Tonight, it's TNA's biggest event of the year, Bound for Glory.  AJ Styles looks for redemption after a year out of the title picture as he faces Bully Ray in a no-disqualification match.  The Knockouts, X-Division, and tag team championships are also on the line tonight.  Here's the full card:

Pre-Show Match:

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Bad Influence vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. The Bro-Mans; Gauntlet match, winner gets a match with James Storm and Gunner for the TNA Tag Team Championship on the pay per view:

Main Card:

Manik (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries; TNA X-Division Championship fought in Ultimate X

ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke; TNA Knockouts Championship fought under three-way rules

James Storm and Gunner (c) vs. the winner of the four-team gauntlet on the pre-show; TNA Tag Team Championship

Sting vs. Magnus

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Bully Ray (w/Brooke, c) vs. AJ Styles; TNA World Heavyweight Championship under No Disqualification Rules

Pre-Show Open, live from the Viejas Arena in San Diego, CA

Jeremy Borash is dressed in a tux and standing by a set that features several TVs.  He calls for Dixie Carter, who happens to be walking by.  She simply mentions that AJ Styles will pay tonight.

Mike Tenay and Taz check in from ringside.  They give us a rundown of the card for tonight.  Tenay says that we'll see Kurt Angle's formal induction into the TNA Hall of Fame tonight, as well as him facing Bobby Roode in the ring.

We get to see footage from earlier in the day of Gail Kim, Jeff Hardy, Magnus, AJ Styles and Bully Ray all arriving at the building separately.


JB is with the tag teams competing in the gauntlet match.  He points out that the Bro-Mans have already earned the fourth spot.  He draws a name from a bowl and it ends up meaning that Eric Young and Joseph Park get the third entry.  Chavo and Hernandez will face Bad Influence to start.  Some pushing and shoving ensues.

Ethan Carter III is posing in front of some screen.  He looks to the camera and says that he will make Aunt D very happy and proud.  A graphic points out that EC3 "is coming tonight to Bound for Glory."


Robbie E and Jesse are talking about the gauntlet match, and call in this guy called "Big Bro."  He's some bald and jacked up dude and they flip out.  Taz points out that "Big Bro" is 3 time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath.

We get a video package that highlights the Ultimate X match, and it focuses on Jeff Hardy being involved.


Gil Corsey, who appears to be at least a temporary addition to the broadcast team, interviews Bad Influence.  The two talk about winning the gauntlet match.

Hall of Fame Banquet Highlights:

Taz and Tenay talk about Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame banquet from last night.  They show footage from the banquet.  JB introduces Kurt Angle.  Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Sting talk about Kurt.  JB introduces Angle s the man who will formally be inducted on Sunday night.  They show a brief clip of Angle thanking the fans.


Samoa Joe gets Sting and Magnus pumped up.  Joe says that AJ will win the TNA title, Joe will win the X-Division title, and hopefully Sting and Magnus will work out whatever issues they have.  Angle walks in and hugs everyone.  Joe says this is their night, and it's time to show the world what the Mafia is all about.

Christy Hemme gives us ring introductions for the gauntlet match.

Match #1 - Bad Influence vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. The Bro-Mans; Winner gets the right to face James Storm and Gunner on the pay per view for the TNA Tag Team Championship

Daniels and Kazarian vs. Hernandez and Chavo to start things off.  Hernandez hits his big running shoulder block while Chavo hits a cross body block heading into the break.  After commercial, Chavo hits the Three Amigos suplexes.  He gets some boos while he does them but the fans cheer him when he plays to the crowd.

Chavo goes up top only to get shoved down by Kazarian.  Daniels rolls up Chavo and they move on.

Chavo and Hernandez eliminated by Daniels and Kazarian.

Eric Young and Joseph Park are out next.  Park misses a big butt splash, which allows Daniels and Kazarian to control the action heading to commercial.  Young tags in now that we're back, and he goes on a run ending with a belly-to-belly suplex.  He covers but Kaz breaks things up.

Daniels tries the Best Moonsault Ever, but Young moves.  Daniels lands on his feet only to get whipped into Park.  Park hits him with a fallaway slam.  Young covers and gets the pin to a chorus of boos.

Bad Influence eliminated by Eric Young and Joseph Park

Bad Influence roughs up Park and Young for the elimination.  An official calls for help for Park.  BroMans come to the ring with Phil Heath and Security helps Park up.  Park is bleeding from the mouth.

