Welcome to this evening's coverage of TNA's latest pay per view offering, "Turning Point".  Tonight's card shapes up like this:

  • Devon vs. Kurt Angle
  • ODB and Eric Young vs. Tara and Jesse; Mixed Tag Rules
  • Director of Chaos (Aces and Eights) vs. Joseph Park
  • Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Joey Ryan; TNA X-Division Championship
  • Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus; TNA Television Championship fought under No Disqualification Rules
  • Chavo and Hernandez (c) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian; TNA Tag Team Championship
  • AJ Styles vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode; #1 Contender Match fought under triple threat rules, man who is pinned does not get a title shot until Bound for Glory 2013
  • Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries; TNA World Heavyweight Championship fought under ladder match rules

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Show Open:

Taz is shown in the ring.  He says he's proud that he works for a company that is contributing to recovery from Hurricane Sandy.  Taz says he speaks from experience as he was affected as well as his family.  He says everyone in the building and at home can help.

Taz introduces radio personality Buckethead and Bully Ray.  Tenay checks in on commentary while they come to the ring.  Buckethead puts over making a record by having the most people simultaneously text during a pay per view.  He says viewers can text 1041 to 90999 in order to donate $10 to the Red Cross relief.

A graphic appears that can't be seen right.  He says to text on his command and Ray leads a TNA chant.

They swing to a video package for the Jeff Hardy/Austin Aries match.

Kudos for TNA to support the recovery effort.

Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz are the announcers for the night.  Keneley seems to be taking the lead here.

Match #1 - Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus; TNA Television Championship, no DQ rules.

Joe gets the first run of offense.  He teases a suicide dive but Magnus tosses a chair at him.  Magnus begins to take control of the match.

Joe battles back, hitting an inverted atomic drop then a slam.  Magnus tries a huracanrana but Joe catches him and hits a powerbomb as a counter.  Joe tries a submission hold but Magnus gets to the ropes.  Magnus comes back with a top rope elbow for a good near fall.

Magnus hits the move again as Tenay points out that he wasted no time going back to it and making a cover the second time.  Joe kicks out and hits a one-armed slam in the corner.

Magnus retrieves a chair but Joe hits a big dive to make him drop it.  Joe follows up with the Muscle Buster but Magnus kicks out.  Joe locks on the Rear Naked Choke and holds it til Magnus passes out.  The official calls for the bell.

Winner - Samoa Joe to retain the TNA Television Championship

Solid opener with plenty of time for a competitive match.  Taz pointed out that there was no shame in Magnus losing the way he did also which was good commentary on his part.

Worth noting TNA's three-man booth seems to work at the moment.  Keneley is doing a good job of directing the conversation by calling out who he's going to.


JB is with ODB, and she's upset that Eric Young hasn't been returning her calls.  She isn't sure there will be a match until Young shows up and apologizes.  They kiss and head to the ring.

Match #2 - Eric Young and ODB vs. Tara and Jesse

Taryn Terrell is our official, and EY and ODB still have the pink toy belts that no one gives a damn about.  Tenay says it's good to have Young back and the fans agree, chanting "welcome back."

ODB hits the Bronco Buster on Jesse early on.  EY, in a fun comedy spot, sits down in the corner and asks for it on him next.

The heels gain control of the match, with EY doing most of the selling.  Jesse and Tara take turns on him.  EY takes the Flair Flip over the rope then struts, which gets the fans going with "Woooo!" from the crowd.  The heels take over again.

ODB spits alcohol in Jesse's eyes while the ref isn't looking.  She hip tosses EY to her corner so she can make the tag.

The finish comes when ODB slams Jesse after Young tags her in.  EY hits a top rope elbow drop to get the win.

Winner - Eric Young and ODB

A "fun and games" match as expected.  EY and ODB have good comedic chemistry that works.


The announcers narrate us through footage from Thursday when DOC roughed up Sting with a hammer.  Tenay tells us that Sting is seeing an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas and Hogan is with him.  There will be an update on Sting's condition this coming Thursday on iMPACT.


JB interviews James Storm.  He says he's "winning this damn match" and says "sorry about your damn luck."

