Happy "WWE Network" Eve!  Tonight, from Minneapolis, MN WWE presents the final pay per view before Wrestlemania 30, the Elimination Chamber.  Story directions could turn, new feuds develop, and titles change hands as we near the grandest stage of them all in New Orleans in early April. Tonight's card is as follows:


Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback

Main Card:

Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

Big E. (c) vs. Jack Swagger; WWE Intercontinental Championship

The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, c) vs. The Uso Brothers; WWE Tag Team Championship

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins) vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper)

The Elimination Chamber for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Christian vs. Cesaro

Pre-Show, Live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN:

The show goes live, with Josh Mathews hyping up the event and saying the doors have just opened.  He introduces the panel of Mark Henry, The Miz, and Rey Mysterio.  Mysterio congratulates Miz on his marriage. Each talks about the titles on the line.  They put some shine on all the title defenses that will happen tonight.

Mathews feeds it to Renee Young in the social media lounge.  The hashtag of the night is #wwechamber.  She hypes up the Network going live tomorow as well.  She reads off some viewer tweets in response to WWE's question about the Chamber match and the six man tag with the Shield and the Wyatts.

Mathews talks about the Chamber match and the rules thereof.  He feeds it into a recap of what happened at the end of last week's Raw, with The Shield interfering with the Sheamus/Orton match and the brawl breaking out with all the Chamber participants.  Mysterio talks about the match, saying there's a lot of anxiety and anticipation.  Miz says it's painful and you hurt for weeks.  Henry says there's a victor, but not a winner.  They talk about who might win the Chamber match, but Mathews cuts them off.

Backstage, Zeb Colter talks with his troops.  He says tomorrow could be a great day with Cesaro and Swagger winning titles.  He calls it an opportunity for America and says there will be one less illegal sneaking across the borders.  He asks for "real Americans" to stand and say We the People with them.

They show JBL making his introduction to a rousing chant.  Mathews turns it to hype for Batista vs. Del Rio, with highlights of Del Rio trying to attack Dolph Ziggler but Batista running out for the save and roughing him up.  Henry says Batista has been looking good of late as we see the video of Batista hitting a powerbomb through the announce position.

We get a glimpse of Jerry Lawler making his entrance.  Mathews feeds it to the WWE Network commercial featuring the Bellas as airline attendants.  They come back to the announcers, and they put some more hype on the Network and some of the features.  They show Lawler going through loading SummerSlam from 2013.  Pay per views start with Wrestlemania 30 in April.  A light "CM Punk" chant can be heard in the background.

Match #1 - Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback

Axel and Ryback come out with Larry "The Axe" Hennig, Axel's grandfather.  In the early going, the teams trade offense, with fans chanting "Curtis Axel" for the hometown boy.  Rhodes sends Axel out, and he and Goldust hit dives on the heel team for a big pop.  They air commercials for the pay per view and the main event match.

Back live, Ryback is in control of Goldust and he tags in Axel.   Axel hits a nice drop kick for a two count as they show Axe watching on.  The heels double up on Rhodes and hit him with a pair of corner splashes.  Ryback hits a long delay vertical suplex for two.  Goldust hangs onto the ropes to avoid a drop kick, then rolls Axel up for two.  They hit clotheslines on each other at the same time, but Axel gets the tag first.  Ryback works Goldust over but Goldy throws out Ryback to get some time to make a tag.

Fresh men in, and Rhodes hits a knee and a moonsault for two.  Alabama slam from Rhodes, and a Disaster Kick to Ryback.  Rhodes goes for a springboard but Axel counters to a powerbomb for two.  Rhodes cues up Cross Rhodes, but Ryback interferes.  Goldust drags him out and Ryback tries a move but eats the security barrier.  In the ring, Axel tries for his neckbreaker, but Rhodes counters to Cross Rhodes for the win.

A decent match to warm up the crowd and the show.  I thought the two teams worked pretty well together.  When Larry Hennig came out, I almost thought that the Rybaxel team would go over, but this was the right result.


Byron Saxon is with The Usos, who have a chance to fulfill a life-long dream.  He says that 35 years ago their uncles held the same titles.  The Usos will continue the legacy and grab the titles.  He says they respect the Outlaws and all they've accomplished, but they have two words for their title run - it's over.

Renee Young reads off some more tweets regarding the two main matches tonight and invites fans to stay in the Twitter conversation.

