I think the most pressing question of the past week is obvious.  Did Triple H have an "accident"?  It certainly was the most talked about thing on Twitter at the time.  He'll probably never tell, but it was definitely something to behold.  And throw up from.

On to more serious matters.  If the Cena-Punk match from Monday was the last time those two face each other for the foreseeable future, then they went out with a bang.  

For me, that was probably Cena's best performance aside from the hour-long battle he had with Shawn Michaels on Raw a few years ago.  Put on more matches like that and the viewers will continue to show up.

Aside from the two title matches, I'm not sure WWE knows what to do with a lot of their other superstars for WM 29.  Is Sheamus getting an IC title match with Wade Barrett, or is he facing the Shield?  Is the Miz/Cesaro feud over?  Who will the tag champs face?  Are there even any legit tag teams anymore?  At this rate, there could be a lot of mid-card guys that don't even get to take part in the biggest show of the year.

I'm looking forward to the "old school" Raw.  Personally, I think they should announce it more than one week in advance.  They also need to get more older names than the same 4-5 guys they always get.  I assume this will set up Undertaker's return.  We shall see.