Tenay runs through the "X-Factors" storyboard as we get ready for the X-Division title match.  They recap the story with footage from last iMPACT when Hogan told Matt Morgan he can't be at ringside for this match.

Match #3 - Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Joey Ryan; X-Division Title

Ryan comes out first, and by himself.  He gets on the mic and says that he and Morgan answer to no one.  He says he was the one who asked that Morgan wait backstage because he feels Hogan is underestimating Ryan's skills.  RVD makes his entrance next.

Tenay calls this a mismatch in experience, while Taz thinks it's a mismatch in ability.  RVD controls early on and points at himself.  He goes up top, but Ryan shoves him off the ropes and RVD crashes and burns at ringside.  Ryan hits a suicide dive and the match moves back in the ring.

Ryan hits the Mustache Ride for a good near fall.  Taz wonders how Kenely knew that, and Kenely admits to calling Ryan's matches in the past.  Ryan hits a jawbreaker and tries to use the ropes for leverage but can't get a pin.

RVD comes back and finishes Ryan off with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner -Rob Van Dam to retain the X-Division Championship

Afterward, RVD celebrates with the belt and heads up the ramp.  He turns and holds up the belt again, but turns right into a Carbon Footprint from Morgan.

Ryan looked competitive here, but I would have rather seen them move the strap.  The announcers didn't help put Ryan over as more than a comedy undercard guy either, which hurt too.


JB is with Joseph Park and points out that this is Park's third match.  Park sends his best wishes to Sting and admits he's scared because he's facing the guy that put Sting out.  Park talks about being held captive by Aces and Eights and says he has Bully Ray to thank for convincing Hogan to let him wrestle.  Park says he'll get his butt kicked but he'll go to the ring a man and leave one too.

This was a good promo.  I felt at one time like this was a dumb gimmick but it's grown on me.  And this is better than the overplayed Abyss too.

They run a video package focused on Park and his involvement in the Aces and Eights story.  Christy Hemme handles the introductions after she gets ogled by the camera.

Match #4 - Director of Chaos (Aces and Eights) vs. Joseph Park

DOC flashes this mocking look at Park and a "you can do it" chant gets started for Park.  DOC gets a chair but Park avoids it.  He also ducks a punch at ringside, and DOC ends up eating the ring post with his hand instead.

DOC pulls out a hammer and brings it in the ring.  The ref scolds him but DOC raises the hammer to intimidate the official.  Park hits a spear and punches DOC repeatedly, then grabs the hammer.  As Park looks to the crowd, DOC attacks from behind.  Taz comments that he doesn't think Park has a violent side.

Park runs the ropes badly to hit shoulder blocks.  DOC punches Park with a spiked belt, which draws blood.  Park notices and goes ape, working over DOC and hitting a Black Hole Slam.  Park goes out of "Abyss" mode and resorts to his normal self.  He ends up eating a choke slam from DOC and loses.

Winner - Director of Chaos

Afterward, DOC goes back to the hammer again, but Bully Ray charges out for the save.  DOC runs off as Park is helped to his feet to a nice ovation.

Don't understand why DOC didn't just use the hammer on Bully Ray, but maybe there's more story there.  Park did well here - snapping into Abyss mode and back out.  Nice slow build to a payoff in the future with this whole "split personality" thing, maybe?


JB interviews Bobby Roode.  Roode says he gets back into the main event spotlight tonight and will be one step closer to regaining his championship.  He says he'll also beat Storm, preventing Storm from even getting a title shot until late 2013.

These interviews are good and putting heat on the match to make it feel like a co-main event.  Interesting AJ has been out of the conversation so far.

They recap the tag title feud in video and run through the "tag lines" graphic.

Match #5 - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian; TNA Tag Team Championship

Chavo's shoulder is taped up.  Hernandez works the match first, dominating Kaz with power then hits the tag.  Daniels and Kazarian are able to get the better of Chavo though, working quick tags to control him.  They do this dance routine, which was funny and obnoxious all at the same time, looking into the cameras.

Chavo fights back, hitting a tornado DDT and using the top rope for some leverage.  Chavo gets the hot tag to Super Mex, who runs power offense on Daniels.  Hernandez hits his big dive over the top and hits a double clothesline on the heel team out on the floor.

