This is usually the time of year for WWE when their programming is supposed to become better since it's WrestleMania season.  But with an average Raw and below average Smackdown this past week, so far so (not) good.  

The TLC title match was good, but predictable.  The real problem was seeing Super Cena win, then Super Orton, then Super Sheamus.  What happened to having maybe just one guy be seemingly invincible and everyone else has a chance in each match?  It's quite annoying.  Punk's promo was great.  At least the first half was.  The second half was just the build-up to Rock's intro.  Straight Edge Scrotum does get the line of the night though.

Smackdown had the funny segment with Rock and Damien Sandow (who is gold on the mic) but nothing else really excited me, not even Del Rio's title win.  I think that's only because he's probably going to be a transitional champion.  I'm guessing the higher-ups in WWE think it's easier for Ziggler to cash in his MITB briefcase against Del Rio than Big Show.

Maybe I'm just getting too old for wrestling or something, but I just can't really get into today's product.  And now I'm hearing there won't be nearly as many, if any, old stars on Raw Monday.  The 20th anniversary show should be made to look more special than they're doing right now.  I am glad to hear that Mick Foley is getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame.  Hopefully they'll do the right thing and add the likes of Randy Savage, Owen Hart, and Bruno Sammartino, among others.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

At least we're getting closer to my favorite PPV of the year, Royal Rumble.  I expect a couple of surprise entrants, but I'm worried we may have a repeat winner.  I'd like to see some new blood injected into the main event picture.  I guess the waiting game continues...