With everything that happened this week, I'm keeping it brief.  Thoughts and prayers are obviously with Jerry Lawler.  It seems that he's going to be ok, so that's good.

I give credit to everyone for continuing to carry on after what happened.  I give even more credit to John Cena for amazingly getting Canadian fans to cheer him by the time the last segment was over.  Getting support from Canadian fans is hard enough if they don't like you, but to turn them around in the middle of an interview, THAT'S impressive.

PPV Predictions:

  • CM Punk SHOULD retain his title.  It does no good to give Cena the title now.
  • Sheamus will retain the WHC.  Ziggler could be cashing in tonight as well.
  • Miz will retain the IC title.  I'm still not sure if they're turning him face or not.
  • Antonio Cesaro will retain the U.S. Title against whoever wins the battle royale.
  • Kane and Daniel Bryan will win the tag titles.  Odd teams like this always get a short title run.
  • Kaitlyn will win the Divas title.  WOOHOO! 
  • Dolph Ziggler will beat Randy Orton.  Orton will be gone for awhile to film a movie so there's no need for him to win.