The past few Raws and Smackdowns leading up to this week have been pretty good.  These past two shows, however, were a real letdown.  Can someone tell me why Jack Swagger gets to come out of nowhere and gets put right into the title scene after months of jobbing, then being off TV?  

Mark Henry was injured, but he was in the title picture beforehand, so that makes sense.  And I think the tag champs should be in a tag title match, not the title match.  You could easily put Sheamus and a returning Christian in the chamber match and have someone else face The Shield.

Speaking of which, I'm guess that group has run its course and their reign (so to speak) will end tonight.  I don't see them gaining any more members and nobody should realistically expect them to beat the "SuperFriends" tonight.  

Unless they were to join forces with Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and Paul Heyman to form a super-group, I think its time to see how this group does things on their own.

Finally, a congratulations is in order to Bruno Sammartino for his long-overdue induction into the Hall Of Fame.  Now, who will induct him?

PPV Predictions:

  • The "Dancing Buffoons" (which is the name I'd give Brodus Clay and Tensai) will beat Rhodes Scholars.  No reason to have Rhodes Scholars reunite for just one night and have them go over on a new team.
  • Kaitlyn will retain the Divas title.  This division is slowly dying right now.
  • Antonio Cesaro will retain the U.S. title.  He continues to impress.
  • The Super Friends will beat the Shield and put an end to this group once and for all.
  • The Rock will obviously retain the title, possibly with Heyman turning on Punk.
  • Alberto Del Rio will retain the WHC, but depending on who wins the chamber match, Ziggler could cash in.
  • The chamber match is a tricky one.  If Ziggler cashes his briefcase in, that means either Jericho or Orton will win the match.  If they keep the belt on Del Rio, then Henry or Swagger will probably win, barring a heel turn from Jericho or Orton.