After watching the Attitude Era DVD this weekend, I realize how much I miss the old days.  With that being said, at least last week's Raw was much better than the previous week.  Smackdown has been equally bad the past 3 to 4 weeks.  Have they given up with Smackdown?  Having all stars appear on Raw and only some on Smackdown doesn't help.

I think I might be the only one that enjoyed the Ric Flair/Miz/Cesaro segment on Raw.  Flair bragging about how much money he's blown was just plain hilarious to me.  And I fell out of my chair when he elbow dropped his jacket.  It looked like he was going to hit Cesaro. 

Miz seems a bit uncomfortable in the face role, which is why I think its good that Flair is helping him out.  He's not as over as he should be yet.  Del Rio seems to be more over, partly because everyone loves Ricardo Rodriguez, partly because most people hated Big Show as champion.

I think I'm looking more forward to the "surprise" entrants in the Royal Rumble than the current guys.  Lots of names have been floating around.  Unfortunately though, one of the three superheroes (Cena, Orton, or Sheamus) is probably going to win.  I'd love for them to throw a swerve and have someone else win.  We'll find out soon enough.