It's public knowledge CM Punk had reportedly walked away from the WWE before this past Monday night's Raw. What's still not known though is whether this is part of a storyline or a legitimate walk out.

Personally, I don't see this being a work. Punk has been very vocal about his dissatisfaction with the WWE product, most notably former stars returning to take the main event spot at WrestleMania from those superstars that have worked for the company everyday for the last year.

With the rumors circulating that this was a big part of the reason why Punk left, it all seems legit.

However, this isn't what makes me think this is all real. It seems to me if this is all part of a storyline, WWE would have mentioned it on Raw Monday night. There was very little mention of CM Punk at all during the show and the WWE have made no comment on their website regarding the departure.

If it was all a work, I'm sure something would have been said by now.

I maybe wrong, and I can only hope that I am. While others may not agree, Punk will be a huge miss for the WWE.

Now is the time to place Daniel Bryan in the position he deserves to be or the WWE risks losing a section of its fan base.

It's definitely tough times for the WWE so close to WrestleMania.