Josh Mathews put some hype on the two main matches, then asks for predictions.  Mysterio picks Cesaro, Henry picks Sheamus, and Miz picks Daniel Bryan.  Mathews thanks us for watching and says the road gets more clear in minutes.  That's the end of the pre-show.

WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View

We get the WWE intro and a hype video for the Elimination Chamber.  Pyro goes off, and Cole welcomes us inside the Target Center for this final pay per view stop on the road to Wrestlemania.

Match #1 - Big E. (c) vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter); WWE Intercontinental Championship

Colter says that the "E" in Big E stands for enough of him being the Intercontinental Champion and blames him for having done nothing for the continent of North America in the three months of him being champion.  He says the polar vortex is the fault of the illegals sneaking across the border.  We the People (that gets a decent reaction).

ProWrestling.net's Jason Powell is in the building tonight, and reading their report he says the crowd is loud and rowdy.  This might be an interesting show tonight.

As Big E makes his entrance, Cole introduces the Spanish announce team, and they commentate for a few moments in Spanish.  Cole puts over Big E.'s title run of 96 days.  As things get underway, I hear "We want Ziggler" chants.  Some back and forth until Big E hits a big shoulder tackle.  That makes Swagger duck out for a powder and Colter gives him some advice.  Cole talks about NXT being on WWE Network live this week.

We will have live coverage of Arrival - so be sure to watch the site.

Big E hits a belly to belly throw then when Swagger goes out to get a powder again attacks.  He throws Swagger to the stairs, then turns his attention to Colter.  Swagger takes a spear up against the ring post.  The action goes back outside the ring and Swagger hits Big E with a big clothesline.  Swagger takes over on offense with some corner knee shots and a clothesline.  JBL says Swagger has held every major title in the WWE and puts over his collegiate accomplishments.  Big boot and a leg drop gets Swagger a two count.

Swagger locks on a front face lock that Big E turns into a front throw of sorts.  A big collision leaves both men down.  Big E throws him then tries a follow up spear but eats the corner.  Swagger rolls him up for two.  Start up a "We the People" chant.  Welcome to Bizzaro Land.

Langston goes on a run with clotheslines and a belly to belly.   Swagger gets a spinebuster for two.   Swagger tries the Swagger Bomb in the corner, but Big E counters and tries to get the Big Ending.  Swagger hangs on, so Langston changes his mind and hits a spear through the ropes in a nice spot.  Back in the ring he gets two.  Big E follows with the big splash for two.  Langston goes up top, but Swagger throws hands then runs up and hits a belly to belly throw (a la Kurt Angle) for two.

Swagger gets him in the Patriot Lock, but Big E counters.  Some back and forth, and Big E comes back with his big collision. Straps are down to hit the Big Ending, but Swagger comes back with the Patriot Lock again.  Langston stands up and hits an ensugiri kick and follows with the Big Ending to get the win.

Winner - Big E to retain the Intercontinental Championship

A good match out of these two.  Big E hit some moves that he hasn't pulled out before that I recall, like that ensugiri kick.  I enjoyed it.  Surprising to see the fans get behind Swagger at times.

After, the Bad News Barrett music hits.  He arises on his podium and says he has bad news.  He says Russia won more gold than the US at the Olympics and Europe has again proven sporting dominance.  The US will have to wait four years to do anything about it.

They put some hype  on Hulk Hogan returning tomorrow night on Raw and in time for Wrestlemania 30.

The announcers talk about how Daniel Bryan is banged up going into the Chamber match tonight.  They throw it to a video recap of Kane getting involved in Daniel Bryan's matches last week.  Backstage, Saxton interviews him.  He says whether he's 100% or 10%, he goes all out all the time.  He says he doesn't know if he'll walk out the Champion.  He asks if it will hurt - yes.  He asks if he will give his all - yes.

Match #2 - The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, c) vs. The Uso Brothers; WWE Tag Team Championship

Outlaws come out first, and they do their normal entrance gimmick. The fans chant along in that standard "shades of grey" type of fashion.  The fans do react to the Usos making their entrance.  JBL says Cole is just mad that the NAO hit him with a super soaker years ago.  Outlaws control the early going of this one, but the fans chant "U-So".  The Usos begin to pick up the pace and Billy Gunn ducks out.  Road Dogg joins him, and the Usos think about a dive but stop when Road Dogg and Gunn walk away.

