Tonight is TNA's biggest night of the's Bound for Glory.  The show takes place live from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Ariz.  Tonight's card is as follows:

  • Zema Ion (c) vs. Rob Van Dam; TNA X-Division Championship
  • Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles; TNA Tag Team Championship
  • Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara; TNA Knockouts Championship
  • Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus; TNA Television Championship
  • Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy; TNA World Heavyweight Championship
  • James Storm vs. Bobby Roode; Street Fight, w/ King Mo Lawal as special enforcer
  • Sting and Bully Ray vs. Two Members of Aces and Eights; If Sting's team wins, Aces and Eights is gone from TNA
  • Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow; if Ryan wins, he is awarded a TNA contract.

Live results and opinion will start at the top of the hour, so stay tuned to for updates throughout the event.

Show Open:

They roll a show-opening package that shows "the greater the difficulty, the greater the glory."  We get comments from various talents as they roll through a Bound for Glory hype video.

Taz and Tenay welcome us to this "signature event" for TNA tonight.  They sell the main event and the Sting and Bully Ray vs. Two members of Aces and Eights later.  There has been a no-disqualification stipulation added to that match.  Christy Hemme is in ring to give us intros for the first match.

Match #1 - Zema Ion (c) vs. Rob Van Dam; TNA X-Division Championship

Live crowd is into RVD and chanting along with his entrance music.  RVD gets a fast start and even does his thumb-point thing without it costing him.

Ion gets a good tornado DDT in and shoves RVD off the ropes to the floor.  He hits a big flip to the outside onto Rob.  RVD hits a cool "toss up and drop kick" spot on Ion.  He hits Rolling Thunder then follows with the Five Star to pick up the win and the X-Division Championship.

Winner - Rob Van Dam to become the new X-Division Champion

This was a fun opener that got the fans excited and worked well to start the night off hot.  Surprised with the title change, but you wonder if there's more story here for Thursday (such as the weight limit stipulation).


JB conducts a short interview with Magnus to lead into the TV Championship bout.

Match #2 - Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus; TNA Television Championship

The first five minutes of this one is some good back and forth.  Joe locks on the STF and Magnus tries to break it at the ropes.  Joe hooks in his other arm.  Magnus yells but shifts himself to get his leg to the ropes.  Nice work.  The live crowd thought that might be the finish and bought in.

Magnus catches Joe with a knee to the chops about seven minutes in then hits a top rope elbow for a good near fall.  The crowd rallies behind Joe as he starts throwing punches.

Magnus tries a clothesline that Joe ducks.  Joe locks on the rear naked choke.  Magnus pushes off the ropes but Joe holds on.  Magnus actually gets a pin count that Joe kicks out of.  Magnus tries the figure four but Joe counters back into the rear naked choke to get the win.

Winner - Samoa Joe to retain the TNA Television Championship

Good match.  The fans are eating this up - Joe is over and Magnus got some good heat.  This is a good step for the "red toy belt" known as the TV Championship.


JB is with Bobby Roode.  Roode reminds us that James Storm has never beaten him and recalls that Storm took his ball and went home after the beating Roode gave him at Lockdown.  Roode says he will end Storm's career tonight.

They feed it to a video package recapping the Storm/Roode feud and King Mo Lawal's involvement as special referee.

Match #3 - James Storm vs. Bobby Roode; Street fight with King Mo Lawal as special referee.

King Mo comes out with his crown and robe on for his enforcer role.  Earl Hebner is the official for this one though.  Storm has a welt on his chest already.

Early on the battle spills to ringside.  Storm teases Eye of the Storm on the announce table but Roode slips away.  Worth noting the announce table is likely plexiglas and different than expected at ringside.

Roode catapults Storm to the post, then pulls out weapons from under the ring.  Storm is bleeding and Roode tosses him in the ring.  Roode works him over with strikes and a chair jab.  Storm gets a kendo stick and goes to work, including a shot to a trash can between Roode's legs.

Storm's bleeding pretty bad here.  He hits a DDT on the ramp, then hits Roode with a crutch that he got from a fan.  Storm charges but eats a spinebuster.  Taz makes a good call on it by saying Storm was blinded by his blood.

