Recently Triple H and HBK did an interview with During the talk the subject of Bill Goldberg going into the WWE Hall Of Fame came up. Here is what they had to say. Hunter said: "We call a guy to honor him in the Hall of Fame, and he goes, 'I want to do an angle. I want a one-off. I need a hundred grand.' So when you say, 'What about Goldberg?', no offense to Bill, but you've got guys like Bruno Samartino that were legends with longevity that should be in there, but they're holding out because they think they've got one more run. Just using Bill as an example, how many years did he wrestle? Not many."Michael added: "To me, he's not even in the ball park. Not because he's not talented, but greatness doesn't happen in a few years. Greatness is established over a long period of time. We try to promote people and get them over, but you can't do it that quickly. In our line of work, there are other qualities that make somebody viable besides just whether they're tough or not. In every other line of work -- like if you're a lineman who can't play, everybody knows you can't play." To read the whole interview, visit Pro