The lovely ladies of the newly spawned Valkyrie promotion was in action this past weekend in Brooklyn, NY. We have a full detailed report of the show thanks to the great folks over at Below are the results for you to enjoy:

Valkyrie 2: We Rise
Brooklyn, NY.

Pre-Show Notes: They had a Meet & Greet before the show. Not many people showed up for that. Once the show started, about 30-40 people were in the crowd. Not many people, but considering this show is in a wrestling school/garage, it was enough to create a lively crowd. It was during the Meet & Greet that I learned from Kimber Lee that Cherry Bomb was stuck on a train somewhere in NY because a boulder was blocking it on the track. This is the kind of thing that ONLY seems to happen to wrestlers. A few weeks ago, Cherry Bomb missed SHINE because of a delayed flight, so she has had some awful luck lately. But, at least no horses were killed today on the way to the show. Also, at the start of the show, it was announced that Valkyrie will use WIN/LOSS records to determine title contenders. Wins and losses were announced for every wrestler at the start of their matches tonight.


Kimber Lee defeated Nikki Addams via German suplex.

This was a surprising great match. I have only seen a little of Nikki Addams from her time in WSU and NYWC. My opinion from those matches was she needed a LOT of work. This match showed me a lot. Both women were stiff in this match and the extra intensity really got the crowd going. This was one of 3 matches to get the crowd chanting “THIS IS AWESOME”. Once Addams was announced as Cherry Bomb’s replacement, I didn’t think I would like it at all, but Addams did her part here and the result was quite enjoyable, allbeit pretty short. I believe this match only went about 5 minutes or so, but it was good for the time given.

Jessie Brooks defeated Samantha Heights via Exploder suplex.

Not much of a match. This was basically just a showcase for Brooks to get over her “Baddest woman on the planet” gimmick. It kind of feels like she is going for a female Taz thing here. She had a new manager for this match. He did ALL the talking. In fact, she didn’t say a single word at all. Her manager, whose name I did not catch, was a very loud mouthed kind of guy who kept talking during the majority of this match. He kept calling Heights a “cracker” and would constantly go “Ye-Ye-YEAH!” during random points of the match. Kind of annoying to be honest. This was my first time seeing Samantha Heights and she seemed fine, but inexperienced. She got in some offense, but the outcome was never in doubt. I will say that I was not a fan of her leopard print ring gear. The match was fine for what it was, but probably the weakest of the show.

La Rosa Negra pinned Nevaeh after a frog splash.

Negra’s manager was holding down Nevaeh’s feet during the finish so she couldn’t roll out of the way or kickout. I thought it was a clever finish to get Negra the win without making the vet, Nevaeh, look bad. This match was a lot like the opener in that it had a good intensity and fire that added that extra something to make it memorable. Negra has 2 managers in Valkyrie for some reason. A female and a male who looks a lot like Mr Hughes from WCW/ECW/WWF fame. La Rosa Negra is pretty talented on her own, and she can talk, so I think the 2 managers is a bit overkill, but it does help get the crowd against her. Nevaeh is great most of the time, but I find some of her matches lack a spark. Thankfully, that was not an issue here. Another enjoyable encounter where both girls just clicked against each other. This match was also given a lot of time too, which helped it feel important. Good stuff from both.

Before intermission, Nyla Rose came out and beat up 2 guys. The guy she beat up at the first show was out and threatened to sue, but Nyla chased him away. Not sure what the point of these are. I would hope she wrestles in an actual match at the net show, because beating up dudes doesn’t seem to serve any purpose besides make women look good vs men. But, that being said, her gimmick is over and the crowd enjoys seeing her beat people up.

Sumie Sakai beats Angeldust with a swinging neckbreaker.

After intermission they played a short video hyping up the DVD for the first show. However, they couldn’t turn on all the lights quickly so this match was done with only 2 lights shining on the ring and made things really hard to see. Angeldust was the defacto heel in this match mainly based on her being upset of not getting streamers thrown at her like Sumie did when they did the intros. I thought Angeldust showed a lot of character her as a heel and its a nice change from her rather dull AIW babyface schtick that I’ve seen from her. Again, much the the previous matches, both girls really worked hard here and put a ton of effort into this match. With the win, Sumie remains undefeated at 4-0 and was announced as being the first wrestler to be in the Valkyrie title match which will happen at the next show. As is the theme so far, another solid match that was more on the fun side than serious. The lighting was the only real negative that hurt the match.

Mistress Belmont beats Davienne via a cobra clutch into a slam.

At the first show, neither girl really showed much, but I am happy to say this was totally different. Supposedly, these two women have wrestled in the New England area previously, and it certainly looked like they were comfortable with each other. Davienne especially looked WAY better than her match vs Jessie Brooks at the first show. The sloppiness of that match was gone and in its place was a nice, intense match. The finisher that Belmont used was pretty cool, esp since Davienne is a bigger girl than Belmont so it looked quite impressive when it was executed. Going in, I really had zero hopes for this match, and they turned into quite a good affair, although it wasn’t anything amazing either. Still, I can’t complain about it.

Kacee Carlisle defeated LuFisto via DQ after Lufisto used a chair.

The story here was that after a ref bump, Kacee used a chair on Lufisto and then Lufisto returned the favor, the ref saw it and DQ’d her. This set up the main event of the next show with Kacee being 2-0 and Sumie being 4-0. I get what they were going for here, but having a main event end in a DQ just felt cheap. Both girls delivered a good match though. Lots of chops and hard strikes which is a Lufisto staple. Finish somewhat ruined what otherwise was a fine match until that spot. After the match, Lufisto gave Carlisle a low blow and celebrated with Sumie Sakia in the ring to send the crowd home hapy.

Overall, a good show. When Cherry Bomb was announced as not being there, my expectations of the show went way down. But, everyone on this show seemed to work hard and the product I saw for the most part greatly exceeded my expectations. I can’t say any match is “must see”, but its a solid show that’s worth taking a look at. My main gripe about this promotion is the lack of polish it has. The venue is small and seems more like a WSU secret show than the home of a legit woman’s promotion. There was various issues with the sound and lighting during the show as well. A lot of times with long pauses between matches. Stuff like that can be fixed. Hopefully, they figure all that out. While Valkyrie will never IMO be on the level of SHIMMER, SHINE, or even WSU, it can be a fun alternative for the NYC market to see women’s wrestling. I’d rank it higher than a PWS show, so that’s something at least. The roster they are using is a nice mix of known names and locals. But, it seems like the show will have to continue to relay on outside talents like Lufisto and Cherry Bomb to get any sort of buzz. Women’s wrestling fans are loyal. They will travel if their favorites are in a good match. It will be interesting where they go from here. No return date or venue was announced for the next show.