The brawl rolls on, with Storm grabbing a beer from a fan to wash some of the blood off his face.  Storm puts Roode on the announce table, but Roode spears Storm off the table and onto a traditional table next to it.  That gets a "holy shit" chant going.

Roode tries to get a pin but only gets two, which upsets him.  Roode shoves Hebner which brings King Mo in.  He shoves Roode into the Closing Time (Codebreaker) from Storm.  Storm hits Last Call to get a near fall.  Roode is checking his teeth.

Roode battles back and puts Storm on the rope.  He goes looking for a weapon and finds a chair.  He hits Storm with the chair, then throws out some thumbtacks.  He tries a superplex but Storm shoves him off after some headbutts and Roode ends up landing on the tacks.

Storm follows up with an elbow and tries a cover but only gets two.  Roode hits a low blow that Taz points out as legal.  They show the tacks in Roode's back as Roode brings in some beer bottles.  Storm hits a low blow of his own.

Storm grabs the beer and slams it over Roode's head.  The fans chant for another as Storm jaws at Roode.  Storm hits the Last Call again with Roode landing on the tacks a second time.  Storm covers and gets the win.

Winner - James Storm

That was a good brawl that the fans loved.  The tacks didn't make me groan, either.  They kept King Mo out of it for the most part, so it allowed the focus to stay on Roode and Storm.  This was a good blow-off point for this feud.


JB is with Joey Ryan for an interview.  Ryan says he has an advantage being from the West Coast.  They feed it to a video package to recap the storyline.

Ryan came off well in that interview, and not undercard.

Match #4 - Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow; if Ryan wins, he gets a contract.

Snow looks in good shape for his age.  The fans chant "you've still got it" even though he didn't do much early on other than taunt Ryan.  Taz puts Snow over, saying he trains younger talent so he's not rusty.  Some of the fans are into Snow, and Ryan struggles to get heat.  Six minutes in, Snow calls for Head, which gets a chant of "we want head."  Taz says that it's a horny crowd.  Groan-inducing moment.

Snow goes to ringside and pulls out Head, which gets a pop.  The official stops him from using it though and Ryan hits Snow from behind.  The official gets a bump there.  Ryan kisses Head in a funny moment.  Ryan tries a baseball slide but Snow pulls out the ring skirt as a counter.

Snow celebrates with Head, but here comes the returning Matt Morgan.  He arrived out of nowhere and hits the Carbon Footprint on Snow.  Morgan rolls Snow in, and Ryan covers for the win.

Winner - Joey Ryan to obtain a TNA Contract

Afterward, Morgan gets in the ring and jaws at Snow.  He yells at him that "I'm back, mother f**kers" without a mic in hand.  Morgan plays to the camera and Ryan hugs Morgan's leg.  The two shake hands then Morgan continues to jaw into the camera.

I assumed the result would be what it is, but I'm shocked that we got a Morgan return to be the reason.  I don't think the pairing is very good and may in fact drag Morgan down if they're looking to push Morgan.


JB is with the tag team champions and they talk about the upcoming triple threat title match.  They feed it into a video package and Tenay runs down the taglines feature.

Match #5 - Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (c) vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez; TNA Tag Team Championship in a triple threat match

Taz comments that Chavo and Hernandez may have the home-field advantage here.  Wes Briscoe is shown at ringside cheering for Angle.  Styles has a pink ribbon worked into his gear as he's done in the past for breast cancer awareness.

Live crowd is flat early on as Styles sells.  Chavo has a taped-up shoulder.  The crowd is still pretty flat but does give some applause for Styles' offense.  The crowd starts to warm up as Daniels hits a clothesline from the apron.  He gets the hot tag to Angle and the crowd really gets going.

Angle hits German suplexes on both of the champs.  He runs up the ropes and hits a superplex on Kaz, landing him on Daniels mid-ring.  Nice spot.  The men in the match take turns hitting big moves and Hernandez hits a big dive on Daniels over the top rope.

