WWE Main Event is being taped this evening during the Smackdown tapings in Little Rock, AK.  WWE is broadcasting the event LIVE on the WWE Network, starting at 8pm EST.  We will have live results of the broadcast as soon as they are available.

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Los Matadores vs. Rybaxel (Ryback & Curtis Axel)

Before the Bell: Los Matadores make their full intro with El Torito, who is really quite talented, despite the horrible gimmick. Ryback and Curtis Axel come out next.  Axel casts his hat into the ring of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale in an inset video.

The Match:  Ryback and Diego go at it initially.  Ryback has the advantage.  Nice moves from Diego, then a blind tag to Fernando, leading to a tandem move.  Nice.  Tag to Axel.  Fernando is dominating until Axel launches him chest-first into the ropes and hits a clothesline from behind. Ryback back in.  The heels have control.  Ryback hits a nice hanging suplex on Fernando. Fernando barely makes the hot tag.  Diego launches himself into everybody. Nice spot with Diego catching himself on the turnbuckle.  My feed glitched briefly.  Bodies flying everywhere.  Anyhow, Diego gets the sneaky roll-up on Axel for the win.

Winner: Los Matadores

After the Bell:  Axel is pissed as the highlights roll.

What Worked:  Los Matadores are so freaking talented, and they're wasted with this gimmick.

What Didn’t:  I don't really have a reason to cheer or boo either team.

The Summary:  Good opening match and a nice highlight of the tag team division.

AJ Lee and Tamina head out to the ring for her title defense, up next!

AJ Lee (c) w/ Tamina vs. Natalya for the WWE Divas Championship

Before the Bell: AJ Lee comes out first, flanked by her heavy.  She cradles her title and holds a microphone.  She says she's bored.  Natalya has "yet another shot" at her title, but once again she will beat her, and prove she has no competition.  She puts over her record title reign.  Nattie's music kicks in.  We get the "Championship Match" Intro, which means there's a good chance the title is changing hands tonight.

The Match: Nattie goes for a headlock early.  AJ reverses it.  Natalya uses her power.  Nice moves from Nattie to show she's got speed too. AJ locks in a wristlock.  Natalya goes for the leg submission. They're pacing this match for a slow burn. Nattie hits a bodyslam and locks in a stretch.  AJ wiggles out.  Another slam attempt, and AJ uses the ropes to hang on.  Nattie hits a dropkick to take AJ down.  We go to break with AJ recovering outside.  

When we return, AJ has the momentum.  Nattie sets AJ up for another slam, but AJ wiggles into a choke hold.  She locks it in tight.  Nattie breaks out.  AJ skips around the ring and gets rolled up for a near fall.  Low dropkick from Natalya.  My feed glitched out again but resolved on its own again.  AJ kicks Natalya in the corner.  Natalya goes crazy and attacks.  AJ goes for a series of submissions.  Nice suplex from Natalya.  Make it two.  Natalya goes for a scoop slam, but AJ reverses it into the Black Widow.  Natalya stands up out of it and goes for the Sharpshooter.  AJ rolls her up for a two-count.

AJ goes for a spin kick, but Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter again.  AJ is stuck in the middle of the ring.  She tries to crawl to the ropes.  Nattie drags her back in.  She crawls back over once more.  Tamina pushes the rope towards AJ and she gets it.  The ref scolds her and Nattie is distracted long enough for AJ to hit an enzuigiri.  AJ locks in the Black Widow and gets the submission victory.

Winner: AJ Lee to retain the WWE Divas Championship

After the Bell:  AJ clutches the belt.  She and Tamina leave as Nattie clutches 

What Worked: Good chemistry between the two ladies.  AJ has come such a long way as a worker, and Natalya is such a veteran.  Also, it was a Divas match that was over 2 minutes long, and it was a damn good one.  That alone makes this worth watching.

What Didn’t:  Not much really.  These ladies busted their asses and had me on the edge of my seat.

The Summary:  A very good match between Natalya and AJ, and if you like to see an actual match between the Divas in WWE, watch this.

A stupid segment between Santino and Emma airs. She'll never ask for pepper again.

Recap of Daniel Bryan's amazing moment on Raw last night.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Mark Henry for the WWE United States Championship 

Before the Bell: Dean Ambrose is flanked by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.  We go to break.  Henry comes out next.  Championship intros here as well.  Ambrose literally makes the ref take the belt off of his shoulders.

The Match: The bell rings and it's on.  They lock up and Henry hits a knee to the gut.  Bodyslam, and Ambrose rolls out.  Reigns and Rollins talk him back into the ring.  Henry grabs Ambrose and drags him back in.  The announcers put over that Henry has been in the WWE nearly 20 years but has never held the championship.  Ambrose tossed outside the ring.  Henry follows him.  Ambrose targets the knee of Henry.  We go to break. 

After break, Ambrose is working over the knee.  This goes on for a while.  Henry grabs the ropes to break a half-crab.  Ambrose starts working the upper body.  Mark Henry starts to get the upper hand and hits a bodyslam for a near fall.  Henry hits a headbutt, then pays his tribute to Junkyard Dog.  Ambrose gets his leg up on the ropes.  Rollins points this out, and Henry attacks him.  Back in the ring, Henry goes on the offense again.  He heads up top to squash Ambrose.  Reigns stares him down and distracts him long enough for Ambrose to yank the legs out from under him.  Ambrose hits his finisher while Henry is on his knees, and scores the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE United States Championship

After the Bell: The Shield unite in the ring as the show ends.

What Worked:  Good showing of unity out of The Shield.  Ambrose does a good job of looking vunerable.

What Didn’t:  Slow, prodding match, but Mark Henry matches typically are.

The Summary:  Not the best match of the night.  Skippable.  They did establish that at least, on paper, The Shield are all back on the same page.

Overall a good episode of WWE Main Event.  The Divas Title match is worth seeing.  Really.  As far as the feed goes, I had some issues watching the show on the PlayStation 3.  I thought it was my internet connection at first - ran a SpeedTest and everything.  Later on I found another Twitter user that was experiencing the same troubles.  I'm glad they're doing these tests now because when Wrestlemania happens, this cannot happen.