WWE goes LIVE with Hell in a Cell, on pay-per-view starting at 7:30pm Eastern/4:30pm Pacific.  We will have live coverage of the show as it airs.  Tune in tonight and refresh for the latest updates, including match coverage, and follow along on Twitter @RingRap!

​Here's the line-up for the show.

- Kickoff Match: Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) (c) vs. Big E Langston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

- The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro, w/ Zeb Colter) vs. Los Matadores (Fernando & Diego, w/ El Torito)

- Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins, w/ Dean Ambrose) for the WWE Tag Team Championship

- AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella for the WWE Divas Championship

- CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman in a Hell in a Cell match

- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship

- Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in a Hell in a Cell match (special guest referee Shawn Michaels) for the vacant WWE Championship

Preshow kicks off with Josh Matthews, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and Kaitlyn.  

Vickie Guerrero gets approached by The Miz.  He wants a match against Bray Wyatt.  She says he's not medically cleared.  No match?  Miz wants to fight.  He takes off.

Big E Langston joins the roundtable - his scheduled match tonight is off thanks to Axel's injury.  Good opportunity for Langston to talk.

Promo from The Shield backstage.  Big E Langston challenges Dean Ambrose for the US Title.  He talks Dean Ambrose into facing him.

Damien Sandow is the replacement opening match.  He's facing Kofi KIngston.

Kickoff Match: Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston

These guys don't waste any time - Sandow goes on the offense right away, but Kofi isn't taking any crap.  Action spills outside early.

Sandow in charge as we go to break.

Short break!  We're back and Sandow is still destroying Kofi.  Kofi manages a top rope head-scissors.  Good stuff.  

Rey Mysterio is on the Spanish Announce team!  Why aren't they making a bigger deal out of this?!?!

Anyhow, Damien Sandow wins.

Winner: Damien Sandow 

Hell in a Cell Main Show

Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c) vs. The Uso's vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) for the WWE Tag Team Championship

We are not using Traditional triple threat rules here - two men in the ring, can tag any other team at any time.  Seth Rollins and Goludst start things off, but Rollins tags in The Usos early on.  

The Shield uses lots of blind tags here.  Rollins working over Goldust.  My Chinese food is here.  Play-by-play will be shallow.

Goldust tries to make a hot tag in the corner, but Cody got knocked down and missed the tag.  Goldust tries to make a hot tag to either Uso, but The Shield yanks the rug under The Usos.  Nice move.

Reigns holding Goldust back in their corner.  Sweet powerslam turns the tides.  Hot tag to Cody.  Cody's on fire.  

Things get crazy.  Rollins tags in an Uso, and all hell breaks loose.  People are diving everywhere.  Somehow it ends up being Cody and Rollins.  Suplerplex from the top rope OUTSIDE TO THE FLOOR.  Bodies everywhere!

Back in the ring, the insanity continues.  Rollins and Cody going at it.  Rhodes hits the CrossRhodes and gets the 3-count.

Winner: Goldust & Cody Rhodes

Excellent, excellent match from all three teams.  These guys work well together and put on a hell of a match.  Make sure you see this match.  Great kickoff to the show!

The Miz is in the ring.  He's dressed for a fight.  He's calling Bray Wyatt out.  Wyatt shows up on the Titantron.  He cuts a promo, basically says no.  The lights kick in, and The Miz is surrounded.  Erick Rowan and Luke Harper start kicking the crap out of The Miz.  Suddenly, Kane's music hits.  He starts taking out The Wyatts.

The Wyatts tuck tail and run, but Kane's not done.  He turns on The Miz and chokeslams him!  

Quick commercial for WWE2K14, and Fandango comes out to the ring w/ Summer Rae.

Fandango takes the mic, and asks Miami if they think they know about salsa.  He and Summer Rae start dancing.  Naturally, The Great Khali interrupts them.  Looks like it's a mixed tag match.  

Fandango & Summer Rae vs. The Great Khali & Natalya (w/ Hornswaggle)

​My friend Bill wants to know why there's room on the card for this match, but Dolph Ziggler doesn't have a match.  Excellent point.

The ladies go at it, and Summer Rae doesn't disappoint.  Nattie tries to slap a Sharpshooter on Fandango, but he wiggles out of the ring.  Khali and Fandango go at it.  Fandango tags Summer Rae in.  She dances.  Nattie just slides in and attacks her.  Summer Rae gets the surprise rollup for the win.

Winner: Summer Rae & Fandango

Decent match for what it was, I suppose.  Nice to see Summer Rae wrestling finally.

Back to the roundtable, and the superstars are very excited.  Fantastic.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Big E Langston for the United States Championship

Langston is on fire immediately.  Ambrose tries to get the advantage, but Big E shows no fear.  Toss Ambrose outside, he fakes a leg injury.  Big E falls for the trap.  

