TNA's Vice President of Talent Relations John Gaburick announced today via his Twitter account that the company has signed former US Army Sergeant Chris Melendez to a multi-year contract.  Melendez served in Iraq, and with only 23 days left in his deployment overseas fell victim to an IED explosion and lost his leg.  Melendez is a student of the Team 3D Academy, joining up there in 2012.

In case you want to draw the immediate Zach Gowan comparisons, Melendez is pictured using a prosthetic leg.  Gowan, as I recall, never worked matches with the prosthetic, though he did appear at times with one in WWE. 

The immediate fear for me is that TNA is using this as a publicity stunt.  For Melendez's sake, and TNA's sake, I hope Melendez is a competent worker.  TNA will face a firestorm of criticism if he has success being "good for someone with one leg."  Best wishes to Melendez to silence the critics before they even get started.