Cue Abyss-mode!

Robbie E and Jesse both try pinning Young straight away.  Young kicks out.  Eventually, Bro-Mans hit their version of the Hart Attack and pin EY for the win.

Winner - Bro-Mans get the title shot against James Storm and Gunner later.

As I mentioned in my preview and prediction piece, I really felt Bad Influence was the best choice to go on to face Storm and Gunner.  This match did nothing to sell one more pay per view for TNA - nothing.  Bro-Mans are at best a mid-card comedy schtick if even that.  I can't believe TNA chose to give this away on their preview show.


Eric Young is looking for Joseph Park.  He finds him, and says "Oh no...."  EY tells the camera man to back up.

The announcers run down the pay per view card and feed it to a video package to hype the night's main event.

Bully Ray comes out and asks the fans if they think Aces and Eights is finished.  He tells them that's what he wants them to think.  He says that AJ Styles is bound for embarrassment tonight, and he is bound for greatness.

The announcers have a brief chat.


Dixie Carter asks Bully to assure her that tonight is AJ's last night in the company.  Ray laughs and walks off.  You can hear the live crowd chanting for Austin Aries as the preview show closes.

God, I'd have rather Bully talk for 60 minutes rather than see the Bro-Mans win that gauntlet match...

TNA Bound for Glory Pay Per View:

We get a video that focuses on the main event between AJ and Bully.  The narrator welcomes us to the event, then Tenay and Taz introduce the show.

Match #1 - Manik (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin (w/Velvet Sky); X-Division Championship fought in Ultimate X

Tenay runs down the history of each man as it pertains to Ultimate X as they come out.  He points out that this is a bit of a California homecoming for Joe as well.  Hardy is in all white tonight.

Aries climbs up early, but gets cut off and pulled down by Hardy.  Aries lands a bit strange, but he jumps right back up.  Hardy pulls out a ladder and that draws a big pop from the live crowd.  He gets roughed up before he can use it though.

Aries hits a high cross body from the top rope to the opponents on the floor.  He climbs back up to the corner and lays across the ropes and plays to the fans.  He then makes a play for the title belt, but Manik cuts him off.

Aries hits Joe with a running drop kick in the corner and tries the Brainbuster.  Joe counters it into a sleeper hold, then swings him around and lets him fly.  Manik goes up on the cables, but Joe kind of non-chalantly pulls him down on his knee.  Sabin hits Joe with a drop kick from behind.

Hardy sets up a ladder and climbs.  Joe climbs the other side.  Aries hits a drop kick to send them both off the ladder.  Manik does a leap on the cable that was pretty impressive, and Aries meets him via the ladder.  They exchange blows while on the ladder.  Sabin shoves the ladder over, so both of them go flying.  Sabin waves to the fans and gets a decent amount of heat.

Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Sabin.  Velvet Sky checks on him, and Sabin yells at her to stop Hardy.  She tells him no, but he shoves her in the ring and tells her to stop him.  Hardy politely moves her out of the way.  Sabin starts up the ladder and Hardy goes up the other side.  Sabin grabs the belt, hits Hardy with it, and falls to the ground to win.

Winner - Chris Sabin to win the X-Division Championship

This just wasn't memorable.  There were some big spots and bumps that were neat, but the finish just fell flat.  It just felt like the "let's get everyone of note on the show" match I thought it would be.  Sabin heeled it up at times and got good reactions which is a step in the right direction for his character at least.

The announcers feed it to footage of AJ Styles being the first X-Division Champion and Ricky Steamboat handing him the title.

In-Ring Segment:

Daniels and Kaz come out for a promo.  "Not since the premiere of 'Brokeback Mountain' have two men been more screwed than Bad Influence."  Kazarian complains that it's an embarrassment that they aren't the team contending for the tag titles.

Daniels says that Bad Influence is TNA and they are the best tag team the company has ever seen.  Daniels says that TNA can make it up to them and says they like to throw swerves and curves for all the bags of douche.  He says they add matches at the last minute and have a three-way Knockouts match and five men in the Ultimate X.  He demands that Bad Influence be added to the tag title match.

Eric Young joins them in the ring.  He says he doesn't want to fight because he beat them once already tonight.  He says he has official business because he is a scientist.  He says they've created a monster and everyone other than them knows this.  They should run, EY warns.  Daniels and Kaz shake his hand then start putting the boots to him.