Kaz hits a huracanrana on Hernandez but he lands hard on the floor.  The announcers wonder if he broke his shoulder as Daniels checks in on him.  Angle hits the Angle Slam on Chavo and goes up top but Hernandez is there to set up the Border Toss.  Styles tags in.

Styles and Angle hit a double suplex on Hernandez.  Kaz gets back in the match and doesn't seem injured.  Daniels hits the BME on Styles for a near fall.  Chavo goes up top and Daniels waits to react.  That was awkward.  Chavo hits a dive on Kaz out on the floor.

Daniels clears Styles but eats a shoulder block from Super Mex.  Hernandez hits a Border Toss on Daniels and Chavo follows with the frog splash to get the win.

Winner - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to win the TNA Tag Team Championship

Afterward, Christy Hemme interviews the winners at the ramp. Chavo dedicated the win to his late uncle Eddie and pointed skyward.

The live crowd was flat to the change, or actually booed it.  Chavo's "Eddie" reference won them over a little.  Eddie's birthday was last week and he was buried in the area, so I'll give it a pass tonight.

They use a video package to set up the Knockouts Title Match

Match #6 - Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara; TNA Knockouts Championship

Tara comes out alone without her boyfriend as the camera focuses on some British Bootcamp contestants in the crowd.  Taryn Terrell is the official and they have a local radio talent as the timekeeper.

Tara controls early.  Tessmacher fights back but gets no reaction.  There's a small dueling chant that breaks out but it doesn't last.  Tessmacher misses a missile dropkick that allows Tara to hit the Widow's Peak for the win.

Winner - Tara to win the Knockouts Championship

Afteward, Terrell hands Tara the belt.  She clutches it and grabs a mic.  She says she did it for her boyfriend, not the fans, and introduces her "boo." It's Jessie from Big Brother.  He gets no reaction while Taz plays it up.  He and Tara make out in the ring, then he puts the belt around her waist and raises her hand.

It completely bombed though, despite the popularity of Big Brother.  This show is cooling off since the Storm/Roode brawl and the fans are falling out of it.  Two matches to go - hopefully they deliver.

They go to a video package covering the Hall of Fame.  Taz and Tenay talk about how they were honored to be a part of Sting's induction last night.

They go to a video recap of the Aces and Eights story, including Shaquille O'Neal's brief appearance.

Match #7 - Sting and Bully Ray vs. Aces and Eights team; if Sting and Ray win, Aces is banned from TNA

Sting's music hits and the crowd gets fired up.  Sting and Ray come out together; Sting with a Bully Ray shirt and Ray with the old-school Sting paint.  Aces and Eights come out with Joseph Park in tow.  They chain him to the guardrail and one of the Aces punches him for good measure.  Sting and Ray hit the floor to start the brawl.

They brawl at ringside.  Sting misses a splash and crashes into the guardrail.  The match makes its way back into the ring and settles into a traditional tag match.  Sting sells as the Aces work on him. 

He battles back and gets a Scorpion Leg Lock but the other man attacks Sting from behind.  Ray cheers Sting on and eventually gets a hot tag.  He works both Aces but they fight back.  Ray takes them down with a double clothesline.

One of the Aces teases using a chair but Ray catches him with a kick.  Another member of the Aces runs in from the crowd and hits a low blow on Ray.  The man spits at Park, and he goes nuts.  Park breaks the handcuffs and gets in the ring.  He fights the extra man to the back.

Ray hoists up one of the Aces and tags Sting for a clothesline off the ropes ala the Doomsday Device.  Sting yells at Ray to get the tables, and he does.  Ray sets up a table in the ring.

The other Ace pulls Sting to the floor.  Another member of the faction shows up and hits a one-armed slam on Ray through the table.  The one member of the Aces team covers for the win.

Winner - Aces and Eights members to gain access to TNA

Other Aces members hit the ring and start beating Sting down.  Hulk's music hits and the fans cheer.  Hogan comes out and one by one the Aces charge him but eat punches.  Hogan rips his shirt off and walks to the ring where there's only one remaining member.