The heels battle back, hitting a high/low move on Hernandez for a near fall.  Super Mex battles back with a double suplex and hits the hot tag to Chavo.  He hits a split-legged missile drop kick, then goes for the Three Amigos spot on Kazarian.  Daniels breaks it up, so he gets the full Three Amigos spot instead.  A brief "Eddie" chant gets started.

Daniels teases a superplex on Chavo, but Hernandez sneaks into the fray.  He gets Daniels up on his shoulders and Chavo hits a cross body off the ropes.  Chavo covers for the win.

Winners - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

Good tag match that I enjoyed.  They play to the strengths of Hernandez and Chavo well and I think that helps.  I still wish Chavo wouldn't reference Eddie so much...I loved Eddie but Chavo needs to be his own guy and save those spots for special moments.


JB interviews AJ Styles.  Styles talks about how it's been a rough year fillled with distractions he didn't deserve.  He asks JB how long it's been since he's been world champion and says it's been almost three years.  He says that's all he needs to get past Roode and Storm tonight.  He's going to put all the distractions behind him and open a new chapter, starting with becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

A solid promo from AJ that leaves me feeling like he might be the guy going over tonight.  He felt forgotten about up until now.

Match #6 - AJ Styles vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode - #1 Contender Match, the man pinned or submitting will not be allowed to challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship until Bound for Glory 2013

Picking the action up around 10 minutes in, Roode throws Styles into the steps.  Styles holds his leg while Storm and Roode battle in the ring.  Storm gets the advantage and teases the Last Call, but Styles hits a springboard forearm to get a good near fall.

The pace quickens with near falls.  Roode tries it with a spinebuster on Storm first, then Styles catches Roode with a Pele.  Styles tries a 450 springboard on Roode, but Roode moves and comes back with a spear for his own two count.  Roode locks on the Crossface, but Styles counters by rolling Roode up for two.  Roode hits a uranage kick for another two count.

Roode hits the spinebuster on Styles and tries for the Fisherman's Suplex.  Storm gets involved and hits a backstabber on Roode.  He hits the Last Call on AJ Styles and pins him to become the new #1 contender.  Styles, on the other hand, will have to wait for Bound for Glory 2013.

Winner - James Storm to become the new #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

The match plodded a bit early on and was hurt by the fans not really getting behind one guy, so there wasn't much energy from the live audience.  That said, once it got moving it was a good match over the last 10 minutes of it or so once the crowd got into it.  Styles sold the drama of losing very well and acted like he was about to cry.  Nice work there.

They give us a brief plug for the shirt they're selling for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Devon cuts a promo from the clubhouse, with other Aces members with him.  He tells Kurt Angle to not take this ass whipping personally, because it's a random act of violence and club business.  They set this match up with a video package.

Match #7 - Kurt Angle vs. Devon

Devon drops Angle with a shoulder block then plays the crowd to a mixed reaction.  He gets a run of offense on Angle.  The announcers point out that Devon has the same kind of belt on that DOC used to bust open Park in their match earlier.

Angle fights back with his trademark offense.  He runs up the ropes and throws Devon off then locks on the Ankle Lock.  Devon fights out of that and hits his own version of the Rock Bottom.  He tries a powerbomb but Angle slips out and hits his triple German Suplex spot.  Devon battles back again and tries a top rope headbutt but misses.

Angle hits the Angle Slam for a near fall.  Members of Aces and Eights make their way to ringside as Angle locks on the Ankle Lock.  Devon taps and Angle runs as the Aces members hit the ring.  DOC yells after Angle "you're going down, you're next, you're dead, you're dead..."

Winner - Kurt Angle

OK, so Sting gets beat down with a hammer.  So in return, Angle and Devon have a straight up wrestling match rather than a brawl.  Then Devon taps out to the Ankle Lock with four members of the faction looking on...and doing nothing while Devon taps.  This makes not a whole lot of sense.


HerveyCam catches up to AJ Styles and asks about being excluded from the TNA World Heavyweight Championship picture until Bound for Glory 2013.  Styles just shoots a look and walks off, frustrated.

