After a week away, we're back in the saddle with TNA coverage.  Last week, MMA fighter Tito Ortiz made a surprise appearance as the #August1Warning man.  He speaks tonight.  What is his role, and who is he there to deal with?

Also, Samoa Joe faces Jeff Hardy as the Bound for Glory Series rolls on.  Two other series matches will also take place tonight.

Show Open - taped 8/1/2013 in Wichita Falls, TX

We see Aces harassing Mike Tenay as things open.  Taz tells Tenay he has the night off and to get lost.  Tenay disappears.

We get a recap video package and the show opens.  Aces and Eights comes to the ring and Jeremy Borash checks in on commentary.

Taz and Anderson go to the announce position to harass JB.  Taz screams at JB that it's his desk and Anderson gets nose to nose with him.  Bully cuts a promo.  He puts over Tito Ortiz's debut last week and refers to him as "blondie."  He tells Ortiz to stay out of his way or he would knock Ortiz out.

Ray turns to Chris Sabin and complains that he and Devon should be well respected enough to know who they were wrestling.  He says it doesn't matter because they would win tonight, and he would beat Sabin to become a two-time champion.  He calls out Chris Sabin.

Sabin comes to the ring.  He tells Ray that he's so full of it that his eyes are brown and his breath smells like "feces."  He says that he isn't the one who introduced the hammer in the title match; he just gave Bully a taste of his own medicine.  He tells Ray he will beat him again at Hardcore Justice.  Bully gives him the "blah blah" business and demands Hogan bring a contract to the ring.

Brooke Hogan comes out instead, with a letter in hand.  She reads it, saying that Ray missed a contract provision that says if he fails to win the rematch, he can never challenge for the title again.  Ray yells that he won't be bullied by them.  Brooke gets in the ring with the contract and makes a small penis joke at Ray.  He signs off on the contract, then Sabin does.  Sabin's music hits to close the segment.

When all else fails, go to the penis jokes.  Always works.  Terrible, terrible writing there.

I like Chris Sabin, really.  But they haven't booked his title run well and just telegraphed the finish of the cage match.  Wow.

Match #1 - Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy; Bound for Glory Series Match

Hardy gets a fast start and sends Joe to the floor. He hits a diving clothesline on Joe out on the floor.  The fans chant for Hardy.  Back in the ring, Joe hits a big superkick that sends Hardy to the floor.  Joe follows up with a diving forearm.

Out of commercial, Joe hits a senton for two.  Joe rolls the kick out into an STF, then into a crossface hold.  Then he turns that into a Rings of Saturn in a neat moment.  Hardy gets into the ropes to break it and starts to mount a comeback.  He drops Joe in a reverse atomic drop a bit awkwardly.  Taz and Anderson start on at the announce position about "yam bags."  Hardy hits the Twist of Fate for a near fall.

Hardy tries a corner splash, but Joe catches him and slams him with one arm.  He tries the Muscle Buster as a follow up but Hardy escapes and tries the Twist of Fate.  Joe escapes and locks on a sleeper.  Anderson stands up and it distracts Joe.  That opens things up for Hardy to stack Joe up after a tackle for the win.

The two guys worked hard, but the finish was pretty uninspiring.  They tried to hype it up as Anderson's interference, but really Joe just looked stupid.


Christopher Daniels says his relationship with Kazarian is buried in frustration.  He says they are best friends, but even with friends someone is the captain and that's him.  He says Kazarian needs to see this and stop being selfish.  If he won't, Daniels will prove it to him.

Match #2 - Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus; Bound for Glory Series Match

Magnus throws Anderson to ringside early and beats him up on the floor.  Anderson reverses a whip into the stairs and takes control.  He slams Magnus into the apron and throws him in the ring.  Magnus hits Anderson with a spinning slam, then catches Anderson with a crossbody then hits a suplex.

Magnus goes up top and Anderson catches him there.  Magnus knocks Anderson down then tries an elbow drop but Anderson moves.  Anderson sets up another move, but Bobby Roode runs in with a chair.  Roode hits Anderson with the chair and pats Magnus on the back.  That throws the match out for Magnus.

Given Magnus' lead, I was thinking someone might do this to him.  But why Roode?  He was such a good heel that could flat beat people in the ring.

We get a recap video of what just went down.


Roode cuts a promo.  He says that he told everyone things would change and they are.  He says he took ten points from the Bound for Glory Series leader and that makes him a genius.  He says this is just the beginning.

Elsewhere, Robbie E and Jesse talk about dumping Tara from their act.  Mickie James comes into the frame and says that she needs them to take care of the tag champs while she takes care of ODB.  The three all talk at the same time, then Mickie exits.

I...uhh, got nothing for this particular exchange...

We get a recap video of the #August1Warning videos then Tito Ortiz's debut last Thursday.


Sting and Angle bump into Chris Sabin.  They all put each other over, then Sabin says he needs a partner for his match tonight.  He says he has a plan and needs them to trust him.  They agree and then head off to plan.

