WWE Main Event is going LIVE on the WWE Network, starting at 8pm EST.  We will have live coverage of the event - which includes an appearance by The Undertaker - as soon as it begins.

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WWE Main Event starts out with a match immediately!

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Cesaro) w/ Zeb Colter

Before the Bell: The Rhodes Boys hit the ring first.  Colter joins The Americans at ringside.

The Match:  Goldust and Swagger start things off.  Goldust runs the ropes and hits a nice roll-up manuever.  Tag to Cody.  It's Cody and Cesaro.  Swagger yanks the feet out from under Cody, isolating him outside the ring.  Swagger and Cesaro work over Cody, but Cody sneaks in a nice Disaster Kick. Tags to Goldust and Cesaro.  Goldust is on the offense, boot to the head, and he catches Swagger.  Nice Destroyer from Goludst, near fall.  Goldust cleans house.  Both brothers leap outside the ring onto The Americans.  Nice tandem move.  Back in the ring, Cesaro shows some insane power and catches Goldust.  He rolls him into a back breaker for a near fall as we go to break.

Returning from break, Cesaro lines Goldust up for a clothesline outside the ring. Goldust fights his way out and hits a hurricarana off the second rope.  Swagger cuts off the tag.  Nice tandem moves from The Armericans.  Goldust hits a springboard elbow and goes for the hot tag, but Cesaro takes Cody out first.  Cesaro sets Goldust up for the Cesaro Swing.  9 Revolutions, then a springboard into a slam by Swagger.  Nice teamwork.  Cody breaks up the pin.  

Goldust fights his way out and clears the ring.  He just needs to make the tag - he does.  Cody and Swagger.  Cody is on fire.  Nice rollup in the corner.  Cody hits a springboard double-drop kick on The Americans.  Kick to the globes, Cesaro runs in, but Goldust catches him.  Cody hits a moonsault on Swagger for a near fall.  Colter is flipping out at ringside.

Cody goes for another Disaster Kick, but Swagger catches him and locks in The Patriot Lock.  Cody reaches for the ropes, but Cesaro pulls them away.  Goldust breaks it up.  Swagger heads in, but Cody nails CrossRhodes for the win.

Winners:  Cody Rhodes & Goldust

After the Bell: Cody sells the Patriot Lock as the brothers celebrate in the ring.

What Worked: These two teams have good chemistry.  An enjoyable match from start to finish.  Goldust continues to surprise me with the things he does this far into his career.  Swagger and Cesaro make a great team.  So do the brothers, for that matter.  Lengthy match too, which I enjoyed.

What Didn’t: Not much, in my opinion.  A good tag match from beginning to end.

The Summary: If you like tag action, you'll like this match.  

The announce team put over WWE Slam City. 

The Funkadactyls (Cameron & Naomi) vs. Layla & Alicia Fox

Before the Bell: The Funkadactyls come out first.  Layla and Fox next.  I had no idea either lady was still around.  

The Match: Naomi and Alicia Fox start things off.  Fox goes for the eye.  Tag to Cameron.  They hit a pair of legdrops/splits.  Layla in and she's wiping the floor with Cameron.  Literally.  Fox back in the ring, nice Norther Lights Suplex.  Hot tag to Naomi, who is clearing house.  She rubs her butt into Fox's face.  Ok then.  Hurricarana and a near fall.  Cameron stumbles on Layla, taking her out.  Naomi hits the Rear View, then sets Fox up in the corner, hits the split-leg moonsault, and gets the win.

Winners: The Funkadactyls

After the Bell: Our winners celebrate and dance in the ring.

What Worked: Actually, a pretty good Divas tag match, which in of itself, seems weird to say. They are clearly pushing Naomi.

What Didn’t:  No heat behind Layla or Fox, so the match felt sort of empty.

The Summary: The Funkadactyls are improving each week.  If you like the ladies, this was a better match than we usually get on Raw.  Plus, it was a tag match, which is pretty good as well.

Recap of WWE Raw from last night, including the Daniel Bryan beatdown that closed the show.

The Big Show vs. Titus O'Neil

Before the Bell: The Big Show comes out first, and we get a commercial before O'Neil comes out.  I hope Titus gets the surprise win.

The Match: Titus gets in Show's face, but Show doesn't take kindly and it heads outside immediately. Show lays into Titus with chops.  Ouch.  Titus takes out Show's leg and keeps him down.  Titus talks trash and leg drops Show.  Headlock.  Titus is working over Show, and he gets the advantage, but he gets cocky.  Show catches him and lands the KO Punch for the sudden win.

Winner:  The Big Show

After the Bell:  Show raises his hand.  Titus lies there.

What Worked: Titus is coming along nicely and looked pretty good in defeat.

What Didn’t:  I never once doubted Big Show would win.

The Summary:  Short, skippable match, but if you're a Titus fan, you might like to see what he's doing.

Quick video highlighting Wyatt vs. Cena. 

Another video highlighting Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker.

Paul Heyman comes out to the ring before Taker comes out, and says he means no disrespect to The Undertaker, because Taker is going to get all the disrespect he can handle at Wrestlemania.  Heyman is there to deliver a message - (he puts down Texas here) - and he has to deliver the message with full knowledge that The Undertaker is here live.  He says The most prestigious commodity is The WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but when it comes to Wrestlemania, that honor goes to The Streak.  Heyman says at Wrestlemania, The Streak will come to an end.  He says it will be conquered by The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

The Undertaker's bells chime in before Heyman can get out of the ring, and he sells this.  We zoom in on the ramp, but there's no Undertaker - he's already in the ring, and he's behind Heyman.  Heyman begs as Taker grabs him by the throat.  "I'm just an advocate!"  Taker says "One reason you walk out of here tonight, and that's because I want you to deliver a message personally to your client."  He says when he gets to New Orleans, he's going to "slay the beast."  Once that's done, he's going to "take his rotting corpse, and throw it into the fiery pits of eternal hell."  One more thing - if there's something about that message Lesnar doesn't understand, Taker says he'll be in Brooklyn next Monday night, and he'll deliver it personally. "Now I suggest you leave while you're still able."  Heyman scurries away. Taker cuts his throat as our show comes to an end.

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