Ambrose must be hanging out with R-Truth.  He's got some jive to some of his moves.  Big E gets the advantage.  Nice belly to belly, 2-count.  Big E has a nasty cut over his eye, likely from an earlier knee to the face.  Ambrose plants Big E in the middle of the ring.  2-count.  Running shoulder from Ambrose is missed.  Big E spears Ambrose through the ropes.  Big E rolls back into the ring, but Ambrose lets the count expire.  Big E wins by countout.

Winner: Big E Langston via countout (Dean Ambrose still champion)

That cut over Langston's cheek is DEEP.  Decent match, but the crowd wasn't really into it.  Spur of the moment match, I don't blame them.  Look for this feud to continue.

Looks like our first Hell in a Cell match is up next.  

CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman in a Hell in a Cell match

Paul Heyman hasn't shown up yet.  Oh wait, here he is.  They're bringing him out on a cherry picker.  Hilarious!  The guy that's trying to drive the cherry picker is doing a horrible job.  Heyman takes the mic and cuts a promo as the lift goes up to the top of the cage.  This is brilliant.  

Ryback and Punk go at it in the middle of the ring.  Of course, a Goldberg chant breaks out.  Punk dives onto Ryback outside the ring, grazes the cage on the way out.  Action is slow here, but they're playing up the cage here.  Punk breaks out the kendo stick.  Doesn't get to use it very long.  

Punk dives outside the ring onto Ryback.  He breaks out a table, but barely gets it out.  Ryback gets the advantage.  Paul Heyman just glares from the top of the structure.  

Ryback hits a powerslam for a near fall.  Punk grabs the kendo stick and starts unloading.  He heads out and grabs the table.  Ryback stops him.  He crotches him over the edge of the table.  Paul Heyman cackles from up top.  

Ryback sets up the table, but Punk hits him with a low blow.  Ryback is laid out on the table.  Punk goes up top for the elbow.  He connects!  Heyman is shocked.  Punk hits GTS on Ryback.  3-count and we have a winner!

Winner: CM Punk

Paul Heyman looks down in shock.  Punk points to the roof.  He grabs a fresh kendo stick and climbs up to the top of the cage.  Heyman begs him off.  Punk pokes him with the stick.  Punk grabs Heyman, kisses him on the top of the head, and lays into Heyman repeatedly.  The fans chant for a GTS.  Punk gives it to him.  Best in the World.  

Pretty good match.  Obviously the story here is Punk's revenge on Heyman, which he finally got.  Nice seeing Punk finally, after all these months, get his justice.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan chats up Renee Young.  Not a very good promo.  Sorry, but it wasn't.  He leads the fans into a massive Yes! chant.

Ole!  This is crap.

Zeb Colter cuts a fierce promo against Los Matadores, and we're on.

Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) vs. The Real Americans (w/ Zeb Colter)

Well, it was a match.  Cesaro hits his swing for an impressive 31 revolutions.  Things pick up, and Los Matadores pick up the win.  

Winners: Los Matadores

Some good spots here, but definitely a filler match.

Replay of the John Cena video package, and it's time for our World Heavyweight Championship match.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship

Huge pop for Cena.  Traditional champion ring intros...

Cena is playing up the elbow injury, and naturally, Del Rio is going for it.  Action heads outside and Del Rio attacks the arm.  Nice German suplex from Del Rio.  He heads right back to the arm.  

Cena powers out of an arm lock.  The offense is short lived, and Del Rio is back working on the arm again.  Backstage, Damien Sandow lurks and watches.  Del Rio gets tossed out of the ring and Cena gets an opportunity to regroup.  

Cena gets his five moves of doom in.  Five Knuckle Shuffle, and he sets Del Rio up for the AA, but Del Rio hits a back cracker.  Two count.  

Cena heads up top for a legdrop but Del Rio hits an enzuigiri.  He goes for another one, but misses.  Both men trade finisher attemps.  Tilt-a-whirl from Del Rio, and another two count.

Del Rio narrowly misses John Cena in the corner.   Cena hits a cross-body.  Two count.  Del Rio makes a hail mary attempt and starts working the arm.  He goes for the cross-arm breaker.  Cena rolls through.  Del Rio inches towards the rope, he's stuck in the STF.  He reaches!  Del Rio breaks the hold.  

Side kick to the head, followed by a second, and then Del Rio locks in the cross-arm breaker again.  Del Rio rolls off the arm pad and really wrenches it in, but Cena rolls through, lifts Del Rio up, and power-bombs him.  That was pretty impressive.  

Both men trade near finshers, but John Cena was the one to hit his.  Attitude Adjustment.  Winner.

