I do apologize for the last couple weeks; I have been away and been unable to bring you your weekly World Wide Results. I am back though; and I bring you some fresh results from Mexico and Japan. As As always; if you have any promotions you would like me to cover shoot me an email or tweet and let me know.





Yokohama Nigiwaiza


1 Young Fresh Fight: Naoki Numazawa defeated Hideyoshi Kamitani (7:48) with a backslide.


2 Nigiwai J Style: Joe SUSUMU & Jet Hashimoto (Kazuki Hashimoto) defeat Hisao Jr. (Frank Atsushi) & Jumbo Ito (Ryuji Ito) (9:50) with a Mexican Stretch of SUSUMU against Hisao.


3 Arena Nigiwaiza ~ Mascara Festa: Pro Wrestling Mania mask & La ™ Panda defeat Oriental Dragon & Western Tiger (11:34) as Panda Tiger pinned.


4 Strong BJ ~ ~ Momo: The Winger defeated Takayuki Ueki (10:57) with a Kawazu Otosh.


5 BFJ vs. Brahman-Gun : Jun Kasai, "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa & Takumi Tsukamoto defeat Brahman Shu, Brahman Kei & Masato Inaba (16:08) after a guillotine drop of Numazawa against Kei.




Nasci Hall Umeda


1 vs. NOAH. DIAMOND RING: Mitsuhiro Kitamiya defeated Hitoshi Kumano (8:23) with a Texas Clover Hold.


2 vs. NOAH. Osaka Pro: Mohammed Yone defeated Kanjuro Matsuyama (10:38) after a front high kick.


3 vs Flying Star. Do not You Cry: Taiji Ishimori defeated Genba Hiryanagi (7:55) with the Kaze Muso.


4 Australian - Satoshi - British - U.S. Regional Day Match: Zack Sabre Jr. & Quiet Storm defeated Mikey Nicholls & Xtra Large (9: 18) for a vertical-drop brainbuster of Storm against Xtra Large.


5 BRAVE vs. TMDK: Naomichi Marufuji & Katsuhiko Nakajima defeated Shane Haste & Jonah rock (13:26) with the Perfect facelock of Marufuji against rock.


6 Momoiro Nekketsu (Pink hotblooded) Youth vs. Tsuyoshi Ken: Atsushi Kotoge defeated Kenou (11:20) with an arm-front Clutch Cradle.


7 Kibou Cho-Gun vs. NO MERCY: KENTA, Takashi Sugiura & Takeshi Morishima Daisuke Harada defeat, Maybach Taniguchi & Hajime Ohara (18:01) with the Katayama German Suplex Hold Harada against Ohara






Arena Aficion de Pachuca


Brazo Cibernetico & Brazo de Oro Jr. beat Robin & Zony


Goya Kong/Muneca de Plata/Princesa Blanca defeated Amapola/Dalys la Caribena/Tiffany


Maximo/Rush/La Sombra beat Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Shocker by DQ when Shocker fouled Rush.


Marco Corleone/La Mascara/Volador Jr. vs. La Peste Negra (El Barbaro Cavernario/Felino/Mr. Niebla)



Arena Naucalpan


Sky Angel beat Onix


Rayan & Spartan defeated Diva Salvaje & Miss Gaviota


Skayde/Aztlan/Kanon/Vortize beat Black Terry/Dragon Celestial/Emperador Azteca/Fulgore I


Dr. Cerebro/Relampago/Veneno defeated Fuerza Guerrera/Las Traumas I y II


NWA Lt. Heavyweight Title: Super Nova beat Eterno to retain his title.