Abyss' music hits and it gets a good reaction.  He hits the ring and runs over Bad Influence with clotheslines, then hits Daniels with the Black Hole Slam.  Kaz didn't run, so he gets a Black Hole Slam too.  Abyss plays to the crowd and Taz says the monster is back in full effect.  EY looks on with concern but Abyss helps him up.


JB plugs social media business then interviews Storm and Gunner.  Gunner talks tough at the Bro-Mans, telling them they need to worry about Storm and Gunner, not their tans or dancing.  Storm signs it off with "Sorry, about your damn luck!"

Match #2 - James Storm and Gunner (c) vs. The Bro-Mans (w/ Phil Heath); TNA Tag Team Championship

The Bros work over Gunner early on.  Gunner finally has enough and smashes Robbie with a running knee, but can't get the hot tag.  Bro-Mans take back control until Jesse goes up top.  Gunner hits him with a fallaway slam.

Storm gets the hot tag and goes to town on the heels, pumping up the crowd.  Storm hits Robbie with a running neckbreaker.  Things break down with all four men in the ring.  After the ensuing chaos, Storm hits Robbie with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Brian Hebner gives up on restoring order, and all four men stay in the ring.  Storm is bleeding from his leg.  Robbie gets a close near fall on Storm, then walks into a uranage from Gunner. A bit later, the champs hit their combo powerbomb backbreaker move.  Jesse breaks up the pinfall.

Robbie throws in a title belt, and that distracts the referee.  The official doesn't see the clothesline from Jesse that Tenay deems "illegal."  The four men were fighting in the ring for the past several minutes...ugh.  Robbie covers for the win and we get new tag champions.  Taz is shocked as the Bro-Mans pose.

Winners - The Bro-Mans to become the new Tag Team Champions

No question that Gunner and Storm had a weak title run by losing non-title matches and hardly had any defenses.  That said, I hate this title change because it went to the wrong team, but maybe it will do something to add credibility to this undercard comedy act.

We get footage from the TNA Hall of Fame banquet from Saturday night.  This is a replay of what we saw in the pre-show.

Hall of Fame Induction Segment:

JB is in the ring for this segment.  He introduces Sting, who comes out with a box in hand.  He takes the mic and talks about being the first inductee last year.  He puts Angle over as a family man, and points out that his wife and kids are in attendance tonight.  He introduces Angle to the ring.

Angle comes out in his ring gear and smiles, shaking hands with fans as he makes his way down the ramp.  Angle thanks the fans, management and other wrestlers.  The fans chant "thank you Angle" for him.  Sting tells Angle it's lonely in the Hall by himself, so he wants to make this official.  He opens the box, which has the Hall of Fame watch.

The fans chant for Angle and Sting pumps the crowd up again as Kurt looks at the watch.  The fans chant that Angle deserves it.  He says that hearing what Sting said and the fans' reaction makes him realize that the Hall of Fame is really important and there is great responsibility that goes with it.

"The truth is, I have let myself, my family, and the fans not living up to my real potential and the standard you have set for the Hall of Fame, which is why I respectfully decline this Hall of Fame induction."  Angle vows to set a new standard for himself, the company and the industry.  Angle says that everything he has accomplished in the past is nothing compared to what he will accomplish in the future.  Angle says that once he is worthy, he will join Sting in the TNA Hall of Fame.  Angle and Sting exchange words off mic then hug.

Wow.  That was odd.  The live crowd had no idea how to embrace this one.  They were all fired up for his induction but when he respectfully declined, they didn't know what to do.  I wonder if this is an angle or not?

We get footage of AJ Styles winning the title at No Surrender in 2009.


Dixie is told she has a phone call.  Whoever is on the phone gets their orders from Dixie - since this is AJ's last night with the company, she wants all his merchandise off the shelves.  Ethan Carter III enters the room.  Dixie tells him she has handpicked the perfect opponent for him.  They simultaneously say "the world needs us, we're the Carters..."

Dear lord, this is getting bad already...

Match #3 - ODB (c) vs. Brooke vs. Gail Kim; TNA Knockouts Championship fought under three-way rules

The crowd's flat for this as ODB and Brooke work in the ring.  Gail sells at ringside.  Gail wraps Brooke's legs around the ring post.  ODB catches Brooke in a leg hold.  Gail jumps in the ring and tries to keep Brooke from tapping out.  Awkward spot.

