Am I the only one that was offended Monday night?  I expected Punk to come out.  I expected him to insult Jerry Lawler.  But I thought Paul Heyman faking the heart attack was completely unnecessary.  It doesn't matter if Lawler gave it the ok.  Punk and Heyman already have plenty of heat.  This was not needed.  I did think Foley was brilliant though with his part.  Since Lawler's heart attack actually happened, I figured they might leave it alone.  That's just me I guess.

I have to admit that the Miz is starting to grow on me.  And this is the perfect time for a face turn.  The best way to really get him over with the fans and make him look strong tonight would be for him to be left by himself and have a 3 or 4 on one disadvantage at Survivor Series and make a strong comeback.  It worked for Bam Bam Bigelow in the first one.  It worked for Shawn Michaels about a decade ago.  But in both of those situations the faces ended up losing, and this should be no different.  In Michaels's case there was outside interference, and that would be ok here too.  Fans appreciate a huge comeback effort, even if it's in defeat.

PPV Predictions:

  • Punk will retain his title.  Whether there is interference or not will remain to be seen.
  • Big Show will retain as well.  I expect a long title run barring injury.
  • Antonio Cesaro will also retain.  I'm not even sure where this feud came from.
  • I think Kaitlyn FINALLY wins the Divas title.
  • I expect 3MB to keep their momentum and win the pre-show match.
  • Dolph Ziggler will be the sole survivor on his team despite a strong comeback from Miz.  Or so I hope.
There will probably be one more match added, hopefully another traditional SS match.  If they're not going to have more than one each year, they should really think about changing the PPV altogether.