Road Dogg tries his Shake Rattle and Roll punch, but Uso counters and does his own version.  Road Dogg throws Uso into the corner with an arm drag that lands his leg hard in the corner.  Nasty shot.  He throws him out.  Gunn gets a near fall out of it. LOUD "CM Punk" chants get going as Road Dogg yells at Uso that it's "old school."

Fresh men get the tags and here we go.  Uso goes off on Billy Gunn, hitting a Samoan drop then setting up for his corner butt splash.  Road Dogg pulls him out though and Uso follows with a dive.  Back in the ring, Gunn tries the Fameasser but Uso avoids and hits his superkick for a good near fall.  He goes up top, but he jumps off and rolls through.  Uso hits Road Dogg with a superkick off the apron, but Gunn rolls him up for the victory.

Winner - The New Age Outlaws to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

I thought this was a good match, and gave the Usos some shine as they looked good in a defeat.  Look for a multi-team match for the tag title at Wrestlemania though.

The NAO celebrate but here comes Bad News Barrett again.  He says he came down to our level to give bad news to Daniel Bryan fans.  He says Bryan will not win the title tonight.  That means the fickle fans will turn on him and the Yes Movement will cease.  And to that he says "yes! yes!"  The fans chant no in return.

Are we getting him after every match now?

They run a Wrestlemania 30 promo.  42 days away.  The announcers roll that into a package to hype the WWE Network, and it launches tomorrow at 9AM EST.  Cole hypes the value received for $9.99 per month, including Wrestlemania 30 and historic pay per views from ECW, WWE, and WCW.

Match #3 - Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

Darren Young comes out first, with a No H8 sweatshirt on.  They roll footage of the break-up of the Prime Time Players that set this match up.  Sign in the crowd says "Why Punk Why?"  The two men tie up in the early going.  Titus takes over on offense though with a big forearm.  I can't tell what the chant is but the fans don't want this match.  My feed goes glitchy.

Titus keeps up the offense.  He throws Young into the ring post a couple times and throws him back in the ring to cover.  Young tries something off the ropes but Titus catches him and hits a backbreaker then throws him aside.  Abdominal stretch and some slaps to the chest for Titus.  Young fights out but gets splashed in the corner.  Fans want Ziggler.

Young fires up with a bit of a flurry of strikes, a knee lift, and a back body drop.   Out on the apron, he hits a neckbreaker.  He gets Titus up but he counters.  My feed goes glitchy again, but comes back in time to see Titus hit his Clash of the Titus to get the win.

Winner - Titus O'Neil

The fans didn't want this match, and frankly it wasn't very good.

More Bad News Barrett.  He says that the electricians are as bad as the Vikings, because he will be down at the fans' level all night.  He talks about the return of Hulk Hogan and says his spotlight will be dimmed because of the skills of Bad News Barrett.

They throw it to the pre-show panel to discuss the pay per view to this point.  Henry is disappointed in the bad blood between Young and O'Neil who he mentored.  Miz talks about Big E retaining his title, and Mysterio talks about how the age and experience of the Outlaws helped them retain their titles.

They run a video package to highlight the story between The Shield and The Wyatts.  Big fight feel for this one.

Match #4 - The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns) vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan)

The Shield comes out through the crowd first, then the Wyatts come out.  There's a buzz in the crowd for this one.  They haven't even touched and there's a "This is awesome" chant going up.  Jaw jacking going on between the two factions in the ring as there's dueling chants going for each team.  A brawl breaks out with The Shield getting the better of the situation.  This place is going bonkers and the bell hasn't rung yet.

Rollins works the early going and gets roughed up a bit.  He tags in Reigns, and the fans react.  Reigns begins to work with Wyatt and dominates him a bit.  Wyatt is able to get Reigns down and tags in Harper.  Harper tries a suplex on three times, but can't get it.  Reigns counters back and hits his own suplex, then tags in Ambrose.  Quick tags by The Shield to control Harper, with Rollins hitting a headbutt to the kidneys.  Rowan runs a distraction, and Ambrose turns around into a drop kick from Harper.  Yes, a drop kick.  And a good one.

Wyatt gets going with some offense, hitting a corner splash on Ambrose.  He tags Rowan in and he hits a couple knee drops then a skull squeeze like what Sgt. Slaughter did in his day.  The fans get chanting for both teams as Rowan hits a sidewalk slam.  Harper tags in and strikes are exchanged before a suplex from Harper.  Ambrose uses a neckbreaker to create space so he can tag in Rollins.