Gail and ODB hit moves on the referee that take him out of the match,.  The fans reacted to that more than anything so far.  ODB pics both women up and carries them to mid-ring.  Brooke gets free and ODB rams Gail's feet into her.  ODB slams Gail on Brooke and sets up for the pin.

Lei'D Tapa's music hits and she comes to the stage.  ODB takes a drink from the flask and charged Tapa.  Tapa gets the better of the exchange and leaves ODB laying.  Brooke tries a dive, but Tapa catches her and hits a powerbomb. Gail covers to get the win.

Afterward, Tapa gets the belt from the offical and holds it up before giving it to a horrified Gail.  She raises Gail's hand and Gail jumps in her arms. Tapa picks her up and carries her around on her shoulder as Gail shows off the belt.

Winner - Gail Kim to win the Knockouts Championship

Wow - I didn't see that one coming.  Tapa is still very green, so if she is going to be the muscle for Gail I guess it works.  But we're watching this gimmick with Tamina and AJ in WWE...


Gil Corsey interviews the Bro-Mans about their title win.  Robbie says they'll party all the way to Salt Lake City for iMPACT.  The three don goggles and have a Muscle Milk bath, dousing Corsey in the process.

Ugh.  Just...ugh.


JB interviews Bobby Roode.  He says he's shocked that Angle declined induction. He says it proves that it's true that he is more worthy of Hall of Fame induction than Angle is.  He says he is in Angle's head and made him tap on iMPACT.  He says he will prove to the world that he is a better man, wrestler, and is indeed Hall of Fame worthy.  He says he will make Angle tap out again.

We get a video package that highlights the recent history of Roode and Angle.

Match #4 - Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Dueling chants for both men as we start.  Angle goes for the Ankle Lock early but Roode flips out.  Taz talks about the emotion of Kurt just turning down the Hall of Fame induction and how he needs to stay ahead of Roode as the match progresses early.  Roode focuses his offense on the neck.

Angle works in some hope spots, hitting a German suplex then trying the Ankle Lock again.  Roode keeps coming back and targeting the neck. He locks on a crossface that Angle breaks in the ropes.  Taz points out that Roode was able to hold on longer than normal because the referee was distracted.

Angle tries a moonsault but crashes and burns.  Roode goes back to the crossface again and Angle teases tapping out.  Instead he is able to reach around and grab Roode's ankle for the Ankle Lock.  Roode leaves go and Angle stands up.  Roode teases a tap out, but breaks out and gets the crossface back on.  Angle again teases tapping but rolls up Roode into a pinning predicament.  Roode rolls it over into a pin of his own for two.

Roode tries a backslide but Angle slips out and tries a clothesline.  Roode counters it into the crossface again.  Angle rolls through and Roode holds on to the head, but Angle gets up and hits him with the Angle Slam for two.  Taz begs the fans to find two men who put it out in the ring like Angle and Roode are.

Angle hits a German suplex and tries for a second but Roode grabs the official.  He hits Angle with a low blow that the official couldn't see, then hits a neckbreaker for two.  The live crowd lets us know that "this is awesome." Angle locks the Ankle Lock on in the middle of the ring.

Roode rolls out and tries to kick away but Angle keeps the hold.  Roode tries for the ropes but Angle grapevines the leg.  Roode reaches for the ropes, then teases tapping out.  Taz thinks Roode has passed out.  The official does the raising the arm bit and Roode ends up being able to grab the rope.  The live crowd hates on it because they think it's a screwjob finish involving the official.

Angle picks Roode up and puts him on the rope and unleashes several punches at him.  Angle hits him with the Angle Slam off the top.  The fans count along with the official, who is counting both men down.  Roode gets up at nine, but falls back onto Angle and gets the win.

Winner - Bobby Roode

Afterward, the announcers play up that Angle hadn't moved since hitting the Angle Slam.  Trainers get in the ring and you can see Angle's fingers twitch.  The trainers tend to him as EMT's bring a stretcher out.  The crowd hushes down, but chants for Angle as they put him on the stretcher.  Angle ends up getting off the stretcher at the stage and chasing them off, then going back to the ramp and waving to the fans.

Definitely the match of the night.  The stretcher job thing was something I could have done without for my tastes.  It took the crowd out of it and deflated the moment a bit.  He could have sold it without the stretcher stuff.  They told a good story by Roode working the neck and it ended up playing in to the finish with Angle playing up a neck injury.  And Taz was money in this match - we need more of this Taz that isn't your buddy in the room with silly jokes.

