Last week, we crowned the winner of the Bound for Glory Series - AJ Styles.  He survived two hard fought matches and an EGO run-in to defeat Magnus and claim his #1 Contendership to Bully Ray.  He claims that he plans to call out Dixie Carter tonight.  What does he have to say to her?

Also, Bully disposed of his Vice President, Mr. Anderson, in a brutal attack last week.  Is Anderson gone for good?  Will he somehow miraculously recover and attack Bully?

Show Open, Taped in St. Louis, MO on 9/12/2013

HerveyCam asks Magnus about being "this close" to winning the Bound for Glory Series.  Magnus says that EGO had a hand in this and blames them.  Bobby Roode shows up and tells Magnus to blame himself.  Magnus grabs him and the rest of EGO attacks him from behind.  They work Magnus over until agents and officials break them up.

We get a recap video package and the announcers check in on commentary.

Magnus comes to the ring, and gets very little reaction.  Magnus says his food doesn't taste good and he's hurting since he lost last week.  He admits that AJ is best in the business and wishes him luck against Bully Ray.  He says that this is Mafia Country and no one cares about EGO.  He calls them out to fight, saying that his family isn't there.

Kazarian comes out, and Magnus takes the fight to him, beating him down in the corner.  Christopher Daniels comes out and Magnus attacks him and beats him down also.  Roode jumps in next, and the three men gang up on Magnus.  Sting and Samoa Joe run out for the save and EGO splits.  Sting grabs a mic and demands a six-man tag for later.

That wasn't all that effective.  Magnus could have worded his promo differently because his family was indeed there with Sting and Joe running out for the save.  Also, booking the match for later off of the beat-downs takes some of the heat off of them.


Chris Sabin is talking to TJ Perkins.  He tells Perkins he liked how he demanded a match with Hardy.  He tells TJ that if he hadn't cashed in to get his shot at Bully Ray, Perkins may not be the X-Division Champion.  He tells Perkins he is welcome.

Perkins says he needs to go get ready for his match, and Sabin wishes him luck.  Perkins walks off and puts his mask n.  Sabin asks Velvet if she wants to go watch with him, and she says yes.

Shooting Perkins from the back when he doesn't have the mask on is silly.  Stop that, TNA.

Match #1 - Manik (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy makes his entrance before commercial.  Manik comes out after the break, and Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky join in at ringside to watch.

They fly around in this one, hitting some big spots.  Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind for two.  They botched a roll-through attempt that gives Manik a near fall.  In the end, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate followed with the Swanton to get the win.

Afterward, Hardy congratulates Manik, then Sabin does likewise.  Sabin puts the boots to Manik however, and Hardy ends up running him off.  Velvet looks shocked as she and Sabin leave the ring.

I have to admit that the idea of Sabin being back in the X-Division bores me a bit even though his heel turn could be interesting.  This was crash TV and Manik ended up looking out of Hardy's league.

Dixie Carter arrives, and she blows off the questions from HerveyCam.


Sabin tells Velvet to get her stuff so they could leave.  HerveyCam asks Sabin why he did what he did, and Sabin says it's because Manik is the most disrespectful person he had met and he plans to teach Manik, and other wrestlers, to respect him.

Weak, weak logic there.  And Velvet was all smiles.  Very odd.

Match #2 - Mickie James (c) vs. ODB; TNA Knockouts Championship

ODB slaps Mickie before things get underway.  Mickie comes back with a choke at the ropes, hooking her own legs in the rope.  Neat move.  Mickie goes up top for something, but she misses and ODB follows with a fall-away slam.  Mickie rolls out and catches ODB between the apron and the ring when ODB goes out after her.  Mickie throws a punch going to commercial.

Out of break, the two trade punches, then ODB slaps her boobs then her...well...yeah...before hitting a suplex.  I hate that part of her act.  Mickie hits a spinning heel kick but doesn't cover.  She instead screams at ODB to stand up then helps her to the corner.  She tries for her tornado DDT, but instead ODB counters and hits a slam and covers for the win.

