In a press release on the WWE Corporate Site (found here), it was announced that WWE and Susan G. Komen Foundation are launching the "Make Mom Proud" campaign to help support the fight against breast cancer.  WWE will urge fans to support moms by education about breast cancer, participate in various charity walks and runs in the community, and donate to the Komen Foundation.

Triple H was quoted in the release as saying that "WWE is dedicated to supporting Susan G. Komen and their fight to eradicate breast cancer.  Susan G. Komen is at the forefront of breast cancer research and community outreach programs, and I'm proud that the WWE Universe is supporting such an important cause."

The full press release can be found on WWE's Corporate site.

As someone who lost his mother to breast cancer, supporting a cause such as this is very close to me.  With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday and the program meant to coincide with it, we'll be sure to see plenty of spots throughout all of WWE's programming this week to hype this up.