Last night WSU held its Queen and King iPPV. Below are the results courtesy of

WSU Queen & King 2014
May 10, 2014
Vorhees, NJ

Angie Skye pinned Angelus Layne with the Unpreittier in an Uncensored Opportunity Match.

Queen & King Opening Round: Shanna & Chris Dickinson beat DJ Hyde & Sassy Steph via Dragon Suplex from Shanna on Stephie.

Queen & King Opening Round: Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan beat JT Dunn & Shelly Martinez via reverse hurricanrana from Candice to JT Dunn.

Jenny Rose pinned Hania with a Pedigree. Jenny Rose issued an Open Challenge to any “Joshi legend” on the next WSU Show (July 12)

Queen & King Opening Round: Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak beat Niya & Rick Cataldo via cross armbreaker from Kimber Lee on Cataldo. Niya & Cataldo attacked Hania after the end of the previous match and Lee/Gulak said they didn’t need a bye which is why this match happened.

Queen & King Opening Round: Mickie Knuckles & Matt Tremont beat Jewells Malone & Danny Havoc via pumple handle slam from Knuckles onto Tremont’s knee. Match first ended on a double count out until WSU management made it no DQ/no count out

Barbi Hayden pinned Nevaeh after a Halo DDT to retain her NWA Women’s Title.

Queen & King Semi-Final: Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan beat Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak after Candice hit a swinging neckbreaker on Kimber Lee.

Queen & King Semi-Final: Mickie Knuckles & Matt Tremont beat Shanna & Chris Dickinson following a frog splash on Dickinson from Tremont.

WSU World Title Match: Lufisto beat Athena 2 falls to 1 to become new WSU World Champion