The match was fine, but that ending caught the crowd by surprise and they didn't react immediately.  And this goes downhill from here...

Afterward, Eric Young and Joseph Par come out to celebrate with  ODB.  Park is drinking chocolate milk.  This draws out the Bro-Mans, and they cut a trashing promo on the trio. They call it the creepiest three-way in history.

Park says if he wasn't wearing his suit he'd punch them.  Robbie says that sounds like Park wants to fight.  Park says he didn't say that, and Young steps in and says he'll fight.  He challenges either man.

Match #3 - Eric Young (w/Joseph Park and ODB) vs. Robbie E. (w/Jesse)

This is over in a few seconds as EY rolls up Robbie for the win.  Robbie gets a mic and says it didn't count because he was challenging Park, not EY.  He dares Park, who shakes his head.  Robbie calls him a fat bastard and he heads back toward the ring.

I'm sorry, but there's no other way to say this:  This shit is terrible.

Match #4 - Joseph Park vs. Robbie E

Again, they do the roll-up bit and Park wins almost immediately.

Afterward, Bro-Mans attack both and put the boots to them.  Park ends up on the floor and eats the guardrail.  He comes up bleeding, so he hulks up and destroys both of the Bro-Mans.  He snaps out of it and asks EY what went down, and EY just smiles and hugs him.

And that shit got worse!  HOW?!  That is terrible.

Taz and Tenay talk about Anderson's condition and what happened last week.  Taz says he is surprised at what Ray did to Anderson on last week's show.  They feed it to a recap of the angle from last week, then show Ray and Brooke heading to the ring.

We get a recap of Styles winning last week, then calling out Dixie Carter.  Dixie walks out of her office backstage and Hulk Hogan approaches her.  He asks what's going on with Styles, and she tells him to wait while she reads something on her phone.  Hogan offers to walk out with her, and she says she has everything under control.

That was, well, rude for Dixie.

In-Ring Segment:

Aces and Eights comes to the ring.  Ray asks about Anderson's whereabouts, then says apparently he couldn't make it tonight.  He insults the fans and asks if we know who he is.  Wes starts to bitch about Brooke.  Ray tells him to check himself, and Garrett speaks up and says Wes has a point.  Ray backs Garrett into a corner then tells them that if either man talked to him that way again, he'd slap their faces.

Knux grabs the mic and asks what about him.  He says he's been there since day one, when they had 25 people, and now they're down to four.  He asks about Ray's leadership and says Ray still talks club business but he forgot the one main rule: Bros before hoes.

Ray slaps him and tells Knux if he ever refers to his girl as a hoe again, he will knock his head off.  The fans get a "hoe" chant going and Knux pulls his hat off and does the crazy eyes look.  Ray says it's time to leave and he gets out before Knux gets to him.  Ray and Brooke leave as the other three seethe in the ring.

I'm glad to see there's an exit plan.  It's clear that Aces won't be around much longer - something Bully said in an interview about groups staying too long beyond their welcome.  The exit plan doesn't look all that exciting, but at least there is one.


Sting hypes up Magnus to get ready to fight EGO.

Match #5 - Hernandez (w/Chavo) vs. Gunner (w/James Storm)

Mexican America 3.5 makes their entrance.  The tag champs come out next.  Chavo gets a mic and says that as badly as he wanted to embarrass the champs, the doctor says he's too injured to work.  Gunner takes the mic and says that he isn't leaving until he fights someone. He asks about Hernandez and he says he's fine.  Storm says he will sit on the floor and drink beer.

They didn't say, but I'm guessing that the "if Hernandez wins, he and Chavo earn a championship match" stipulation is in play.  Hernandez is able to hit his shoulder tackle, but Gunner comes back with a fallaway slam and a backbreaker to get the win.

This show is horrible tonight.  They're rushing through stuff and making terrible booking decisions.  Gunner beats Hernandez - so, why is there any interest in a match going forward?  Why not have Chavo cheat and get the win for Hernandez so that there's some heat there?

