After a misdirected e-mail caused a stir all over the internet, Vince Russo has been at the center of a discussion as to the scope of his involvement with TNA Wrestling.  Today, Russo took to Twitter to clearly declare his position with the company.  He wrote:

"Officially DONE with TNA.  Today they suggested a break, I declined.  Finality was better for me.  Details coming."

As of this writing, I have not taken notice of anything being posted to his website, 

The firestorm started on Twitter not long after that, and the response has been less than kind toward Vince.  While I feel sorry for him having to take such a beating in social media, he did bring this on himself by routinely denying that he was involved with the company, only to have it emerge that he was producing the announcers with the errant email that ended up in the hands of Mike Johnson at