Hogan points and no-sells the man's punches.  Hogan throws hands of his own and hits the big boot.  Hogan calls for the mask to be pulled off of the member in the ring.  Sting holds him and Hogan pulls the mask off.  It's Devon.

Hogan and Ray look shocked.  Hogan, Sting and Ray are so shocked they just let Devon leave the ring without incident.  Devon says it was always him and asks how it feels now.  Ray asks him the same thing from the ring.  Devon and the rest of the faction leave through the crowd while Ray, Sting and Hogan are dumbfounded in the ring.

Tenay and Taz talk about the reveal and says the door is open for anarchy now that Aces and Eights won this match.

Wow.  Talk about a low-brow reveal. I still think Ray will be a part of the group somehow since Devon just isn't a strong leader.  The live crowd didn't care, and quite frankly neither do I.


JB tells us the main event is up next.  He brings in Aries, who says he's going to win tonight using anger.  He says Hardy has never seen him angry, but recants and says he may have when Aries kicked Hardy in the balls and dropped him on his head.  Aries promises this won't be Hardy's redemption song.

They use a video package to set up the main event.

Match #8 - Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy; TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Hardy comes out with a red mask on.  He takes that off to reveal black and white face paint.  He gets a good reaction as he heads to the ring, slapping hands with fans.  Aries gets his entrance and has his supporters but Hardy is clearly more popular.

JB handles the introductions.  Aries supporters fire up and boo Hardy, and it's notable that the pitch of Hardy supporters is like the reaction Cena gets - high pitched.  The chants pick up after the bell rings to kick it off.

Aries backs Hardy to a corner and the official breaks it up.  Aries backs off but Hardy shoves him.  Aries catches Hardy in an arm hold but Hardy slaps him to break it up.

Hardy goes on the first run of offense as the fans react - still split.  Aries battles back with his own run of offense and gets frustrated that he can't put Hardy away.  The live crowd continues to duel with their chants.

Aries hits a corkscrew dive and covers Hardy for a near fall.  Aries locks on a front face lock as Tenay talks about control.  Taz sells the sequence as a set-up for the Last Chancery.  Hardy hits this wild move that looked like a powerbomb, but Hardy instead fell backward and slams Aries face first.  Neat move.

Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind for a near fall.  He misses a dive to the floor moments later, though, and Aries gets one of his own.  Aries hits another and rolls Hardy back int he ring to get a near fall of hsi own.  Aries is bleeding near his eye it looks like.

Aries locks on Last Chancery but Hardy breaks it with his foot on the ropes.  They battle to the ramp, and Aries tries to clothesline Hardy back in but it doesn't work.  Aries hits a neckbreaker on the ramp and hits a missile dropkick back in the ring.

Aries charges Hardy in a corner but Hardy gets a foot up.  They trade punches mid-ring and Aries cues up a discus shot but Hardy avoids and hits Twist of Fate to get a good near fall.  Hardy goes up top and plays the crowd before hitting the Swanton.  Taz points out the booing.

Aries cuts off Hardy and hits a top rope huracanrana and follows with the Brainbuster.  He covers but Hardy kicks out.  Aries goes up top and tries a double stomp but Hardy moves.  He hits a stunner then the Twist of Fate.  He goes up for the Swanton and nails it to get the win.

Winner - Jeff Hardy to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

That was a strong main event, but I feel like the wrong guy went over.  The match was certainly entertaining and a strong effort to close out their biggest pay-per-view of the year.  TNA succeeded with that.

The main event had to deliver big because the show lost its big-show feel partway through the card.  After Storm vs. Roode, the night went kind of flat and the Devon reveal was meaningless to me.  The main event bailed out the night - though Aries fans won't agree with that.  TNA does need to get away from the CM Punk/Cena vibe it felt like they might be trying to create though with the title feud.

The building looked good on TV and it's always a good thing for TNA to get out of the iMPACT Zone.  The fans reacted very well when given a reason to as well.

Be sure to join us Thursday night for all the fallout of tonight's Bound for Glory event as we bring you live iMPACT coverage starting at 8PM EST.  Thanks for watching along tonight.