Match #6 - Sting, Samoa Joe and Magnus (the Main Event Mafia) vs. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (EGO)

We get ring intros.  Sting goes back to retrieve his bat from behind the curtain.

Joe and Daniels start things.  Daniels attacks as Roode distracts the bigger man.  Joe no-sells it and destroys Daniels.  Kazarian tags in, and he gets a beating from Magnus and Sting.  Sting knocks Daniels and Roode out to the floor.  Daniels trips Sting on a whip, letting the heels take control going to commercial.

Out of break, Sting continues to sell for the heels.  He gets a tag, but the official didn't see it so it got waved off.  He finally gets the hot tag to Magnus and he gets a slam on Roode and covers.  Daniels breaks things up, and the match breaks down.  The Mafia guys hit some big moves, and EGO breaks up the covers.  Joe hits a big suicide dive and looks like he eats the railing.  Sting locks Daniels in the Scorpion.  Roode gets the bat and lines up to hit Sting, but Magnus "takes the bullet" to protect Sting.  Roode covers for the win.

Not a bad six-man tag.  The announcers tried to pass it off that Magnus is in a slump, but they were trying way too hard.  EGO was to blame for his loss in the BFGS final, and here he ate a ball bat to the back.  That's not a slump, guys.

In-Ring Segment:

AJ Styles comes out. He says he's been there since day one and tried to make the company a viable alternative.  He says that Dixie Carter's daddy bought a "wrasslin' company" with no blood, sweat, or experience.  He accuses Dixie of breaking up what worked.  He asks what happened to Low Ki and Jerry Lynn.  He says they were replaced by MMA guys and guys who came for a one or two year vacation before they go back to where they came from.  He says that pisses him off.

He says Dixie's biggest mistake was staring her in the face.  He says that contrary to internet reports, he doesn't have a contract anymore and none of the contracted stars respect Dixie anyhow.  He says he's going to win the TNA title for himself and all the boys she dumped.  He says he's going to make her get on her knees and beg, then make her pay.

Um, not a fan of that choice of words.

Dixie comes out, sans music, and gets in Styles' face.  Styles tells her to say something, and says he expected a tweet or something so she needs to talk.  She says if Styles needed to say this in public, it must be from the heart.  She says that as president she is responsible to the fans, office staff, and talent.  She apologizes, while almost in tears.

Her mood changes though, and she says she's sorry that she ever let him think he was anything special.  She says Styles is only slightly better than an average fish in any pond anywhere.  She calls him "the marginal one" because she can't recall the last time he had a truly great match.  She says "the phenomenal one" is only a marketing gimmick she came up with and that made AJ, just like she was the one who built this house, not AJ.

Dixie tells him that without daddy's paycheck, he would still be doing nothing at the trailer park. She says AJ is lucky that he was even allowed to be a part of the company and thanks him mockingly for allowing her to come out to her ring and address his issues.  She goes to leave and AJ tells her before she leaves to put her mic where it belongs.

Dixie runs over and yells for AJ's mic to be cut.  She grabs a headset from the cameraman on the apron and demands the mic be cut.  The mic goes out, then she demands the lights be turned out because the show is over.  All the lights go out and the fans boo as the show ends.


Where is the logic here?  AJ being frustrated with Dixie has a little bit of logic, but that's about it.  Even that was when AJ was a heel though and during that atrocious Claire Lynch story.

Dixie's reaction was out of left field, and felt really forced and fake.  There might be hope for it because she did sort of find her way with it though.  But in the end, none of this makes any sort of sense at all.  I can see getting upset with AJ, but to this level of nastiness?

This show was terrible, there's no other way to say it.  It felt like so much crash TV like TNA did so much of during the Russo years.  I will say the "lights out" ending was a neat visual though.  But it didn't make up for the rest of the show we saw.  I can picture Dixie's character change hooking some viewers for next week but if they don't follow up with some logic then it's going to be a big waste of time.

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