Rollins goes on a run.  Kicks, strikes, corner spear, then he goes up top.  Rowan causes a distraction for Harper to get back in.  Harper tries a German Suplex but Rollins lands on his feet, clotheslines out Harper then hits a dive in a great exchange.  A bit later, Rollins ends up on the floor, then takes a back splash from Wyatt.  The Family is back in control as the fans start dueling chants again.  Electric atmosphere.  Rowan takes over with some power moves, then tags in Harper as Wyatt calls for the tag.  The fans want tables.

Wyatt gets the tag and throws Rollins to the corner.  He takes a boot from Rollins though, but hits a big move for a near fall.  Ambrose breaks the count up and takes a big boot from Harper.  A bit later, Harper tries to pull Rollins off the ropes, but he lands on his feet and hits a jumping ensugiri.  He gets the hot tag to Reigns and he goes off.  Samoan drop, big side slam for a near fall.  Wyatt breaks it up and Ambrose goes after him.  It's straight chaos.  Rollins with a dive that lights the fans on fire.  Rapid fire action here, so no play-by-play.

The announce position is being torn apart at this point.  Wyatt and Ambrose fight into the fans somewhere.  In the ring, Rowan hits Reigns with a fallaway slam that sends Reigns to the floor.  Ambrose is gone, and The Wyatts hit Rollins with a double chokeslam on the Spanish announce table.

Late in this one, Roman Reigns is left alone with the Wyatts.  They surround him, and Reigns is up to the task.  He takes on all three, but the numbers get to him.  Wyatt sets up for the Sister Abigail, but Reigns powers out.  Wyatt is shocked and takes a Samoan drop.  Superman punches all around for the Wyatts.  Reigns looks like a straight beast here.  Spear for Harper, but the distraction allows Wyatt to hit a running cross body and Sister Abigail to get the win.  Carnage everywhere as the announcers put over the effort of both teams.

Winner - The Wyatt Family

This.  Was.  Awesome.  Simply put.  I cannot put into words how good this match was and it is worth looking up.  Get it on the network, get it on YouTube, get it wherever you can.  Everything I expected and more.

Renee Young talks to Christian backstage.  He says everyone has underestimated him, but people need to listen.  He  is desperate, and he will win one way or another tonight.

AJ comes out with Tamina.  There is a Divas match next.  AJ cuts a promo first and says that she has been the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.  She tells the fans to cheer because it's an accomplishment.  She says she has no competition but she's being forced to compete and defend the title anyhow.  She says Naomi would have been a change of pace but Naomi had to go and break her face.  Her rhyme, not mine.  Cameron comes out for the impromptu match.

Match #5 - AJ (w/Tamina, c) vs. Cameron; WWE Divas Championship

The fight falls outside.  Tamina hits AJ with a superkick by accident.  Cameron rolls her in and covers her, but Tamina puts AJ's leg on the ropes.  That was obvious, so the referee yells at her.  Cameron attacks Tamina, so Tamina strikes her and that's the DQ.  AJ gets her belt back and looks at Tamina with a dirty look.

Winner - Cameron, but AJ retains the WWE Divas Championship

Bad News Barrett is back though.  He says that at 9AM EST the WWE Network will go live.  But because of all the content, adults will lose their jobs and kids will get expelled from school.  It's so bad that people won't take out the trash and rats will infest.  The government will condemn their houses and leave them homeless.

He is so far above this.  Why, WWE?

Backstage, Santino is playing with the WWE play set.  Emma walks in and they exchange words and she wants to know if he's playing with toys. He tries to play it off, but Khali enters as does Los Matadores and El Torito. They thank him for the invite.  Marella doesn't know what they're talking about.  He causes a distraction and leaves.  Emma says she likes toys and they play with the toys.

Why do this to Emma?

Match #6 - Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Batista gets booed as he makes his entrance, despite the announcers trying to hype him up positively.  They run some video of how this match got set up and how this story (or lack thereof) developed.  Del Rio comes out with a crutch and neck brace.  He says because of Batista's attacks, he can't compete.  He attacks Batista with the crutch then beats Batista down.  Bootista chants.

It's all Del Rio in the early going.  He attacks Batista's knee and shoulder.  Fans are chanting for Del Rio, Y2J, and CM Punk as the action continues.    Batista gets a momentary flurry, but Del Rio reasserts himself.  Step up ensugiri gets him a two count because Batista grabbed the ropes.  Fans are now chanting for Lesnar.

