Thanks to and it's reader Nick Makris for sending in this report for WWE's live event in Sydney, Australia:

10 man battle royal, winner gets a IC Title match later tonight: Participants were R-Truth, Bo Dallas, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso,Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Fandango, Diego, Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam

Solid reactions for everyone including huge pops for R-Truth, Bo and RVD. The crowd was also Fandangoing and humming along to Fandango's theme during his entrance. RVD got the win after last eliminating Luke Harper, who during the match was pretty over with the crowd receiving both cheers and a little bit of heat.

Emma & Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox & Layla:

A nice reaction for Nikki and a big pop for Emma, both Alicia and Layla got some decent heat. A pretty good match here, and there was a big "CM Punk" chant during the beginning of this match. Nikki got the win for her team hitting the Rack Attack.

U.S. Title match: Sheamus vs Cesaro

Both Cesaro and Sheamus got big pops, especially Sheamus, who was very over with the young fans. A lot of the older fans supported and cheered for Cesaro here. This was match of the night for me, there was a "this is awesome" chant towards the end. At one point Cesaro got some solid heat when he signaled for the Swing and then refused to do it, although later on in the match he gave Sheamus the swing for about 11 revolutions. Sheamus got the win after hitting a Brouge Kick.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs The Wyatts

Both teams drew a lot of reaction from the crowd, there were dueling "Let's Go Uso, Let's Go Wyatt" chants at one point. This was a good match, although because we have seen this match about 15 times in the last 2 months on TV. The Uso's got the win after they hit a diving splash on Erick Rowan for the three count.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Rob Van Dam

The Miz got some really good heat and even cut a promo requesting that RVD stay away from the "Moneymaker." RVD came out to an even bigger reaction then before, he was VERY over in this match with many "RVD" chants. There was also a "Miz is a wanker" chant which the Miz did not like. At one point in the match where the crowd was chanting "RVD," the Miz grabbed the microphone and said something along the lines of "that's not how you spell Miz, it's M-I-Z, M-I-Z." Funny enough, the crowd just kept chanting RVD although there were some people chanting "M-I-Z." The Miz got the win here with a rollup. After the match, The Miz's music shut off and RVD was left alone in the ring as the crowd treated him to a "You Still Got It!" chant.

Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho

Being a part of Bray's entrance with the lights was really special. Once he got to the ring he grabbed the mic, but before he could begin speaking, Jericho's music hit to a MEGA pop from the crowd. The match was kind of disappointing (it was very slow), although Bray Wyatt did a great job here controlling the crowd and getting some quality heat while many LOUD "Y2J" chants filled the arena. Jericho ended up getting the win with a codebreaker

Main Event: Kane vs. Roman Reigns in a Street Fight with Ric Flairas special referee

Special ref Ric Flair came out first to a big pop. Kane was out next to a very mixed reaction with many people giving him applause and there were definitely a few big Kane fans in my section (myself included) and also including a little girl that was sitting behind me. Reigns finally came out to a MEGA pop. This match was pretty similar to their match on Raw this past week and featured Kane chokeslamming Roman through a table and using the stairs, a chair and a kendo stick. Roman got the win after Ric Fliar chopblocked Kane and Roman hit the Spear. After the match, Roman thanked everybody for coming out to the show and there were chants of "Roman" and "Thank you Kane" to end the show.