Welcome to tonight's live coverage of TNA iMPACT Wrestling.  Be sure to follow along as we'll give periodic updates throughout tonight's show.

Show Open:

We get our "previously on iMPACT" rewind, featuring the storylines of "Claire" and Aces and Eights attacking the roster.

In Ring Segment:

Bully Ray comes to the ring.  He talks about Joseph Park and admits if he learned one thing from the man it's that if there's a mountain of evidence against someone, they're guilty.  He says that James Storm is indeed guilty of leading the Aces and Eights faction.

Ray begins to explain why this is, but Storm interrupts.  Storm makes his way down to the ring and gets in Bully's face, screaming that he's tired of being blamed and having his integrity questioned.  Storm affirms that he is innocent and he's only concerned about winning the Bound for Glory Series.

Storm tells Ray he has him all worked up.  Tonight, Storm says he will settle things by kicking the crap out of Bully Ray.  Storm threatens to get physical, which leads Ray to back away and leave.

From Backstage:

A muffled voice can be heard, and we get a shot of Aces and Eights.  They talk about Sting calling them out tonight, but they will do things on their own terms.  Ray goes nuts, and again starts blaming Storm for being their leader as the show cuts to commercial.

TNA needs to work on some timing - this "cut to commercial in the middle of something" is happening quite a bit.  That said, a decent opening segment.  The threat of Aces and Eights and continued accusation against Storm puts a little more juice on their BFGS match coming up later in the show.

We get a replay of what happened with Aces and Eights before the break.

Pope D'Angelo Dinero cuts a promo on why he's going to win the 20 bonus points in the Bound for Glory Series at Hardcore Justice on Sunday.

Taz and Tenay check in and give us a recap of the current Bound for Glory Series leaderboard.  Mr. Anderson joins in on commentary for this match.

Match #1 - Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus; Bound for Glory Series

The men battle to the floor early on, with Magnus gaining the upper hand.  As they work back into the ring, RVD is still on the short end of the stick.

RVD is finally able to take control of the offense and hits the Five Star Frog Splash to get the win.

Not much of a match to work with there.  Magnus is one of those guys I hope TNA starts to invest in.  He's got a good look and his work is decent, so he could be a good singles guy outside of the Series.


Bobby Roode talks about the title match at Hardcore Justice with Austin Aries.  He says he's not pleased with the contract he was presented.

They recap last week's "Baby Shower" segment with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

Match #2 - Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (c) vs. Garrett Bischoff and Devon; TNA Tag Team Championship

Devon controls things early on, but once Garrett gets the tag the heels are able to gain control of the match.  They continue to control the action.

The finish comes when Kaz hits Devon with the TV title belt to pick up the win.

The match was alright, but felt very random.  Taz did a nice job of tying in the house shows in his explanation as to why Devon and Garrett got a chance at the tag straps.

They recap Sting meeting with Brooke Hogan last week.  Sting cuts a quick promo where he calls out the Aces and Eights.

They're really having issues getting out of the blocks tonight.  Not much action going on and they're investing a lot of time going back to last week as opposed to progressing forward to the pay per view.

Hardcore Justice Promo:

We get a video package highlighting the four Bound for Glory Series gimmick four-way matches for bonus points.

Robbie E and Robbie T are in the ring, with a table.  Robbie says he shouldn't be overlooked in the Series and promises to put Jeff Hardy through a table on Sunday.

Hardy comes out to the ring, and he gets mocked by Robbie as he comes to the ring.  Hardy goes right to work and takes out Robbie T.  He gets his hands on Robbie E, but Robbie T recovers and loads Hardy for a powerbomb through the table.

Wow.  Took 45 minutes to get to the first hype for Sunday.  Usually TNA is in hyperdrive for their go-home shows but this one feels very "throwaway" for lack of better words.

"I Don't Recall..."

AJ Styles is talking to HerveyCam.  He says he should remember sleeping with Claire since he doesn't drink.  The funny thing is, he says, is that he doesn't remember having slept with Claire.