In-Ring Segment:

Tito Ortiz comes to the ring and joins JB in the ring.  He says the "million" of fans had a lot of questions and he wasn't sure how many answers he had.  Before he can go on, Kurt Angle's music hits and he comes out.  He gets up in Tito's face and runs down his pedigree.  Angle tells Tito he will respect his space, but Tito better respect Angle's also.  He asks if he is clear and Tito says "loud and clear."

Bully comes to the stage and says he doesn't respect either of them.  He says he can tap out Tito and he's been kicking Angle's ass for ten years.  He asks his "do you know who I am?" question and adds that he will slap Tito across the face if he gets in Ray's way.  Ray storms off, leaving Angle and Ortiz in the ring.

There was a big fat no storyline progression moment for you.  That did nothing.  Maybe next week we'll get more insight as to why Tito is involved in TNA.  While some might give that a pass, it'd be nice to at least be given a hint as to why Ortiz is there.

We get a recap of the talking segment then ring intros for the next match.

Match #3 - Jesse and Robbie E (The BroMans) and Mickie James vs James Storm and Gunner and ODB

Storm kicks the crap out of Robbie until the official gets distracted.  Storm gets caught in a double team.  Robbie face-washes Storm a couple times but takes a Backstabber for his troubles.  Gunner gets the hot tag and goes to town on the heel guys.  Mickie jumps on Gunner's back, and that gets ODB involved in the match.  ODB takes her out of the ring.

The four men fight in the ring.  Storm hits a straight NASTY Last Call superkick then Gunner and Storm team up for their double team finisher for the win.  That superkick was nasty!   Go look it up on YouTube.


Kazarian cuts a promo on Daniels, referencing him saying "poor Frankie" last week.  He says Daniels has forgotten who he is and reminds us that he has beaten Daniels more than once over the last 11 years.  Kaz says it will be "poor Chris." tonight.

Team 3D argues over the number of tag title wins they have.  They give up and say they'll destroy Chris Sabin and whoever he picked as a partner tonight.

Match #4 - Kazarian vs. Christopher Daniels; Bound for Glory Series Match

The two trade arm bars, headlocks and roll up attempts early on.  Kaz hits Daniels and they start shoving.  They square off for a moment or so, then both bail out of the ring.  Earl Hebner counts the both of them out to end this one.

Afterward, here comes Bobby Roode with a chair again.  He looks at both of them, then drops the chair.  He gets in the ring, and Kaz and Daniels join him.  Roode gets a mic and says everyone has been talking about the MEM, Aces and Eights, Rampage and Tito.  He says everyone has forgotten about them.  He says the three of them are a new force, and one of them will win the Bound for Glory Series and the TNA World Championship.

Great.  Another stable.  Remember how we had NWO, NWO Wolfpack, and Latino World Order?  We're heading that route it would seem.  Not only that, but Roode is so serious about the title and he's tied to a class-clown act, so it makes little sense at the moment anyhow.


HerveyCam tries to talk to Tito about why he's involved with TNA.  Tito says he doesn't have many answers, but maybe his fists will do some talking next week.

So, Tito still doesn't have any answers to why he's in TNA.  At least we're not alone.

We get a video recap/hype package of the clash  between Aces and Eights and the MEM.  Bully and Devon come out first.  Sabin comes out and points to the back.  Sting's music hits, and the crowd perks up a little.  The two start to get in the ring but Angle slides in behind Ray and Devon and attacks them.

Match #5 - Devon and Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle

The four legal men fight it out in the ring like a tornado tag early on.  The faces get the  better of the brawl.  Sabin gets in a few shots, but Ray manages to hit an elbow on his bad knee.  Ray works Angle up enough to get the official distracted, and Devon hits his diving headbutt to Sabin's nuts.

Out of break, Sabin sells offense from Devon.  Ray tags in and fires away on Sabin while trash talking about the title.  Sabin tries for a kick but Ray ducks and drives his knee into the mat.  He and Devon take turns working Sabin's knee as the announcers put it over in light of next week's title match in the cage.

Angle gets the hot tag finally, and he goes off.  He cleans house, hitting Ray with the Angle Slam for a near fall. He drops the straps and Devon tries to stick his nose in things.  Angle clotheslines him, but takes an STO-style move from Ray for two.  Angle locks the Ankle Lock on but Devon breaks it up.  The match breaks down at this point.  Sabin gets Ray in a pinning predicament but Devon breaks it up.

Sabin gets dumped to the ramp and Angle gets hit with the 3D.  Devon sets up a table in the corner and Ray sets Sabin by it.  Ray charges, but Sabin moves and Ray gets the lumber.  Sabin throws Devon out of the ring then hits a high cross body block to get the win.  He and Angle celebrate to end the program.

This was a good main event.  The problem I have with it is that my mind is already thinking ahead to next week and what Booking 101 says about this.  TNA won't lock Ray out of the title picture, so it's almost a foregone conclusion that he will win next Thursday.  The story is pretty watered down here, but if Ray gets the title back, there's a chance they can salvage something.

Overall, this was bad tonight.  Creative has really lost their way right now and that's a change from where I thought they were not all that long ago.  I'm surprised that we got no Hulk Hogan in this show tonight.

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