Winner:  John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship

Very good match, as to be expected.  Del Rio really shined, and Cena did what he does best.  I'm not surprised Cena won here.  Will be interesting to see what happens next.

AJ Lee (c) (w/ Tamina) vs. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella) for the WWE Divas Championship

Brie goes for a couple of pin attempts early on.  1-counts for each.  AJ tries a wrist lock, but Brie reverses it and hits a surprisingly nice suplex.  AJ gets the advantage, and sends Brie outside.  Back in the ring.  AJ is still in charge.  She skips around.  AJ locks in a headlock, but Brie gets some momentum and tosses AJ into the turnbuckle.  

AJ goes for a tarantula, but Brie reverses it.  She locks in a half-crab.  Tamina tries to distract the ref, but Nikki Bella stops that.  Brie runs to attack AJ, ends up kneeing Nikki in the head instead, and AJ locks in the Black Widow for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee to retain the WWE Divas Championship

Decent match for the ladies.  AJ winning was good for business.

Video package leading into our main event.  

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (special guest referee Shawn Michaels) in a Hell in a Cell match for the vacant WWE Championship

Triple H walks out with the WWE Title, and offers a handshake to Daniel Bryan.  He refuses.  HBK holds up the title, then hands it over.  

The cage lowers, and we're on!  

Action is back and forth early on.  Orton hits a nice dropkick to get the advantage.  He hangs Bryan up on the ropes with a series of front suplexes, then sends Bryan crashing into the cage.  Orton tears off the steps and attacks Bryan with them.  He sets up the larger set against the ring.  Bryan reverses an irish whip and sends Orton into the steps instead.  

Bryan unloads with kicks, then hammers Orton into the Cell and the steps.  Back in the ring, Bryan unloads with kicks.  He hangs Orton upside down.   Running dropkick in the corner.  

Daniel Bryan hits repeated running dives outside to Orton.  The third attempt is full of fail, and Bryan goes head first into the cage.  

Orton hits a back breaker outside the ring.  Back in the ring, Orton sets Bryan up on the turnbuckle.  Punches to the face.  Each punch gets a "No!" from the fans.  Headbutts.  Orton goes up for a superplex.  Bryan fights out, and hits a sunset flip into a powerbomb.  Nice move.

Back and forth with European Uppercuts.  Bryan gets a head of steam.  Running dropkick in the corner.  Make that two.  Top rope hurricarana.  Daniel Bryan goes up top.  Diving headbutt!  Two count.

Orton goes for a roll-up, but Bryan reverses it into a Yes Lock.  Orton grabs the ropes, but it's legal.  He finally wiggles free.  Bryan follows him out and rams him into the cell repeatedly, then squishes his face into the side of the cage.  Running dropkick.  Bryan reaches under the ring and grabs a chair.  Shot to the gut, then the back.  Bryan continues to unload.  Daniel Bryan needs more chairs.  He finds them under the ring.  Bryan tosses all of the chairs into the ring.  

There's about a dozen chairs in the ring.  Bryan goes for the attack, but Orton rips some of his beard out.  He grabs a chair and begins working on him.  Orton grabs a chair and hits him.  He goes for a pin.  He hits him again.  Orton piles all of the chairs up in the middle of the ring.  He sets Bryan up on the top rope and goes for a superplex.  Bryan fights free.  Orton trips out the legs and tries again.  Bryan misses a good chunk of the chairs, but the point is clear - Orton just superplexed Daniel Bryan on a pile of chairs.

Orton only gets a two count, and Orton is not happy.  Shawn tells Orton he's kicking out.  Triple H comes out and chews Triple H out for not counting three, and while he's arguing with Hunter, Randy Orton gets a near fall.  Shawn jaws with both Triple H and Orton, then heads back into the ring.  Orton hits a DDT on the ropes. He sets up for the RKO, but Daniel Bryan pushes Orton into HBK, and the ref is down.  Triple H forces the cage open to ensure the HBK is capable of refereeing.  Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan hits his running knee and gets the visual 3-count.  Daniel Bryan runs over to HBK, and Triple H flips him out of the way.  Daniel Bryan hits a running knee on Triple H!  HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Daniel Bryan!  Randy Orton goes for the cover, HBK hesitates, then counts to three.

Winner: Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship

A great main event, but it didn't need the screwball finish. I'm really, really disappointed Daniel Bryan didn't win, again.  However, I'd say it's pretty certain we'll see Bryan and Triple H go at it sooner rather than later.

Overall, a thumbs up PPV, with reservations.  I may write up a hit list tomorrow, but I will definitely have live coverage of WWE raw and the fallout tomorrow night!

Thanks for following along with me folks!  Hope you enjoyed the show!