What a weird ending last Monday.  The last person I expected to see staring down CM Punk was Ryback.  Hell, I would've expected Jerry Lawler to be there, even though we saw him earlier in the night at home.  It doesn't make sense unless Ryback is the back-up plan in case John Cena can't go for the PPV.  But why was he set up for an IC run against the Miz?  I did have one thought to all of this: Ryback heel turn.  It's possible that they're forming a super team to be led by Paul Heyman and Punk with Ryback as the muscle along with possibly Brock Lesnar when he returns.  This is probably just a pipe dream in my head, but what potential it could have.

Is the Divas division in WWE officially dead?  I guess the better question would be, does anybody really care?  With Kelly Kelly gone and Beth Phoenix on her way out, the division is as weak as I've seen it since they technically didn't have one after Alundra Blayze left.  Personally I don't care.  They're nothing more than eye candy to most anyway.  As long as Kaitlyn and AJ don't go anywhere, I'm still a happy camper.

Right now the PPV is shaping up slowly but nicely.  I like what's going on with the tag division, especially the tag champs.  Smackdown was devoted almost entirely to them a couple of weeks ago, so Triple H's influence must be pretty strong.  I'm glad Kane can still be relevant after all of these years and so many character changes.  There's still about three weeks or so before the PPV so I expect there to be a few more matches set up, but probably not tonight.