We get a shot of AJ Styles getting ready for his match, and video footage of him beating Sting at Bound for Glory in 2009.


Bully Ray is talking to some people off camera and says they fooled everyone.  He says the fans thought one was dead, one split, and another would never trust him again.

Match #5 - Ethan Carter III vs. Norv Fernum

EC3 gets next to no reaction when he's introduced.  Taz mocks Fernum on commentary and talks about him wearing a Members Only jacket.

Carter throws him around a bit.  He tries to get people to chant EC3 but no one cares.  Fernum mounts a comeback and hits a drop kick and a cross body block.  No one still cares.  EC3 hits a face slam finisher to get the win.

Winner - Ethan Carter III

The live crowd didn't care.  I didn't care.  It was a buffer match to get the new guy on the big show, and that's about all there is to say here.


JB interviews Magnus.  He says joining the Mafia was the honor of a lifetime.  He talks about opportunity knocking on the door and says that he is knocking on Sting's door.  He says he is in hostile territory because Sting is from nearby Venice Beach but he likes it that way.  He says he has a date with destiny and she's getting impatient.

We get a hype package to set up the Sting vs. Magnus match

Match #6 - Sting vs. Magnus

Sting gets a nice pop, but probably not as big of one if he had not appeared earlier for the Hall of Fame segment.  Taz asks what seems to be an obvious question of why anyone would need another wrestler to make him when that wrestler could step up and make himself.  Tenay tries to defend it.

Magnus gets tossed out to ringside early. Sting holds the ropes open and lets him get back in.  A few moments later, the situation is reversed.  Magnus holds the ropes, but hits Sting with a clothesline as soon as he crosses through.  The crowd was shocked, but Magnus slows things down with a body scissor.  Taz points out Sting's shirt having the Union Jack logo on it and asks if he's sending a message to Magnus.

Sting locks on the Scorpion Death Lock and Taz says friendship is out the window.  Tenay says this is about competition.  Magnus gets out of the hold (which was sloppily applied, for what it's worth) then no sells some punches and flexes.  Sting returns the favor, then reapplies the Death Lock.  It looks bad, I'm sorry...he never sat back in it so it really looked soft.  Magnus gets to the ropes to break it.

Magnus uses Sting's own move and hits him with the Scorpion Death Drop then hits an elbow off the top for two.  Magnus went for the same move again and Sting rolls away.  Sting tries his finisher but Magnus hits him with three elbows, with Sting selling it by a face first flop that draws "WOOOOOO!" from the live crowd.

Sting gets up and calls for Magnus to bring it. He swings and misses.  Magnus locks on the cloverleaf and Taz points out the similarities in finishing holds.  Sting taps out, which is greeted with a mix of boos and groans.

Winner - Magnus

Afterward, Magnus plays to the fans and he gets some polite applause.  Sting waits for him, then offers a handshake. Magnus looks the crowd, shakes his hand, and leaves.

Sting is just so limited - he's not going to make anyone in a great match.  The finish was flat and no one saw it as such because we've seen Sting rally so many times in that same kind of situation.  The way Magnus acted afterward, I suspect this isn't the end of the story here.

We get highlights of AJ winning the Bound for Glory Series this year, by pinning Magnus.

Who thought THAT was a good idea in production?  They should be fired.

The announcers talk briefly, then turn it over to JB who is with Bully Ray.  Ray plays his best Axl Rose and quotes the opening line of Guns and Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" (popular rock tune from the 80's for those not familiar).  He says he doesn't want to kill Styles or want him to die.  He wants Styles to live so he has to live with the fact that he lost to Ray.  He wraps up by saying his name, then telling AJ "Welcome to my jungle..."

We get a video package recapping the entire main event story, focusing primarily on Dixie Carter.

Match #7 - Bully Ray (c, w/Brooke) vs. AJ Styles; TNA World Heavyweight Championship under no disqualification rules

Ring entrances happen.  AJ's brooding song sounds like the Aces and Eights song so it comes off odd.  JB handles the in-ring introductions and Earl Hebner gets booed as the official.  Bully controls the early going, working Styles' arm.  Tenay tries to add a sports vibe to this by talking about controlling the pace and such, but Taz was in full on Aces and Eights cheerleader mode.

Bully backs AJ to a corner and talks smack, saying AJ is afraid.  He tells Styles to not worry because he will take care of his wife and kids for him, and that fires AJ up.  He starts an offensive flurry and the fans rally behind him.  Styles locks on the Calf Killer and here comes Garrett Bischoff.  Styles lets the hold go to go at him.

