rolls Anderson up.  Shaw attempts a save but Jesse grabs his leg so he can't.

Afterward, Anderson goes after Shaw until Gunner pulls him away.

I like this story.  Gunner feels like the odd man out right now.  Will we get the 3458906370683745857th heel turn from Anderson though?

Backstage, Dixie talks up King Mo as her bodyguard and says we get to see the end of Bully Ray tonight.

Backstage, we see Anderson and Gunner argue and nearly come to blows.  Shaw intervenes and says Ken is right and takes the blame.  Anderson storms off yelling "Ken is right!" and Gunner punches the wall.

Match #3 - Ethan Carter III, Rycklon, Snitsky, and Rhyno vs. Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Devon, and a mystery partner; Eight Man hardcore weapons war match

So this is basically War Games without the cage.  EC3 and Dreamer start while they show Dixie Carter, King Mo and security in the balcony.  Dreamer beats down EC3 then plays to them up there.

Rhyno comes out and drops Dreamer with a trashcan shot.  EC3 recovers and they beat Dreamer with kendo sticks.  Devon comes out next and clears house with a trash can.

Back from break, Snitsky has checked in and his team is in charge.  Ray comes out next with a trash can and flattens all three men.  EC3 is bleeding like a stuck hog and it's making Ray look like he's bleeding.  Rycklon comes out and hits power moves on everyone.  EC3 chokes out Ray with his chain.  The countdown is on to the mystery man - and it's Al Snow!  He comes out with Head and gives everyone head.

It all breaks down, with everyone taking everyone else out.  Dreamer is left standing tall, but Rockstar Spud runs out with a kendo stick.  Dreamer no-sells the shot as the rest of the face team recovers and surrounds Spud.  They drop Spud, then hold him spread eagle for the top rope head shot from Snow.  Snow hits a moonsault out to the floor on Snitsky and Rycklon.  Back in the ring, Rhyno takes the 3D and Devon covers for the win.

Afterward, Ray grabs a mic and looks for Dixie.  He sees her and she's surrounded by people.  He says that all of Dixie's hired guns are on the run because they got beaten down.  He says the clock is counting down because he will put her through a table tonight.  She has a mic and says that won't happen because King Mo will knock Ray out.

They didn't need to do the gimmick match, really.  Could have gotten to the same story without all the moving parts.  That said, the crowd loved it and was hot for it.  They needed to not run the "It happens" video during the show though.  It makes Bully's promise weird.

Backstage, the Beautiful People whine about Taryn Terrell.  Angelina says it's time she gets a one on one rematch for the Knockouts title.

We get a video recap of what just went down.  HerveyCam asks EC3 what went wrong and he says his men failed him and Dixie.  He says they still have to protect Dixie and they have a secret weapon in King Mo.

They run a Bound for Glory video.

In-Ring Segment:

The Beautiful People come out with no fanfare.  Angelina says everyone is crazy about Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim but the Beautiful People are better.  She says she wants her rematch now and she deserves it.  Taryn Terrell comes out and Angelina complains about her stealing her time.  Taryn tells Angelina she stole her chance at the title and prove who was best.

Angelina says she can help Taryn with who is better, and says she's the best and hottest Knockout there is.  She tells Taryn to go home and tell her baby mommy is second best, or third or fourth.  Gail Kiim comes out and says she talked to Kurt Angle and he told her that she can pick her opponent.  She picks both Taryn and Angelina.  She tries to play Angelina's comments about being the best against Velvet, then says Velvet is in the match too.  The Beautiful People attakc, but Angelina accidentally takes a shot from Velvet and both of them get dumped to the floor.

So Gail Kim puts herself at a disadvantage?  How dumb does that decision look?  And the live crowd didn't care much other than to hoot and holler at the outfits.

Backstage, James Storm slaps Sanada and tells him he is going to win for Storm because Storm showed him the light.  He makes Sanada bow and tells him to win, or else.

A video package says someone is coming.  The giveaway is two of the five letters - H___K.  Havok?  A video hypes up next week's show with Team 3D facing the Hardys.

Backstage, Ray stands in a blue light and calls the match "hardcore heaven"  He says he will knock out King Mo's punk ass out and put Dixie through a table.

Storm comes out and introduces the "man who ended Great Muta's career."  Sanada comes out, and Storm forces him to bow.  Sanada did on his own then.  Low-Ki is next, then Joe.

Match #4 - Sanada vs. Low-Ki vs. Samoa Joe; Vacant X-Division Championship

The bell rings and Sanada hits both opponents with drop kicks.  Low-Ki goes to the floor and Joe goes on the attack.  Low-Ki comes back and Joe tosses him back out.  Low-Ki grabs his ankle but he recovers and hits a drop kick on Sanada through the ropes.  Joe dives on both men out on the floor.

Joe and Low-Ki face off.  Stiff shots at first, then Joe tries the Muscle Buster.  Low-Ki counters with a dragon sleeper.  Sanada gets back in and breaks things up.  Low-Ki hits a double stomp then goes after Joe.  Joe uses a cross arm breaker, but Sanada hits a moonsault to break the hold.  He uses an O'conner roll on Joe but Joe kicks out.  He locks on the rear naked choke and Sanada taps out before Low-Ki can stop him.

This was alright.  The live crowd was into Joe, and they liked Low-Ki, but because no one has ever given us a reason to care about Sanada, they didn't react to him.  His actions make no sense right now.  Joe as X-Division champion makes some sense if they want to grow the division again.

They run a video recapping the "almost"  moments between Ray and Dixie, and include his promise tonight.

In-Ring Segment:

Dixie comes to the ring with her entourage.  Taz asks why she would do something like this.  He says she believes in her support and hates Bully.  That was odd.  Anyhow, the fans boo her and she taunts them.  She runs down the guys in the ring, firing Snitsky and Rycklon.  They leave, and she screams at everyone to get out of her building.  She tells one person to get their shit and leave.

Ray, Devon, and Dreamer make their way out with a table.  Ray and Devon put the table in the ring, and everyone just watches.  Ray and company get in the ring and stare at the heels.  Ray says he has promised the people for a long time that he would get to Dixie and put her through a table.  Dreamer says he told her before and he is telling her again that she has to go through a table because she represents what's wrong in wrestling.

Mo attacks Dreamer, knocking him out.  Ray attacks Mo and Devon clears Rhyno, EC3 and Spud somehow.  They set up the table and cue up the 3D.  Dixie rolls out and tries to escape with Spud, but the faces from the locker room block the ramp and back Dixie back to the ring.  Dreamer rolls her in, Devon picks her up and Ray puts her through the table from the top rope.  Ray looks like he just had an orgasm, and the live crowd comes completely unglued.

Dixie sells it and Ray recovers, then he and Devon and Dreamer celebrate with the rest of the faces as the show ends.

Well, they got the moment and the crowd reaction that they wanted.  It definitely took off of the suspense of the moment when they gave it away that it was going to happen, but none the less I am fine with them doing so.  The locker room coming out also added to the "over the top" feeling of the moment.  That live crowd though went totally insane and this show ended so hot.

I am curious as to what happens from here now that Dixie got taken out like that.  Join us next week for all the fallout right here on