Del Rio rolls out, then runs back in only to take a spear from Batista.  Batista comes back with a couple clotheslines that get booed.  Del Rio hits a backstabber for two.  He tries a back splash off the ropes but Batista rolls out of the way.  Batista tries to load the Batista Bomb but Del Rio floats over and chop blocks him, then hits a kick to the head for two. 

Del Rio calls for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Batista shoves Del Rio into the exposed turnbuckle.  He loads and hits the Batista Bomb for the win to a chorus of boos.  The announcers recap what happened.

Winner - Batista

This was ugly.  There was no heat on this other than the fans didn't want to see Batista win.  Batista looked blown up very quickly, and the fans clearly wanted nothing to do with Batista and booed him at every single turn.

We get an ad for the WWE Network being started tomorrow at 9AM EST.

They throw it to the pre-show panel to discuss the main event and their picks.  Miz thinks Daniel Bryan will win, Henry stays with Sheamus, and Mysterio thinks Cesaro will win.  Orton is not mentioned and Mathews points that out, but Henry says he hasn't won in a month.

The Chamber is being lowered.  WWE uses that as time for another hype package for the Chamber.

Match #7 - The Elimination Chamber: Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Christian vs. Cesaro; WWE World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena is out first to the standard mixed reaction.  The announcers talk about his experience in the Chamber and hype up Wrestlemania 30 and Hulk Hogan being the host.  He is locked one of the pods as Christian gets his introduction.  He's called a desperate underdog as he makes his way to the ring.    Orton is out third as the defending champion.  Daniel Bryan is out next and he gets a rousing ovation from the live crowd.  He's taped up but he's going to compete.  Cesaro and Sheamus will start the match in the ring, and Cesaro is the first of those two to come out.  The announcers put him over as the dark horse candidate to win.  Sheamus is last out as Cole gives us the rules of the match.

Physical start for Cesaro. He stomps on Sheamus and sends him out onto the steel deck then they work back in the ring. Sheamus gets backdropped out to the deck while JBL talks about being in one of the pods as the match progresses.  Slugfest between the two, and Sheamus goes a clubbering with his ten chest forearm shots in the ropes.  Exchange at the ropes with both trying suplexes over the ropes but Cesaro runs Sheamus to the post then hits a double stomp.

Cesaro works in the corner facing Cena's pod.  Strikes and uppercuts, then he takes a moment to give Cena his own "you can't see me" wave.  More striking and uppercuts and straight ahead offense.  First entrant time, and here comes Daniel Bryan.  Explosion from the live crowd as he hits a missile drop kick and a knee to the midsection.  He floats over Sheamus in the corner and hits him with a clothesline.  Kicks to both Cesaro and Sheamus who are kneeling.  Neat spot where Bryan has Sheamus in a leg submission but hits Cesaro with a T-bone with a bridge.

Cesaro comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  It's back to Sheamus and Cesaro, and they exchange strikes.  Cesaro sends Sheamus over the ropes and he hits hard.  A bit later, Bryan hits hard into the pod.  Cesaro and Sheamus exchange strikes, then Sheamus hits a Finlay Roll on the steel deck.  That gets him a near fall.  Sheamus heads to the top rope a bit later but Bryan meets him there.  Christian is the next man in.

Christian goes right after Bryan and the bad shoulder.  The announcers talk about how every man wants that one more match, and one more run and that's what's motivating Christian at this point.  Bryan tries a corner drop kick but he crashes.  Sheamus tries a lawn dart move but Christian slips out and hits a reverse DDT.  Cesaro tries an uppercut on Christian but he grabs on to the fence.  When he jumps down, he gets hit with a powerbomb into the pod.

It's going to be either Orton or Cena now, and it's Cena. He goes on a run and hits Christian right away with the AA.  He goes top rope, but when he goes up top Bryan meets him for a huracanrana off the top.  Christian hits the Killswitch but can't cover right so he only gets a near fall.

Cena hits one of his trademark shoulder blocks but gets tossed up and into a uppercut from Cesaro for a near fall.  Cena, Cesaro, and Bryan all exchange shots in succession.  Cena goes down and Sheamus holds Cesaro for Bryan to deliver strikes in the corner.  Sheamus and Bryan work outside on the deck and Bryan gets run into the post.  Cesaro hits a big move on Sheamus and covers but only gets two.  Orton is now in the match.