Bischoff backs down as Styles goes at him.  Ray pulls out a hammer and tries to use it, but Styles kicks him and knocks the hammer away.  Styles gets the hammer and takes a swing but Ray blocks it and slaps him  on the chest.  Another shot and Taz asks if AJ might have to buy an aereola.

Ray mocks Hogan and cups his ear to the fans.  Styles gets cranked up and yells at Ray and asks for another shot.  Ray blasts him and Styles is a mess.  Ray throws another chop to knock Styles down but he shoots up and gets in Ray's face.  Styles slaps Ray across the face then takes a clothesline.  Ray slaps his chest yet again, but Styles no-sells it and hits a drop kick to the knee.

Here comes Knux now as Styles goes up top.  Styles dives at him but Knux catches him and hits him with a chokeslam.  Ray covers but Styles kicks out in two.  The live crowd didn't buy in to this as a finish anyhow.  Ray scolds Hebner for his count and gets yelled at in return.  Ray charges Styles but Styles ducks and Knux takes the clothesline.

OK, so am I alone in thinking that the Mafia should be helping counter the Aces and Eights stuff, or is AJ completely alone here?

Ray kicks Styles through the ropes and knocks him from the apron.  Ray gets the hammer and winds up, but Styles kicks him and gets the hammer again.  Styles looks to the fans, then tosses the hammer aside and slams Ray into the announce table.  Styles hits a springboard move.  Ray crashes and burns, and AJ crashes through the tables with a bump that draws "holy shit" chants.

Taz breaks out the box cutter for Ray.  Ray cuts back the canvas and pulls the padding back and stomps on the exposed boards.  Taz talks about how he loves that sound and the fans chant "ECW!" in response.

Ray takes a page out of Garrett Bischoff's play book from iMPACT.  He's well in control of the match but calls for help.  "Send him out!' Ray says.  Dixie comes out and gets a boo from the live crowd.  Dixie has security hand her a chair and she hands it off to ray.  Styles hits a springboard move and kicks the chair into Ray.  The fans chant for him.

Styles hits the 450 springboard and covers, and has him pinned.  Dixie distracts Hebner and yells at him for a distraction.  Hebner bickers and makes a slow count, with Ray kicking out at the last moment.  Styles cues the Styles Clash, but Ray backdrops him on the exposed section of the ring.  Dixie stays on the ramp to watch.

Ray hits the Bubba Bomb and blows Dixie a kiss.  Ray covers, but Styles kicks out at the last moment.  Ray gets a chair and hits Styles over the back, then stabs him in the midsection with it.  Ray tries for the piledriver, but Styles slips out and hits the Pele kick.

Styles grabs the chair and hits Ray in the head with it (well, Ray did get his hands up).  Styles goes up top and hits the Spiral Tap and grabs the win.  Dixie throws a hissy fit on the ramp.

Dixie continues to throw her fit and looks like she's about to cry.  Styles tears up and begins to celebrate his title win.  The announcers narrate highlights of the main event.  Styles goes out into the crowd and celebrates with the fans.  Tenay closes by saying that AJ is now the champion and Dixie Carter has to pay.

Again, as I said in my preview piece we got a lot of shenanigans in this main event.  The match was good, but it didn't need all the Dixie Carter/Aces and Eights silliness.  Not one of those things added to the story told in the ring.  All their appearances did was put fans on edge for the screwjob finish.  I think they would have done themselves a favor by making the stipulation of "no one can appear or interfere in this match" than what they did here.

Angle vs. Roode was the match of the night and it's not even close.  The main event was decent but had a lot of unnecessary baggage hanging off of it that really took the vibe away.  Styles celebrating in the fans was a good closing image also.  Beyond that, nothing else seemed all that special or all that important.

TNA never made this show seem like the biggest show of the year.  The pre-show did nothing to help hype the pay per view either and I really felt like the Bro-Mans winning that match (and ultimately the titles) took away from the show.  To their credit, TNA went with mostly straightforward finishes, which for them ends up being the exception and not the rule.  That also is something that needs to change.

It will be interesting to see how TNA resets things going forward, as Bound for Glory is their year marker.  Join me for all the fallout on Thursday night as we bring you iMPACT coverage from Salt Lake City, UT.  Thanks for following along tonight.