This is an update to news posted yesterday regarding the departure of Jay and Mark Briscoe from Ring of Honor.

Yesterday, multiple outlets reported that Ring of Honor champion Jay Briscoe and his brother Mark worked their last matches in the promotion.  Mike Johnson of has reported more detailed information today regarding the situation.  These are some key points from that report.

-  The exit of the brothers from ROH has been planned for some time now.  The plan pre-dates both the Jay Twitter debacle and his ROH Championship win.  Sources implied that the brother vs. brother match in Baltimore was their send off.   As noted yesterday, there are television events that write the pair off from ROH TV (those spoilers can be found elsewhere).

-  The brothers are taking a hiatus at the very least, and will not be back in the near future.  While plans certainly could change, the brothers are not figured into any short-term plans for ROH.  As of today, the Briscoes are not under ROH contract. 

- It is important to note that ROH sources have said that they are in contact with the pair and that the situation is amicable with no heat between the sides.  It’s believable that if they don’t sign with another promotion, the brothers will be back in some capacity with ROH in the future.

- The brothers have both said that being around to watch their children grow was something of high importance to them.  This benefits ROH in terms of a possible return, as other promotions’ travel schedules would not permit that.

- At one time there was interest from WWE, but no deal is presently on the table.  ROH talents had thought perhaps that’s why the Briscoes were leaving.  It is quite possible that the Twitter debacle with Jay had quelled WWE’s interest.

- With television taped through late July, ROH is in no hurry to address the title situation assuming Jay is not a part of the plan.  Most likely, they will hold a tournament to crown a new champion.

Source:  Mike Johnson of