He tees off on all the men that are down, but his scatter-shot offense isn't working. He gets surrounded, so he ducks into the pod for protection. Four of the men pair off and fight, but Sheamus and Orton jaw.  Sheamus Brogue Kicks his way through the pod and attacks Orton, dragging him into the fray.  Cesaro takes out Sheamus, which lets Cena hit Orton with his side slam and the Five Knuckle.  Cesaro dumps Cena, then hits Orton with about 30 swings of the Cesaro Swing.  The live crowd pops a bit for that and counts along.

Sheamus calls for the Brogue and points to the Wrestlemania sign.  He cues it but hits Cena instead of his intended target Christian.  Christian tries to roll up Sheamus but gets two, then tries to cover Cena and only gets two.  Sheamus looks frustrated.  A bit later, Christian has climbed to the top of a pod.  He goes for a splash on Sheamus and connects from the top of the pod.  Sheamus is eliminated.  Shortly thereafter, Daniel Bryan hits Christian with the running knee and eliminates him.

It's down to Cesaro, Orton, Cena and Bryan.  Back and forth action between the four of them as it's Orton vs. Bryan and Cena vs. Cesaro.  We get a run of  Cena vs. Bryan then.  Bryan tries for the Yes! Lock, but Cena counters by standing up and tries for the AA.  Cesaro runs in and hits a combination German suplex/Samoan drop in a neat spot.  Orton gets involved and that causes a distraction that allows Cena to hit the AA to the steel.  After dragging him in, Cena manages to lock Cesaro in the STF, and forces him to tap out.  That ends a really solid run for Cesaro in the chamber as he's eliminated. 

Down to the final three now.  After some back and forth, cue the Wyatt Family cut-in music.  The place goes dark and Cole screams about not being able to see.  The lights come back up, and the Wyatts are in the chamber.  They go after John Cena, with Rowan hitting him with a big splash and Harper hitting his lariat clothesline.  Wyatt follows up with Sister Abigail, Orton covers Cena, and he's gone.

Kane comes out to chase away the Wyatt Family who is still standing by the cage door.  Kane enters the cage enough to check on Cena, and Daniel Bryan spots him and hits him with a knee off the top rope, thinking he is there to get involved in his affairs.  Bryan ties Orton up in a tree of woe and hits him with three running drop kicks.  The place is coming unglued for this. 

Orton comes back with the elevated DDT and cues the RKO.  Bryan counters and hits his running knee for a good near fall, but Kane gets involved, pulling the official away.  Bryan goes after Kane, and because of the distraction Orton hits the RKO.  Cole screams "not this way!" and Bryan kicks out on two in a great near fall.  Bryan starts to mount offense again but Kane cheap shots him from behind.  That lets Orton hit the RKO for the victory.

Winner - Randy Orton to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

As the show ends, Bryan stares up the ramp angrily as Orton holds his belts high like he accomplished something.  JBL puts him over hard as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he'll headline Wrestlemania 30.  The crowd is stone silent with no reaction.

The match itself was very good.  Obviously with the shenanigans that happened at the end, we're seeing a direct path for Wrestlemania 30 - Cena will take on the Wyatts in some form (most likely Bray), and Bryan will face someone of the Authority it would initially look like.  Everyone comes out looking alright, though I would have preferred to see a clean finish rather than the bullshit shenanigans we got.

One thing I worry about - they can't keep Bryan this hot for a long time.  They have to find a way to book Bryan into the title match at Wrestlemania somehow.  I know a lot of places, and we have as well, speculated that Bryan will face Hunter at WM30, but that's not going to sell fans like somehow working him into the title picture would.  I'm even okay with a triple threat match if that's what it takes.

This card was really a two match show, and the two matches delivered in spades.  The rest of the card was what it was, although I think Big E vs. Swagger over-delivered on my expectations.  They came off really well.  The rest, well, it was the rest and wasn't anything all that newsworthy.

Be sure to join Drew Koscelek tomorrow night for your Raw coverage for all the fallout of tonight's pay per view and more clarity of the card as we head to Wrestlemania 30.  Also, Hulk Hogan makes an appearance for the first time on Raw in a long time as a part of the Network roll-out.  Don't miss it, starting at 8PM EST.  Thanks for following along tonight.