Samoa Joe comes to the commentary position and he cuts a promo in one of the headsets.  He brags that he will win this Sunday at Hardcore Justice.

Match #3 - AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle; Bound for Glory Series

Early on, Styles nails a big drop kick and grabs control of the match. Styles hits a dive to the outside of the ring.  The camera pans to Claire in the crowd as they go to break.

Out of commercial, Styles keeps control of the match.  Angle battles his way back into the match and begins to work through some of his offense.  Later in the match, the two men trade finisher spots, even doing the other man's signature move.

The finish comes when Angle hits his second Angle Slam for the clean win.

Afterward, Claire trips her way over the security barrier in an effort to give AJ some comforting words.  AJ gives her the cold shoulder and walks off.

The match was good, but it was basically Angle's normal finisher-fest.  In this case, it worked just fine though.

Aces and Eights Talk:

Another of the members of Aces and Eights brags about the attacks they've made to this point.  He promises another one is coming tonight.

Mr. Anderson talks to James Storm, and implies Storm is leading Aces and Eights.  Anderson points out what we just heard, and says if indeed Anderson is the next victim, then he might have another "discussion" with Storm.

On the Phone:

Austin Aries is chatting on the phone, and says the contract problems would not be a problem.  HerveyCam comes up and asks Aries about the contract concerns.  Aries tells him he doesn't care about all that brouhaha and only cares about getting to Sunday.

Match #4 - Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher (c); Non-Title Knockouts Match

Kim tries an attack early, but Brooke is able to cut her off.  Kim works through her offense though and takes control for a bit.

The finish comes when Tessmacher hits her finisher to get the clean win.

Afterward, for whatever reason, Madison Rayne comes to the ring and gets fresh with Earl Hebner.

Gail and Brooke have had good matches, but this wasn't one.  Worth noting that Brooke messed up the finisher.  Again, like most of the other matches tonight they're all running too short to matter.


Joseph Park talks to the Roode and Aries contract signing that is coming up later.

Hype Video:

They air a video hyping up Kenny King.

Contract Signing:

Sting comes out to the ring, then calls out Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.  Roode is first to come out, then Aries.

Roode looks sour, and he isn't going to sit down.  He paces and says he isn't happy about the stipulation in the contract that says he doesn't get another shot at the belt as long as Austin is champion.

Roode calls it Sting's bias against him that created this contract stipulation.  Roode insists he won't sign.  Aries tells Roode to shush and says that Roode is worried that Aries has his number.  Aries hands over the document to Sting and asks to create a verbal agreement instead.

Aries offers to give up his rematch clause if Roode agrees to the original terms. This means that whoever loses won't get a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship until the other drops the title.  They shake on the deal, but Roode gets cheap and throws water in Aries' face then runs.

That was a good segment and the best sell of the pay per view of the night.  They hadn't done well with that all night.


Chavo and Hernandez talk about how they want gold, and elsewhere Kid Kash and Gunner whine about how there's a conspiracy going on.

The announcers run down the card for Hardcore Justice.

Join us Sunday night for Hardcore Justice results and coverage.

Match #5 - James Storm vs. Bully Ray; Bound for Glory Series

Ray controls the offense early on.  He throws Storm out to the floor as the match goes to commercial.

Out of the break, Storm gets a "hope spot" where he tries to come back.  Ray cuts him off, then hits him with the Bully Bomb for a great near fall.

Storm comes back with Closing Time, and it gives him a chance to set up the Last Call.  Ray counters though and hits a cutter to pick up the win.

After the match, Aces and Eights appears on the video screen and says they're going to go after Bully Ray on Sunday.

The match was a good main event that I enjoyed.  The result was somewhat expected with Storm being so far ahead, but none the less they produced a good main event.

Overall, this show was a bit of a letdown from the previous weeks.  They have been doing a good job with their storyline progression and in-ring work in previous weeks, but they didn't do that tonight.  The sell was very lacking for Hardcore Justice also.

Be sure to join us on Sunday night for live coverage of Hardcore Justice, and again next Thursday for all the fallout on iMPACT Wrestling.