Elsewhere, JB interviews Austin Aries.  He says Jeffrey Nero Hardy will face Austin Healy Aries and Aries will take back his TNA World Heavyweight Championship

They run a video package to set up the main event and the announcers run through the tale of the tape.

Match #8 - Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries; TNA World Heavyweight Championship fought under Ladder Match Rules

Both belts are on the hook above the ring.  Aries takes a powder at ringside when the bell rings, saying he doesn't go because people clap.  Hardy takes the battle out to him and they fight over a ladder.  Aries climbs over Hardy on the ladder and hits a Russian Leg Sweep.  The announcers sell it as something that worked Hardy's arm though.

Aries sets a ladder between the security railing and the apron, and puts Hardy on it.  Aries dives over the top and drops a forearm on Hardy, then makes a play for the belts.  Hardy cuts him off.  They set a ladder upside down near the ropes.  Hardy goes for a dive, but crashes and burns into the ladder.  OUCH!

Aries uses a twisting move to further trap Hardy in the ladder.  Aries throws a damaged ladder to ringside, as well as Hardy, and goes for another ladder under the ring.  Aries hits a suicide dive on Hardy then sandwiches him inside the ladder.  Aries then puts the ring steps on the ladder to keep Hardy trapped.

Aries goes back in the ring and sets up a ladder to make a play for the belt.  He stops when he doesn't see Hardy, so rather than grab the title he goes looking for Hardy.  Hardy emerges from the other side of the ring and makes his own play for the belts.  Aries shoves the ladder down and Hardy crashes and burns a second time.  Nasty bump.

Aries goes up the ladder again but Hardy recovers to cut him off.  Aries shoves Hardy off the ladder, then climbs down and puts it in the corner.  Tenay and Taz say it was because Aries knew it was broken and he knew to not go higher to get the title.  Hardy catches Aries with a Japanese arm drag and flips him into the ladder that's standing in the corner.

Hardy goes to the opposite corner as the announcers hit some replays.  Two referees are holding the ladder in place and let go as Hardy manages to teeter it down and splash Aries.  Hardy gets yet another ladder from under the ring and makes a play for the title, but Aries hits a missile drop kick that takes the ladder out and Hardy crashes again.

Aries puts Hardy behind a ladder in the corner and smashes it into him.  Aries dropkicks the ladder onto Hardy then hits a suplex that Taz calls the Brainbuster.  Aries goes up again, but Hardy joins him and a fight ensues at the top of the ladder.

Hardy hits the Twist of Fate from the ladder and follows with the Swanton Bomb.  Hardy sets up a ladder and makes a play for the belts but they suddenly go higher in the air.  The announcers wonder what's going on, and they show Aries standing with the controller for the hook.

Hardy roughs up Aries and pulls out what Taz calls a "big boy ladder".  Hardy climbs up one side and Aries recovers to climb up the other.  The ladder teeters and both men end up crashing and burning on a ladder set up on top of the ropes in a corner.  Hardy hits the Twist of Fate again on this ladder and Aries tumbles out of the ring.

Hardy climbs the big ladder again and claims his personalized belt to win.  He grabs the real TNA belt also and celebrates with both belts as Aries is laying at ringside.  Aries is shown being helped to the back as Hardy celebrates in the ring to close the show.

Winner - Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

There were some sick spots in that match, some you would expect to see in a ladder match and some you wouldn't.  These guys earned it tonight, no doubt.  I am glad we got a real finish though rather than something screwy.

I hope what we saw from Aries was just him selling at the end.  There were some crazy, and perhaps unnecessary, bumps going on in that match.  He was seen talking to someone and then being helped to the back.  No doubt these guys put it all on the line tonight in an insane main event.

One small complaint - there's always that feeling in a well-done ladder match that someone is on the verge of winning, and we didn't ever get that here really.  Even the play where Aries raised the hook out of Hardy's reach felt flat like it couldn't be the finish of the match.

The main event definitely raised this show up.  It was an alright show, but the main event gave us something to talk about walking away.  I still scratch my head at the Angle/Devon booking, and the rest of the show was solid but nothing spectacular.

Join me Thursday for live iMPACT coverage as we get all the fallout from tonight's pay-per-view.  Thanks for watching along with me tonight.