The following is a very abbreviated show report for tonight's live TNA iMPACT broadcast.  I never left the office until 10:15PM EST, which wasn't expected.  I will be doing a more detailed "Afterthoughts" style report tomorrow evening to bring this all full circle.

TNA is taping future television as well as a One Night Only pay per view in Orlando.  If you are or did attend and would like to offer your feedback or help with spoilers, please let me know with an email to or hit me on Twitter!

Show live from Orlando, FL at Universal Studios.

  • Dixie Carter gets asked if she has anything to say, but now isn't the time.
  • MVP announces the ten-man gauntlet to determine Magnus' next challenger.  Joe won't be competing and MVP has a replacement.  That match is first.

Match #1 - Ten Man Gauntlet Match to determine the new #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

  • This is essentially the Royal Rumble but with only ten guys.  Gunner and James Storm battle first.
  • In sequence, entrants are Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Ethan Carter III, Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, then Abyss.  Ray and Lashley team up on Abyss.  Magnus joins the commentators.
  • Eric Young comes out after commercial, and Sanada came out during.  Magnus says on commentary that he's happy and that since he has plowed through everyone this is a chance to start over.  Willow is last out.
  • Willow and EC3 go at it, and Willow ends up on the apron. Rockstar Spud runs out and assists getting Willow out.
  • Eliminations in order - Sanada, Lashley, Roode, Bully Ray (with help from Roode by EC3), Gunner.  Final Four is Abyss, EC3, EY, and Storm.
  • EY skins the cat and eliminates EC3.  EY eliminates Storm with a drop kick off a skin the cat attempt.
  • Struggle between Abyss and EY.  He hits Monster Shock, then throws EY over but he hangs on.  EY fights his way back in, clotheslines Abyss over and hangs on to win.
  • Short promo from EY asks for MVP to come out.
  • MVP comes to the stage and EY says he wants his shot tonight.  Magnus laughs and agrees and says it's fine because it's always Magnus rules.
  • MVP flips the switch, bans Abyss and says no interference or people are fired and if he's counted out or DQ'd he loses the belt.  Magnus doesn't like it.


  • Spud surprises Dixie with a decorated office.  She yells at him for it and says he sold her up a river.  Willow barges in and destroys everything after Dixie leaves.

Match #2 - Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Angelina Love vs. Brittany; #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship

  • Much ass shaking from Angelina and Velvet.
  • ODB dumped out, heels team on Brittany.
  • Infighting between the heels lets Brittany hit a handspring elbow, but she takes a clothesline from Angelina.
  • ODB back in the match, things break down  Kim and Angelina are left.
  • Velvet sprays Kim, Angelina hits her bicycle kick to get the win.


  • Dixie bickers with MVP, and he threatens to have her removed.  She says she came to address the one disgruntled employee who cost her the control.
  • MVP says he will bring popcorn for that segment.
  • Jesse and DJ Z approach MVP, and the Wolves are already there and they get riled.  Jesse has both belts, and MVP confirms Robbie's flight was canceled.  MVP tells him he had enough, and Robbie has til bell time to get there or DJ Z will replace him in the title match.  They're not happy but the Wolves are.
  • Recap of EY getting his title shot.  Magnus calls it a waste to challenge tonight.

In-Ring Segment:

  • Dixie calls out Bully Ray and the fans want him to put her through a table.  She asks him if he hears the fans chanting "we don't like you" to deflect a chant at her.
  • She mocks him for getting put through three tables but Ray says Roode didn't get the job done.
  • She says she will deal with that later but wants to know why he cost her control.  Ray takes exception and says the company belongs to the fans.  She asks if he is spokesperson for the fans.
  • Ray says he's no one's spokesperson and doesn't care who does or doesn't like him but he's respected. She says she is but Ray says she isn't.  She asks for the money she paid him back, but Ray spent it on strippers and a car.
  • She slaps the mic from him says she's still his boss.  She slaps him, then Roode runs out for the attack.  He beats Ray down and sets up a table, but Ray battles back and teases a Bully Bomb.  Roode escapes, and Ray eyes up Dixie.  Fans are hot for him to put her through a table but no dice.


  • Magnus approaches Dixie and asks why she's ignoring him.  She tells him she's not there for him.
  • He asks what she will do for him and she says leave.  Typical woman.  She calls him ungrateful and suggested he use his own insurance plan.  She walks, and Magnus quips "Wrath of Dixie my ass."

Match #3 - The Wolves vs. DJ Z and Jesse; Tag Team Championship

  • No Robbie.  Richards has a mohawk.
  • Combo dive then the Alarm Clock.  Cover, but Robbie E runs to the ring to break it up.  Ends in DQ.

Earlier today: Christy Hemme is making eyes in the camera and says she wants to talk commitment with Sam Shaw.

In-Ring Segment:

  • Hemme calls out Shaw, who gets the creepy bastard chants.  Hemme says he's misunderstood.
  • He thanks her for seeing the truth, and he calls her the love of his life.
  • She agrees, asks if he would go anywhere or do anything for her.  He starts to pull the glove off and she does it for him.  She gets all sexy and tells him to close his eyes so he can go where he deserves.
  • A van shows up with "Psychiatric Services" written on it.  Anderson pops out and enters while Shaw is standing with his eyes closed.
  • Open the eyes, he sees Anderson.  Mic Check, then Anderson says his commitment is to the funny farm.  Crowd chant, and Anderson takes Shaw to the van.  Shaw recovers and runs.

Match #4 - Magnus (c) vs. Eric Young; TNA World Heavyweight Championship

  • EY does his Flair gimmick early but misses a moonsault.  Sells his arm hurting.
  • Magnus works him on the floor.  EY tries a dive but Magnus punches him out of mid-air and slams him to the stairs.
  • Magnus continues the ground and pound.  Magnus controls him with a chinlock.
  • EY comes back with an electric chair, but gets cut off with a driver.
  • Magnus goes for his title belt, but the official grabs it away.  Magnus hits a low blow during the distraction.
  • Magnus charges EY, but EY counters with a crucifix pinfall for two.
  • EY hits a quick piledriver and grabs the  win and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

That's the quick rundown of tonight's show.  I'm stunned that EY ended up with the title tonight.  That's, well, gonna take some thought for me to wrap my head around if it makes sense or not.

I'll have more on tonight's show in an "Afterthoughts" style article tomorrow.  Be on the lookout for that, and feel free to give your feedback as well.  Got questions?  Tweet me, and I'll include that in the discussion of the show!